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  1. to drag, draw
  2. to defend
  3. to beat, strike
  4. to run
  5. to decide, establish
  1. a traho trahere traxī tractum
  2. b pello pellere pepuli pulsum
  3. c statuo stauere statui statutum
  4. d curro currere cucurri cursum
  5. e defendo defendere defendī defensum

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  1. ludo ludere lūsi lusum
  2. statuo statuere statui statutum
  3. tego tegere texi tectum
  4. mitto mittere misi missum
  5. rego regere rēxi rectum

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  1. to lose, send awayamitto amittere amīsi amissum


  2. to rollrego regere rēxi rectum


  3. to seekmitto mittere misi missum


  4. to move, yield, goamitto amittere amīsi amissum


  5. to dividedivido dividere divīsī divīsum


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