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  1. frequency
  2. Bass Clef
  3. chord
  4. octave
  5. bottom
  1. a 3 or 4 notes played simultaneously in harmony is called a....
  2. b the number on the ___ tells you which note value constitutes one beat.
  3. c F clef is also called the ______
  4. d speed of vibrations equals this
  5. e interval between one musical pitch and another with half or double its frequency is called..

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  1. This clef is used to resemble lower notes
  2. two notes with different letter names, and has different pitches is called.. (e.g: F# -> G)
  3. What note gets 2 beats in common time?
  4. What note gets 1 beat in common time?
  5. the smallest pitch difference between notes is called..

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  1. ritardandomaking each note brief and detached is called..


  2. fortissimoto play as loud as possible


  3. staccatomaking each note brief and detached is called..


  4. dotted quarter noteWhat note gets 1.5 beats in common time?


  5. dotted eighth noteWhat note gets .75 beats in common time?


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