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  1. on other check
  2. direct deposit
  3. Demand deposit
  4. Delivery
  5. deposit
  1. a transfer of the possession of an item from one person to another
  2. b a bank's term for a check presented to it for deposit or payment but drawn on another bank
  3. c program whereby a check issuer delivers the check directly to the payee's bank for credit to his or her account
  4. d to leave money or items with a bank for credit to a bank account
  5. e funds that are available to the customer at any time and that require no advance notice of withdrawal, usually drawn against by writing checks

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  1. a result of unmet customer expectations and a cause of reduced business
  2. the restriction of payment of part or all of the funds in an account
  3. the date on which a note, draft, acceptance, or bond becomes due and payable
  4. a term used by a bank for a check drawn on the bank and presented to that bank for deposit or payment
  5. business contract by which a borrower and lender enter into an agreement

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  1. grace periodperson who signs and delivers (executes) a note or other promise to pay


  2. financingcharging a fee for the use of money


  3. installment loanloan on which the principal and the finance charges are repaid in fixed payments for a predetermined number of months


  4. interest ratethe percentage rate charged for the use of money, usually quoted on an annual basis


  5. ending cashcash in teller's drawer at the end of the day


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