Psych 230 Final Chapter 6-9

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In early Puritan culture young couples were allowed to share a bed as long as they were clothed and wrapped in sheets. What was this practice called?


What is one way that Margaret Sanger influenced sexuality history?

She was an advocate for birth control

In early Chinese culture, what was true related to the practice of polygamy?

It was a common practice

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association:

Removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders

What best describe the term platonic?

A loving friendship devoid of sexual contact or desire

What is a quadruped?

Any animal that walks on four legs

Margaret Sanger argued that masturbation caused mental illness.


What term below refers to a lifestyle that rejects sensual pleasures such as drinking alcohol, eating rich food or engaging in sex?


According to your text, which woman's work had the most profound influence on women's sexuality for the first half of the 20th century?

Margaret Sanger

What was the name for a man who had his testicles and/or penis removed to prevent him from engaging in sexual activity?


Due to the media's use of digitally altered images of the face and body, some countries have proposed legislation that would require warning labels on photos that have been retouched.


Sexuality is considered a uniquely human trait


The Kama Sutra contains guidance to couples about the dangers of having passion with sexual relations.


The Comstock Act of 1873 allowed people access to contraception if they were married.


Early Christianity led to all of the following EXCEPT:

An appreciation for the eroticism of women

By the late Middle Ages, women were:

Elevated to a place of purity and considered almost perfect

Among the following, which discipline is not involved in the study of human sexuality?

Sexology, Anthropology, Political Science

What best describes the role of sexologists?

Study sexual behaviors scientifically

What was the main contribution of the Greek culture in Western history?

One of the few major civilizations to successfully institute homosexuality

What best describes the view of women during the Victorian Era?

Virtuous, refined, delicate and fragile

The Comstock Act of 1873:

outlawed the mailing of articles on contraception

The purpose of anti-miscegenation laws was to make ____ illegal.

Interracial sex

What was the 19th century cure for hysteria?

The vibrator

According to your textbook, why did Paul condemn sexuality?

He did not want love of humans to compete with love of God

What is TRUE about the relationship between white settlers and minority groups in the US?

Native Americans were criticized for attitudes toward premarital sex and practice of polygamy.

What is the area of tissue between the vagina and the anus called?


Which of the following statements regarding female breasts is FALSE?

The areola is the part of the breast that cannot be seen from the outside.

What is a specific risk factor that can contribute to PMDD?

All of these (cigarettes, sexual abuse, history of major depression)

What best describes the labia majora?

Two folds of fatty tissue that extend from the mons veneris to the perineum

The number of women undergoing breast augmentation has decreased since 1995.


Current recommendations suggest routine pap smears beginning at the age of 17


Which woman is MOST likely to experience secondary amenorrhea?

Kristin who is pregnant

During a menstrual cycle, what is the purpose of the uterine lining buildup

To prepare for pregnancy

What best describes the process through which the vagina is lubricated during sexual arousal?

Sweating of the vaginal walls

In cultures that practice female circumcision, the procedure typically occurs at birth.


Which of the following statements is TRUE about menstrual manipulation?

It is done with pills which suppress the growth of the uterine lining.

All of the following are true about breast self-examinations EXCEPT:

If one breast is slightly larger than the other, this should be reported to a doctor immediately

If a woman has pain and swelling in the labial and vaginal areas due to an infected cyst, we could infer that the infection most likely came from

The Bartholin's glands

What is TRUE about withdrawal bleeding which occurs when a woman taking birth control pills stops taking them for a week?

It is biologically very different from normal menstrual fluid

What are the four main areas of PMDD symptoms?

Mood, behavioral, somatic, cognitive

The clitoris is the only human organ whose sole function is to bring sexual pleasure


How much fluid (including tissue and blood) is typically released during the menstrual cycle?

2 - 4 tablespoons

What general statement is MOST accurate concerning hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

There are pros and cons of HRT that need to be evaluated on a case-by-case

What layer of the uterus is partially shed during menstruation?


What statement is TRUE about menarche?

The average age of menarche is earlier for Black, non-Hispanic girls than White or Hispanic girls

According to the textbook, when is it recommended for women to undergo their first gynecological exam with a Pap smear?

Beginning within 3 years after first sexual intercourse or at age 21

Recent research has concluded that there is no medical need for women to have monthly periods


What is the age range in which menopause will typically occur?

40 to 58

The withdrawal bleeding that occurs while women are using oral contraceptives is different from the bleeding that occurs when women who do not use oral contraceptives have their periods.


What layer of the uterus contracts to expel menstrual fluid and push the fetus out of the womb during labor?


The urethra carries urine outside the body and the corpus cavernosum carries sperm outside of the body?


