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  1. military commanders, tried to seize rule, by fighting the barbarians, they kept the empire alive
  2. "Full power of the tribunes" defends peoples power, calls senate into sessions, presents legislation
  3. first citizen of the state - augustus
  4. adopted son, successor, senate confirmed his appointment
  5. believe is greco-roman gods, 3 roles are state religion, traditional household gods, mystery cults
  1. a tribunica potestas
  2. b Tiberius
  3. c pagans
  4. d principes civitatis
  5. e barracks emperors

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  1. severan dynasty
  2. Vespasian
  3. Jesus of Nazareth
  4. Virgil
  5. Roma et Augustus

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  1. imperial bodyguard, killed many emperors, loyalty is an issue, someone to do the dirty workPraetorian Guard


  2. small administrative units, they had provincial governors, these governors only had civil and administrative power b/c of distributed powerdioceses


  3. liked simple pleasures, created fasti the religous calander, celebrated PRWHy was Jesus a popular agitator ?


  4. Knew Augustus and Virgil, didn't come from wealth,had a good education, wrote about Rome's simplicityHorace


  5. historian, wrote 124 books, Romes history up to the Empire, Republican virtueLivy


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