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Which ancient civilization emphasized the natural blending of masculine and feminine principles as part of the procreative process?


Which best describes the role of sexologists?

Study sexual behavior scientifically

By the late Middle Ages, women were ...

Elevated to a place of purity and considered almost perfect

During the Victorian era, women consulted their doctors to learn how to sexually please their husbands.


According to the free love movement began in the 1820s, what should the prerequisite to sexual relations be?


What best describes the view of women during the Victorian Era?

Virtuous, refined, delicate, and fragile

What was one result of the Social Hygiene Movement?

Laws were passed mandating blood tests before marriage

What was the name for a man who had his testicles and/or penis removed to prevent him from engaging in sexual activity?


Temple prostitutes were women who would have sex with worshippers to provide money for the temple.


According to Martin Luther, how did Protestantism differ from the teachings of the Catholic Church?

Protestantism allowed to divorce

Due to the media's use of digitally altered images of the face and body, some countries have proposed legislation that would require warning labels on photos that have been retouched.


How did the feminist movement contribute to the development of women's sexuality?

It advocated for sexual satisfaction among women

The ancient Roman society emphasized the natural blending of masculine and feminine principles as part of the procreative process


In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders


How did the Planned Parenthood organization first begin?

As a birth control clinic in New York

What term below refers to a lifestyle that rejects sensual pleasures such as drinking alcohol, eating rich food, or engaging in sex?


In early Puritan culture young couples were allowed to share a bed as long as they were clothed and wrapped in sheets. What was this practice called?


Which of the following is most attributed to the liberation of female sexuality?

The development of the contraceptive pill

Among the social movements that arose in the 19th century, the Free Love Movement advocated marriage as a prerequisite to sexual relationships.


According to the text, most of sexuality is ...


The purpose of anti-miscegenation laws was to make ______ illegal.

Interracial Sex

How did the liberalization of sexual conduct after the Revolutionary War affect sexuality in the United States?

Contraception such as condoms was readily available

Sexuality is considered a uniquely human trait.


What is quadruped?

Any animal that walks on four legs

What is one way that Margaret Sanger influenced sexuality history?

She was an advocate for birth control

What was a finding from Masters and Johnson's research?

Women are capable of multiple orgasm

Which theorists would recommend treating sexual disorders by rewarding desired behaviors?


What is a potential advantage of Internet-based sexuality research?

Participants might be more truthful because of anonymity

In the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, findings showed that the rate of vaginal intercourse among heterosexual teens is increasing rapidly.


Masters and Johnson gathered sexuality date primarily through case studies


Which group conducted a well-known global study of sexuality?

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Which of the following best describes a goal of future sexuality research?

Improved collaboration between researchers of various disciplines

A couple comes to a lab and has sexual intercourse first with no one observing and then comes back and has sex while hooked up to a variety of instruments to measure changes in erection and vaginal lubrication. This couple might have been participants in a study done by which researchers?

William Masters and Virginia Johnson

What did Freud believe takes place during the phallic stage of development?

Girls develop penis envy

According to sociological theory, what is the first factor that influences our values about what is sexually right or wrong?


Who was the first researcher to ask Americans about their sexual behavior, finding in his/her study that most of the U.S. women surveyed thought sexual intercourse was for pleasure and reproduction?

Clelia Mosher

Sigmund Freud believed that our basic personality is formed by events that happen to us in the first six years of life?


If someone filled out an in-school questionnaire when they were in 8th grade and have been interviewed four more times throughout adulthood, what is the name of the study they most likely participated in?

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

What is a disadvantage of correlational research?

It provides no information about causation

Who conducted most sexuality research in the late 19th century?


The influence of law and religion and the impact of economic conditions on sexual behaviors are stressed most by which theory?


How did Alfred Kinsey obtain most of his research data?

Online Surveys

What best describes findings from the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior?

A high percentage of sexually active male teenagers reported using condoms the last time they engaged in sexual behavior.

Sociological theorists analyze gender roles as the most significant way that an individual's sexuality identity is formed.


Female orgasmic ability varies greatly from culture to culture.


Freud is to case study as Masters and Johnson are to:


Why are findings from the National College Health Assessment possible not generalizable?

Only students who utilize student health services are included

Where were Morton Hunt's findings on sexual behaviors during the 1970s published?


In his studies from the 1950s, Kinsey found that the majority of heterosexual couples only had sex in missionary style?


A child with gonads of one sex but ambiguous external genitalia is referred to as asexual.


According to Maltz and Borker, what is true of men and women's communication styles?

Early play experiences are related to later communication styles

According to Epstein, what aspect of human behavior perpetuates gender inequalities?

Dichotomous thinking

Iran has one of the highest rates of sexual reassignment surgery in the world.


What conversation technique is critical in maintaining healthy and satisfying sexual relationships?


