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  1. syndesmosis
  2. trochanter
  3. condyle
  4. fossa
  5. distal
  1. a a saucer like depression
  2. b farthest from the point of orign
  3. c slightly longer fibers
  4. d a smooth structure, either concave or convex, joined directly to the shaft of a long bone
  5. e a relatively large blunt type of process found only on the femur

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  1. a hole in a bone size is extremely variable
  2. movement in one plane
  3. a prominent border that may be rough
  4. the body is standing erect, face towards observr, wih feet togeter and parallel, the arms at the sides and palms directly foward
  5. front

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  1. saddlea pointed projection of bone


  2. transverse planea horizontal plane at right angles to both the median and frontal planes. It cuts the body into superior and inferior portions


  3. hipflexion, exetion, abduction, adduction, circumduction, and rotation


  4. ball and socketmove in many axes with common center


  5. proxmal ends of tibia and fibulaa vertical plane at the right angles to both the median plane. It divide the body into anterior and posterior


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