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  1. military commanders, tried to seize rule, by fighting the barbarians, they kept the empire alive
  2. 5 good emperors-nerva, tragan, hadrian, antionus pius, marcus aurelius
  3. councils for empire, helps with efficiency, administration, more people power/delegates, easier for empire
  4. monarchy but kings powers are limited by the constitution
  5. condemned J.C to death to prevent riot, he was a prefect, He kept law and order
  1. a Constitutional Monarchy
  2. b Age of Antonine
  3. c barracks emperors
  4. d imperial bureaucracy
  5. e Pontius Pilate

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  1. Herod the Great
  2. Roma et Augustus
  3. Jesus of Nazareth
  4. Vespasian
  5. pagans

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  1. Knew Augustus and Virgil, didn't come from wealth,had a good education, wrote about Rome's simplicitydiocletion


  2. small administrative units, they had provincial governors, these governors only had civil and administrative power b/c of distributed powerdioceses


  3. liked simple pleasures, created fasti the religous calander, celebrated PROvid


  4. Diocletian, east and west empire, 1 Caesar each , 2 prefectures each, diocesestetrarchy


  5. "Full power of the tribunes" defends peoples power, calls senate into sessions, presents legislationVespasian


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