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Discuss three ways that industrialization changed American lives. Then explain how these changes relate to the modern revolution in information technology by giving an example of how the Internet, the mass media, or global communications systems have changed the ways in which people live.

Electrical power extended time for work and play. The telegraph which made it possible for people to communicate better. Oil made it possible for people to pay less money. These relate to modern revolution because they create acess to many different forms of imformation by creating new jobs and connevting more pepole together. It made it so now people can accomplish more from home. For example: reasearch, shopping, pay bills, etc.

Main Idea and Details: How did technology improve city life? Give examples.

Inventions improved transportation. For example, street cars were cleaner and more effective than animals. Subways were good for the cities over crowdedness. Stell and farming inovations and building of skyscrappers helped city space. Water filterations systems improved health in the cities.

In an essay, discuss how the ways in which merican spent their new leisure time in the era after the Civil War are similar to popular activities today.

Read newspapers and novels and vist art and history museums to improve their minds and to have fun. They took classes to improve their education which people do today also. Amusement parks were also popular back then. Shows such as the Wild West shows were very popular back then. They are not popular today but compare to rock and roll concerts and movies. Spectator sports were also popular.

In what ways did these articles from the Platt Amendment limit Cuba's autonomy and independence?

The platt amendment limited Cubas treaties and other policy forms. It also gave the U.S. the right to intervene when ever they wanted. One more thing was that it gave the U.S. control over the areas of Cuba so it could get navel bases.

Toward the end of the 19th century, some American politicians and diplomats believed that the U.S. shoudl become an imperialist power. Write an essay explaining at least three of the points in favor of increased U.S. involvement overseas.

Some beleived that if the nations were getting colonies, the u.s. also should. America needed to excercise global influence and power in order to have oversea markets which could see excess commodities. Americans moral duty was to civilize or uplift weaker nations.

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