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  1. ambitious, kills wife and sons, rules over Judea , king of a puppet kingdom
  2. adopted son, successor, senate confirmed his appointment
  3. anyone can go to heaven, if you repent your sins, you'll be forgiven, breaks with Judaism, traveled, he;s most responsible for spreading religion, spread to the poor,gentiles, and women
  4. imperial bodyguard, killed many emperors, loyalty is an issue, someone to do the dirty work
  5. He preached women and outcasts when he's not supposed to
  1. a WHy was Jesus a popular agitator ?
  2. b Herod the Great
  3. c Tiberius
  4. d Paul
  5. e Praetorian Guard

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  1. tetrarchy
  2. imperial bureaucracy
  3. Jesus of Nazareth
  4. zealots
  5. Virgil

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  1. liked simple pleasures, created fasti the religous calander, celebrated PRWhy didn't the jews like Herod ?


  2. Put an end to turmoil, the elect of god, he separated the empire into a tetrarchydiocletion


  3. JC's first follower, he was the leader of a sect w/in Judaism, adds baptism and lord's supper, he's still a traditionalistPontius Pilate


  4. condemned J.C to death to prevent riot, he was a prefect, He kept law and orderPontius Pilate


  5. he accepted greek culture, ordered all jew boys killedprincipes civitatis


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