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  1. to decide, establish
  2. to move, yield, go
  3. to join
  4. to conquer
  5. to leave behind
  1. a vinco vincere vīci victum
  2. b relinquo relinquere relīqui relictum
  3. c cedo cedere cessi cessum
  4. d jungo jungere junxi junctum
  5. e statuo stauere statui statutum

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  1. mitto mittere misi missum
  2. curro currere cucurri cursum
  3. ludo ludere lūsi lusum
  4. gero gerere gessi gestum
  5. amitto amittere amīsi amissum

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  1. to departedo edere ēdi ēsum


  2. to seekmitto mittere misi missum


  3. to defendmitto mittere misi missum


  4. to kill, slay, cut downago agere ēgi actum


  5. to goedo edere ēdi ēsum


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