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  1. Astrocytes
  2. Absolute Refractory Period
  3. Axon
  4. Mixed Nerve
  5. Multipolar Neuron
  1. a What period is it when the sodium ion channels are open, the membrane is totally insensitive to additional stimuli, regardless of the force of the stimulus?
  2. b one axon and multiple dendrites; efferent neurons and interneurons are multipolar
  3. c impulse generator and transmitter
  4. d Form the supportive framework for the nervous tissue; contact and stimulate blood capillaries; convert blood glucose; secret proteins; regulate chemical composition of tissue fluid
  5. e nerves carrying both sensory and motor fibers

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  1. The cumulation of action potential of all neurons in a nerve
  2. What toxin blocks synaptic transmission by preventing the flow of neural impulses from neuron to neuron?
  3. region of the cell body from which the axon generates
  4. collection of nerve cell bodies found outside the CNS
  5. a chemical released at the distal end of an axon that stimulates an adjacent cell; found in the synaptic vesicles of the axon terminal; initiates electrical current from one neuron to the next by diffusing across the synaptic cleft

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  1. PNS - Peripheral Nervous SystemGanglia and spinal and cranial nerves


  2. Relative Refractory periodWhat period is it during repolarization, the membrane may be stimulated if a very strong stimulus is used?


  3. Nucleia bundle of nerve processes


  4. Schwann Cellsthe PNS glial cell that forms myelin


  5. Conductivitythe ability to transmit an impulse


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