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  1. to beat, strike
  2. to roll
  3. to drag, draw
  4. to lose, send away
  5. to write
  1. a scribo scribere scripsi scriptum
  2. b traho trahere traxī tractum
  3. c pello pellere pepuli pulsum
  4. d volvo volvere volvī volutum
  5. e amitto amittere amīsi amissum

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  1. dico dicere dīxi dictum
  2. tego tegere texi tectum
  3. duco ducere duxi ductum
  4. mitto mittere misi missum
  5. statuo statuere statui statutum

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  1. to fallvolvo volvere volvī volutum


  2. to put, placepono ponere posui positum


  3. to seekmitto mittere misi missum


  4. to goeo ire ii iturum


  5. to joineo ire ii iturum


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