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  1. triumphed over 4 others and made his position as emperor, controled the eastern empire, he set up his sons as his successors,Flavian, admits its a monarchy
  2. carpenter, "man of peace", jewish, he didn't preach against Rome, preaches about salvation in afterlife
  3. created cult,worshiping Augustus' spirit,honors Pax Roman
  4. terrorist group, want to get Rome out so Judea,they create a military force,refuse to pay Roman taxes, Masada (place where they decided to kill themselves before the Romans do)
  5. first citizen of the state - augustus
  1. a zealots
  2. b principes civitatis
  3. c Roma et Augustus
  4. d Jesus of Nazareth
  5. e Vespasian

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  1. WHy was Jesus a popular agitator ?
  2. Peter
  3. Herod the Great
  4. Paul
  5. Age of Antonine

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  1. Diocletian, east and west empire, 1 Caesar each , 2 prefectures each, diocesestetrarchy


  2. adopted son, successor, senate confirmed his appointmentTiberius


  3. Knew Augustus and Virgil, didn't come from wealth,had a good education, wrote about Rome's simplicityHorace


  4. monarchy but kings powers are limited by the constitutionConstitutional Monarchy


  5. councils for empire, helps with efficiency, administration, more people power/delegates, easier for empireClaudius


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