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  1. Delivery
  2. money market instruments
  3. interest
  4. grace period
  5. difficult customer
  1. a the amount paid by a borrower to a lender in exchange for the use of the lender's money over a certain period
  2. b stipulated time, following the date on which payment is due, during which no late fee is charged
  3. c transfer of the possession of an item from one person to another
  4. d a customer who presents problems that cannot be solved, expresses anger, or displays disruptive behavior
  5. e private and government obligations with a maturity of one year or less

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  1. charging a fee for the use of money
  2. involves the purchase of, or advance of, funds arising from installment sales for a customer selling aproduct or service
  3. the date on which a note, draft, acceptance, or bond becomes due and payable
  4. a deposit account from which funds can be drawn by writing a check
  5. business contract by which a borrower and lender enter into an agreement

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  1. investmentthe exchange of money for a promise to repay at a later date or for an ownership share in a business venture


  2. depositto leave money or items with a bank for credit to a bank account


  3. ending cashcharging a fee for the use of money


  4. dissatissfied customera result of unmet customer expectations and a cause of reduced business


  5. on us checka term used by a bank for a check drawn on the bank and presented to that bank for deposit or payment


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