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  1. median
  2. coronal (frontal) plane
  3. spine
  4. condyloid
  5. hinge
  1. a a vertical plane that divides the body into the right and left halves
  2. b a vertical plane at the right angles to both the median plane. It divide the body into anterior and posterior
  3. c two directions of movement
  4. d movement in one plane
  5. e a pointed projection of bone

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  1. suture held tightly with little fiber
  2. a vertical plane parallel to the median plane
  3. farthest from the point of orign
  4. gliding
  5. fexion, extention, slight rotation

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  1. syndesmosissuture held tightly with little fiber


  2. anteriorfront


  3. inferiorfront


  4. heada rounded articula surface joined to the shaft of the bone by a constriction, the neck


  5. processa prominent border that may be rough


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