What term refers to the decrease of blood testosterone concentrations as a male ages


In 2010, the US Food and Drug Association approved the first vaccine for:

Prostate cancer

Erection is best described as a:

Spinal reflex

The majority of women and men report that penis size is a significant factor in the quality of a sex partner.


According to World Health Organization statistics, the majority of males are circumcised.


What type of stimulation causes erections?

smells, thoughts, sounds, (ALL OF THESE)

What triggers puberty in a boy's life?

It is unknown

What term refers to the enlargement of the breast in men?


Next to skin cancer, what is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men?


What is the 18-inch tube that carries sperm away from the testicles and mixes it with other seminal fluids?

Vas deferens

What structure releases gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), signaling the physiological start of puberty in boys?

The hypothalamus

The only early detection system for testicular cancer is testicular self-examination (TSE)


What are the two main functions of the testicles?

Sperm and testosterone production

What are two of the most common surgical side effects of prostate cancer treatment?

Erectile dysfunction and inability to hold one's urine

A 21 year old male has just been diagnosed with cancer of the reproductive organs. Given his age, which of these cancers is more likely?


Males experience Andropause at a much earlier age than females experience menopause.


A man is experiencing a bump in his scrotum. This happened while he was lifting heavy boxes. Which of the following conditions is he most likely to have?

Inguinal hernia

All of the following statements are TRUE regarding testicular self-examinations EXCEPT?

The majority of US men surveyed reported doing monthly self-exams

Which statement regarding male circumcision is TRUE?

Circumcision is mainly practiced for religious and cultural reasons

Annual prostate exams are recommended for men beginning at 60 years of age.


According to recent research with college populations what was found related to sperm production?

Sperm production was lower during exam periods than at the beginning of the semester

Evolutionary theory suggests that the shape of the penis allows it to remove another lover's sperm from the reproductive tract of a woman.


What is the primary reason the testicles are located outside of the body?

Sperm need to be kept cooler to survive

According to behavioral reinforcement theory, a person may dislike someone based on the experience of an unrelated negative association in his or her presence.


Sixteen-month old Latesha doesn't mind if her father leaves the room because she knows he will respond if she needs him. What style of attachment is Latesha most likely to have


What is the term used to describe the set of behaviors developed in adolescence that we use to forge close relationships throughout our lives?

Intimacy repertoire

Research has found a strong correlation between intimacy and the ability to do what?

Self - disclose

The finding that gay men are more likely than heterosexual men to believe that "you should share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with the period you love" can possibly be explained by which statement?

Gay men tend to adopt fewer stereotyped beliefs about gender roles

During which era did the idea that romantic love is the most desirable form of love become popular?

19th century

A person is more likely to be jealous in situations where his/her partners is flirting with someone who has characteristics similar to their own.


More men than women report "hooking up" behavior on college campuses.


According to research, what lovestyles identified by Lee are associated with poorer psychological health?

Manic and Ludic

By what age is a child's attachment style typically established?

9 months

Katie is considering having a sexual relationship Antonio. She is also thinking about what she learned from her family, education, and religion. What is she doing?

Values clarification

What method did psychologist, John Alan Lee, use to identify the six different ways to love which called "colors" of love?

He collected statements about love from works of fiction and nonfiction including both ancient and modern authors.

Natasha and Jake have been dating for about 1 year. Natasha make Jake feel good about himself. Whenever they are together he seems to feel happier and more confidence. What theory does this best exemplify?

Behavioral reinforcement

Which of the following is TRUE according to recent research on pheromones?

Homosexual men responds to pheromones involved in sexual attraction similar to heterosexual women.

Which of the following aspects of love does a person's culture impact?

all of these

What was a significant problem with Davis Buss's methodology in studying attraction across cultures?

He assumed all respondents were heterosexual

What was one example given in the text for how a couple's score on Rubin's love scale correlates with their behavior?

Probability they will get married

In which of the following countries is it most likely for a person to think first of how a mate would be received by family and friends over one's own sense of romance?


What areas have been studied related to loss of love?

All of these

When asked to describe his relationship with his partner, Jason says he knew it was love at first sight and that he loves to close his eyes and feel the touch and smell of his lover. According to Lee what is Jason's love style


What is one of the most reliable predictors of whom a person will date?


When a person is in love, his or her body releases the drug phenylethylamine which is also found in which of following?


According to attachment researchers, what style of attachment in infancy leads adults to have a difficult time trusting their partners?


Conjugal love is another name for companionate love.


Research has found that age and relationship length are both positively related to intimacy and commitment


What was the most common motivation given by boys for engaging in sexual intercourse for the first time?


If you want your son or daughter to delay the age of first sexual behaviors, avoid STIs and unintended pregnancy what should you consider doing?

all of these

What type of sexuality related questions are the most common for children to ask first?

