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  1. Schwann Cells
  2. Interneuron
  3. Dendrite
  4. Nissl Bodies
  5. Compound nerve action potential
  1. a essentially rough endoplasmic reticulum, important metabolically
  2. b the PNS glial cell that forms myelin
  3. c receptive region of a neuron
  4. d The cumulation of action potential of all neurons in a nerve
  5. e neuron serving as part of the conduction pathway between sensory and motor neurons; association neurons

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  1. The ability to respond to stimuli and convert them into nerve impulses
  2. insulates the nerve fibers
  3. site of the nucleus and most important metabolic area
  4. the PNS glial cell that surrounds the dorsal root ganglion neurons
  5. surrounds each nerve fiber

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  1. HyperpolarizationThe membrane has become more negative than resting potential. Until the channels close.


  2. Curaea cordlike organ of the PNS composed of multiple nerve fibers ensheathed in connective tissue


  3. Bipolar Neuronone axon and one dendrite


  4. larger the nerve the faster the conduction velocity, myelinated nerves are faster than unmyelinated nervesWhat is the relationship between myelination and size and conduction velocity?


  5. PNS - Peripheral Nervous SystemGanglia and spinal and cranial nerves


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