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  1. Nerve impulse
  2. Schwann Cells
  3. Relative Refractory period
  4. Neuronal Cell Body
  5. Absolute Refractory Period
  1. a Another name for the action potential in neurons.
  2. b site of the nucleus and most important metabolic area
  3. c the PNS glial cell that forms myelin
  4. d What period is it when the sodium ion channels are open, the membrane is totally insensitive to additional stimuli, regardless of the force of the stimulus?
  5. e What period is it during repolarization, the membrane may be stimulated if a very strong stimulus is used?

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  1. Form the myelin in the brain and spinal cord
  2. Phagocytize and destroy microorganisms, foreign matter, and dead nervous tissue
  3. junction or point of close contact between neurons
  4. What is the relationship between myelination and size and conduction velocity?
  5. neuron serving as part of the conduction pathway between sensory and motor neurons; association neurons

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  1. Neurogliamay be involved in the transport of substances within the neuron


  2. deep pressure, cold temperatureName a couple of physical factors that can inhibit a nerve impulse.


  3. AstrocytesForm the supportive framework for the nervous tissue; contact and stimulate blood capillaries; convert blood glucose; secret proteins; regulate chemical composition of tissue fluid


  4. Compound nerve action potentialThe cumulation of action potential of all neurons in a nerve


  5. Resting membrane potentialDifference in electrical charge across the plasma membrane. The membrane would be POLARIZED.


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