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  1. Myelin Sheath
  2. larger the nerve the faster the conduction velocity, myelinated nerves are faster than unmyelinated nerves
  3. Efferent Neuron
  4. Satellite Cells
  5. Repolarization
  1. a insulates the nerve fibers
  2. b K+ moves out of the cell causing the membrane potential to move in a negative direction.
  3. c the PNS glial cell that surrounds the dorsal root ganglion neurons
  4. d a neuron that conducts impulses away form the CNS to muscles and glands; motor neurons
  5. e What is the relationship between myelination and size and conduction velocity?

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  1. Difference in electrical charge across the plasma membrane. The membrane would be POLARIZED.
  2. one single process leading away from the soma; afferent neurons are unipolar
  3. collection of nerve cell bodies found outside the CNS
  4. carry signals toward the CNS from the body periphery; sensory neurons
  5. surrounds each nerve fiber

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  1. Axon Hillockregion of the cell body from which the axon generates


  2. Nerve impulseAnother name for the action potential in neurons.


  3. Neurofibrilspecialized supporting cells in the CNS


  4. Nucleia bundle of nerve processes


  5. Neuronal Cell Bodysite of the nucleus and most important metabolic area


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