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  1. Turning Point
  2. Valley Forge
  3. Common Sense
  4. Battle of Long Island
  5. Battle of Trenton
  1. a Washington launched a surprise attack on the Hessians stationed across the Delaware. It occurred the day after Christmas and led to an American victory
  2. b pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that explains that the colonies needed independence and should form a democratic republic
  3. c After the victory at Saratoga the French decided to ally with the Patriots
  4. d 1777; occurred after the Declaration of Independence was sent to England. King George III launched the largest naval attack in history up to 1942. It was a British victory and caused Washington to retreat to New Jersey
  5. e After losing battles in Philadelphia, Americans were forced to Valley Forge where they could keep an eye on the British in Philadelphia. The conditions were bad for the Americans as they were cold, shoeless, and blanketless. This is where Ben Franklin's daughter and Martha Washington came to help the Americans with supplies. Baron von Steuben came and trained the Americans to be more professional military fighters

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  1. high casualty rate, $27 million debt, republicanism, free enterprise
  2. The British after the loss at Saratoga decided to head south to conquer the southern colonies. They were successful conquering Savannah and Charleston and then began to head north.
  3. better leadership, foreign aid, knowledge of land, civilian help, motivation: "the cause"
  4. gave people the right in the northwestern lands to organize their own government and then ask to be admitted as a new state to the union; the most important achievement under the articles of Confederation
  5. the legislative body of the colonies that acted as the uniting government. Before the revoltuon they formed a committee for foreign affairs, formed a Continental Army, write the Olive Branch Petition, and printed paper money

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  1. Treaty of Paris 1783high casualty rate, $27 million debt, republicanism, free enterprise


  2. Shay's Rebelliona rebellion of 2000 rebels from Massachusetts who raided a federal arsenal and the national government was unable to put them down. Led people to realize that a new Constitution was necessary and led to the Constitutional Convention.


  3. Articles of ConfederationFirst constitution of the United States; passed in 1777 by Congress and by all states in 1781


  4. problems with first ConstitutionFirst constitution of the United States; passed in 1777 by Congress and by all states in 1781


  5. Battle of YorktownAfter progressing northwards and being weakened by guerilla fighters, the British went to Yorktown on the Chesapeake Bay to regroup and wait for supplies. While there the French blockaded the bay and the Americans came down to block the British on the peninsula. The british were forced to surrender, and after this Battle the war lost popular support in Britain.


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