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  1. anterior
  2. deep
  3. condyle
  4. anatomic position
  5. lateral
  1. a farther from the mid-plane of the body
  2. b the body is standing erect, face towards observr, wih feet togeter and parallel, the arms at the sides and palms directly foward
  3. c farther from the surface
  4. d front
  5. e a smooth structure, either concave or convex, joined directly to the shaft of a long bone

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  1. a small, blunt or rounded process
  2. a pointed projection of bone
  3. move in many axes with common center
  4. movement in two planes
  5. nearer the surface

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  1. condyloidtwo directions of movement


  2. fossaa smooth surface for articulation


  3. sacroiliacno movement in part: slight gliding movement


  4. symphysesa pointed projection of bone


  5. pivotflexion, exetion, abduction, adduction, circumduction, and rotation


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