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  1. amphiarthroses
  2. condyloid
  3. diarthroses
  4. proxmal ends of tibia and fibula
  5. sagital plane
  1. a gliding
  2. b synchondroses hyaline cartilage between bone
  3. c a vertical plane parallel to the median plane
  4. d named on basis of movement
  5. e two directions of movement

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  1. flexion, exetion, abduction, adduction, circumduction, and rotation
  2. a small, blunt or rounded process
  3. back
  4. a pointed projection of bone
  5. slightly longer fibers

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  1. saddlemovement in two planes


  2. anatomic positionno movement in part: slight gliding movement


  3. knee (between the femur and tibia)fexion, extention, slight rotation


  4. mediala vertical plane that divides the body into the right and left halves


  5. condyletwo directions of movement


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