Generally speaking, a transsexual individual with an "XX" sex chromosome pair is likely to feel:

Trapped in a woman's body

According to David Gilmore's research related to the evolutionary purpose of masculine and feminine socialization, which statement would be most accurate in societies with plenty of food and the absence of enemies and predators?

Differences between men and women would not be emphasized

The gender binary refers to the traditional division of people into two groups as male or female.


Which of the following is true about gender roles in adolescence?

Girls have more latitude with their behavior

What is characteristic of individualistic cultures?

Individuals feel more comfortable disclosing personal information to a variety of people

Research shows that parents allow boys more flexibility in toy choices than girls


What statement best describes Sheila Rothman's belief about the context of womanhood?

What it means to be a woman has remained very constant from one time period to the next

In the United States, there is a particularly high value on:

Physical Attractiveness

According to communication experts, what type of speech pattern decreases the speaker's perceived assertiveness in speech?


Most hormonal secretions are regulated by the brain


What female sex organ arises from the same tissue as the glans of the penis?


The pairs of chromosomes that determine the sex of the child are the autosomes.


What is the most likely diagnosis for a male who is infertile and the problem is genetic?

Klinefelter's syndrome

What is an umbrella term used to refer to a range of a different sexual orientations, gender behaviors, or ideologies?


What is the rarest disorder of sex development in which a child is born with both, fully formed ovaries and fully formed testes?


All of the following are true about sex development and brain differentiation except:

Sexual differentiation of the brain occurs prior to sexual differentiation of the genitals

What is the process called in which an infant is taught the basic skills for functioning in society?


In typical development, if the male contributes a Y chromosome, the child will be male.


Who is likely to hold a more negative attitude about aging?

A white heterosexual woman

According to your text, what is one crucial factor that nondefensive listening relies on?

Self - restraint

What is one reason why menstrual suppression may be preferable to having monthly periods?

Menstrual disorders are the number one cause of gynecological disease

Which type of cancer of the female reproductive system is most likely to lead to death?


While there are no overall ethnic differences in the prevalence of premenstrual symptoms (PMS), research has found ethnic differences related to the following:

The types of symptoms experienced

Sara is experiencing vaginal burning and rawness along with a sometimes-stabbing pain in the vaginal area. Although her gynecologist has been unable to identify a specific cause, what is the most likely diagnosis?


In cultures that practice female circumcision, the procedure typically occurs at birth.


Implantation of a fertilized egg usually occurs during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.


If a woman has pain and swelling in the labial and vaginal areas due to an infected cyst, we could infer that the infection most likely came from:

The Bartholin's glands

What layer of the uterus contracts to expel menstrual fluid and push the fetus out of the womb during labor?


In which stage of the menstrual cycle does the endometrium reach its maximum thickness in preparation to receive and nourish a fertilized egg?


What are two functions of the ovaries?

To produce eggs and secrete hormones

The uterus is the female's most important producer of female sex hormones.


Recent research has concluded that there is no medical need for women to have monthly periods.


Which woman is MOST likely to experience secondary amenorrhea?

Kristin who is pregnant

If a woman has hymen that is not intact, what can we safely assume?

She is not a virgin
She has used tampons
She has engaged in vigorous exercise that ruptured the hymen

Couples who are more comfortable with their sexuality report higher levels of sexual intercourse during menstruation.


What is the area of tissue between the vagina and the anus called?


What layer of the uterus is partially shed during menstruation?


What is the age range in which menopause will typically occur?

Age 40 - 58

A fertilized ovum typically implants in the cervix.


What is one factor that makes women more susceptible than men to urinary tract infections?

A shorter urethra

The number of women undergoing breast augmentation has decreased since 1995.


Which statement regarding the uterus is FALSE?

It is a thin-walled organ that engorges with blood during sexual arousal

What is TRUE about withdrawal bleeding, which occurs when a woman taking birth control pills stops taking them for a week?

It is biologically very different from normal menstrual fluid

What does the term mittelschmerz refer to?

Slight pain or sensation felt by some women during ovulation

How much fluid (including tissue and blood) is typically released during the menstrual cycle?

2 - 4 tablespoons

What part of the male reproductive system contracts and expands to regulate the temperature of the testicles?

Cremaster Muscle

The root of the penis sits just below the surface of the skin and attaches to the scrotum.


The majority of women and men report that penis size is significant factor in the quality of a sex partner.


What part of the penis is made up of the corona, frenulum and urethral opening?

Glans penis

Ovulation typically produces just one egg per cycle. Why does ejaculate contain more than just one sperm?

Sperm work together to achieve fertilization through combined enzyme production

Research worldwide shows that the overall sperm count in men has been decreasing.


Wayne is 50 - years old and has recently developed a painful curvature of his penis making penetration impossible. What would his diagnosis be?

Peyronie's disease

Which of the following statements is most descriptive of hydrocele?

An excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissue surrounding the testicle common in newborn males

Alex, a 20-year-old college student took some of his father's Viagra with hopes of enhancing his sexual performance with his partner. Alex experienced an abnormally prolonged and painful erection, which required a trip to the ER. What condition did Alex have?


According to an evolutionary scientist, what characteristic of the penis would serve an important function related to sperm competition (when the sperm of two or more men is present in the female reproductive tract)?

Coronal Ridge

What best describes the ejaculatory pathway of sperm?

Epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, urethra

If one testicle hangs noticeably lower than the other, this should be reported to a doctor.


A man is experiencing a bump in his scrotum. This happened while he was lifting heavy boxes. Which of the following conditions is he most likely to have?

Inguinal hernia

The urethra carries urine outside of the body and the corpus cavernosum carries sperm outside of the body.


Which of the following have been found to impact sperm production?

-Soaking in a warm tub
-Wearing tight fitting underwear
-Using a laptop computer rested on the legs

How many sperm per day are commonly produced by the human male?

300 Million

Devon, whose mother smoked during pregnancy, was born prematurely and had to have surgery for undescended testes when he was 9 months old. What condition is Devon most likely diagnosed with?


A PSA test is used to detect prostate cancer.


If a young male's body is just beginning the process of producing sperm, when is it likely that he would ejaculate mature, viable sperm?

Within the next 1-2 years

In 2010, the U.S Food and Drug Association approved the first vaccine for:

Prostate Cancer

Jay often wakes up with an erection and sometimes experiences erections throughout the night. What is the most likely reason for this?

Jay's REM cycles occur throughout the night and right before he wakes up

The only early detection system for testicular cancer is testicular self-examination (TSE).


Ejaculation and orgasm are linked so that a man cannot experience one without the other.


Which statement regarding male circumcision is true?

Circumcision is mainly practiced for religious and cultural reasons

What is 60 - 70% of semen made up of?

Fluid from the seminal vesicles

Self-love is another name used for narcissism.


There is significant variation across cultures in what characteristics are desired in an ideal mate?


When it comes to choosing an ideal mate, what does the most current research show?

Heterosexual women and men rate financial stability as an important factor in attraction

In his observations of heterosexual strangers in bar situations, Perper found if people were mutually attracted to each other the first indication was what?

They turn their bodies more toward each other until they are facing each other

The finding that gay men are more likely than heterosexual men to believe that 'you should share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with the person you love' can possibly be explained by which statement?

Gay men tend to adopt fewer stereotyped beliefs about gender roles

Thao thinks Nick may like him because they have made prolonged eye contact several times during class. Thao finds himself grabbing an extra soda for Nick, offering him help on his homework and spending time hanging out after class with him. As he thinks about this, he realizes he is falling for Nick. What theory does this best exemplify?


Brian and Ann have been married for over 20 years and they describe their feelings for each other as intimate, trusting, loyal, and romantic. What term best describes their love?

Companionate Love

According to Sternberg, what best describes intimacy?

It involves feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bonding in a loving relationship

Research on heterosexual couples has found that men rate female-female sexual infidelity as the least jealousy producing.


What does Ainsworth's research suggest is highly correlated to the type of intimate relationship that you form in your adulthood?

The type of attachment you formed as a child

What are the three components of attachment measure by Rubin's "Love Scale"?

Needing, caring, trusting

Which of the following aspects of love does a person's culture impact?

-How easily he or she falls in love
-Who he or she falls in love with
-How the relationship proceeds

Which theory of love suggests that we are likely to become attracted to someone we think likes us?

Cognitive Theory

Passionate love is more valued in individualistic cultures than in collectivist cultures.


People use their body language to reveal their level of attraction when meeting someone for the first time.


Rick and Lindsey were on the same airplane during an emergency landing. They met at the airport while waiting for another airplane. Over the next 4 months they formed a long distance relationship. Lindsey says her heart races whenever she sees Rick. What theory best exemplifies this?

Physiological arousal

In long lasting healthy relationships, the description of a couple's love for each other is not likely to vary over the span of their relationship.


Natasha and Jake have been dating for about 1 year. Natasha makes Jake feel good about himself. Whenever they are together he seems to feel happier and more confident. What theory does this best exemplify?

Behavioral Reinforcement

One's culture has a more powerful impact on love beliefs than one's gender.


Which of the following is TRUE according to recent research on pheromones?

Homosexual men respond to pheromones involved in sexual attraction similarly to heterosexual women.

"I feel very possessive about ______" is an example from which part of Rubin's Love Scale?


Katie is considering having a sexual relationship with Antonio. She is also thinking about what she learned from her family, education, and religion. What is she doing?

Values clarification

What is the term used to describe the set of behaviors developed in adolescence that we use to forge close relationships throughout our lives?

Intimacy Repertoire

According to behavioral reinforcement theory, a person may dislike someone based on the experience of an unrelated negative association in his or her presence.


By what age is a child's attachment style typically established?

9 months

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