Why do boys have a penis and girls have a vagina?

Which statement describes typical abstinence-only sexuality education programs?

They promote abstinence and do not commonly present information about anatomy or STIs

What is the average age for American students first sexual intercourse?


Children's earliest friendships tend to be activity-based, whereas in early adolescence friendships are more based on

Affective qualities

Which statement describes common feelings of teens about timing of puberty

Maturing early or late can be difficult for both boys and girls

A typically-developing child shows a decline in sexual exploration. Most likely, this child is how old?


What have studies related to sibling sexual contact found?

While sex games or fondling are fairly common, sexual contact between siblings is more likely to be harmful when there is a large age difference between siblings.

Riley has been asking questions such as "why do some girls have larger breasts than others" and "do boys have periods too?" How old is Riley likely to be?

9 to 12

Same-sex experimentation in preadolescent is:

Quite common

What is the significance of the Quinceanera celebration in Latino communities

A time to celebrate a young girl's transition into

Cross cultural studies show that the majority of teens worldwide are receiving adequate sexuality education.


Four-year-old Emma knows that she is a girl, but sometimes say things indicating that she thinks she may be a boy in the future. Emma has not yet achieved;

Gender constancy

Which of the following statements describes patterns of tends and oral sex?

The majority of heterosexual teens engage in oral sex after they have already engaged in sexual intercourse

What is a common criticism of many of the studies related to childhood sexuality?

Most retrospective in nature and rely on older adults to remember what they did when they were young

Causual parental attitudes towards nudity and seeing parents naked are correlated with lower levels of self-esteem in children


What countries are known as world leaders in sexuality education, providing the best examples of the value of high-quality sex education?

Sweden and the Netherlands

The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior found that today's adolescents are increasingly engaging in more risky sexual behaviors.


Young boys are often told to call their penis a "wiener." What are young girls often told to call their clitoris?

None of the above

Girls' growth spurts typically happen earlier than boys'


What percent of high school students commonly report being unsure about their sexual orientation?


What is true about teen pregnancy rates?

Teen birth rates in the US have increased steadily since the early 1990s

All of the following are true about teens and contraceptives use EXCEPT:

Teens in long term relationships are less likely to use contraception methods

Comprehensive sexuality education programs typically begin in kindergarten and continue through 12th grade


What are two functions of the ovaries?

To produce eggs and secrete hormones.

The term amenorrhea refers to painful menstruation


What is the primary function of the fimbriae

Direct the ova from the ovaries to the fallopian tubes.

Premenstrual dysphoric (PMDD) is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a psychological disorder


If a woman has pain and swelling in the labial and vaginal areas due to an infected cyst, we could infer that the infection most likely came from:

The Bartholins' glands

According to the textbook, when is it recommended for women to undergo their first gynecological exam with a Pap smear?

Beginning within 3 years after first sexual intercourse or at age 21.

What is another name for the introitus

Vaginal opening

What statement best describes findings related to the treatment of PMS and PMDD?

The majority of women respond well to treatment.

Which of the following is a function of the cervix?

Allow menstrual fluid out of the uterus.
Allow sperm to enter the uterus.
Allows babies to pass out of the uterus.

Sara is experiencing vaginal burning and rawness along with a sometimes stabbing pain in the vaginal area. Although her gynecologist has been unable to identify a specific cause, what is the most likely diagnosis


What female external sex organ sits inside the labia majora and joins together to form the prepuce?

Labia minora.

What does the term mittelschmerz refer to

Slight pain or sensation felt by some women during ovulation.

What statement is TRUE about menarche

The average age of menarche is earlier for Black, non-Hispanic girls than White or Hispanic girls.

The withdrawal bleeding that occurs while women are using oral contraceptives is different from the bleeding that occurs when women who do not use oral contraceptives have their periods.


What are the four main areas of PMDD symptoms?

Mood, behavioral, somatic, cognitive

What does the Instead Softcup do?

Holds back menstrual fluid during sexual activity.

While many people refer to the female's external sex organs as the "vagina", what is the more accurate term


The uterus is the female's most important producer of female sex hormones


Which type of cancer of the female reproductive system is most likely to lead to death


In parts of the world where surgical removal of the clitoris is practiced, what is the common reason(s) given for the procedure?

Culture and tradition.

What is the age range in which menopause will typically occur?


What is TRUE about withdrawal bleeding which occurs when a woman taking birth control pills stops taking them for a week?

It is biologically very different from normal menstrual fluid

Which of the following does NOT characterize the vagina

Primary female organ involved in sexual arousal.

Implantation of a fertilized egg usually occurs during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle


A PSA test is used to detect prostate cancer.


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