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  1. measure
  2. 36
  3. Treble Clef
  4. fortississimo
  5. pianissimo
  1. a to play very softly or gently is called..
  2. b to play as loud as possible
  3. c G clef is also called the _____
  4. d The number of black keys on a standard piano (type a number. i.e: 5)
  5. e represents one bar of music

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  1. represents the end of a song
  2. What note gets 2 beats in common time?
  3. 2/2 time is also called...
  4. a note lowered by a semitone is called..
  5. to gradually play quieter

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  1. dotted half noteWhat note gets .75 beats in common time?


  2. fortissimoto play very loud


  3. accelerandoto gradually play louder


  4. chromatic semitoneTwo notes with the same letter name, but has different pitches is called..


  5. legatoto play smoothly in a connected manner is called..


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