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  1. superior
  2. pivot
  3. tuberosity
  4. foramen
  5. head
  1. a nearer to the head
  2. b movement around a single axis
  3. c a rounded articula surface joined to the shaft of the bone by a constriction, the neck
  4. d a hole in a bone size is extremely variable
  5. e a large, blunt or rounded process

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  1. synchondroses hyaline cartilage between bone
  2. slightly longer fibers
  3. movement in one plane
  4. the body is standing erect, face towards observr, wih feet togeter and parallel, the arms at the sides and palms directly foward
  5. suture held tightly with little fiber

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  1. fossaa prominent border that may be rough


  2. transverse planea vertical plane parallel to the median plane


  3. sacroiliacnearer the surface


  4. processa prominent border that may be rough


  5. deepfarther from the surface


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