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  1. allegro
  2. dotted half note
  3. pitch
  4. tempo
  5. eighth note
  1. a to play lively and fast is called...
  2. b What note gets .5 beats in common time?
  3. c frequency is the same as this...
  4. d What note gets 3 beats in common time?
  5. e the overall speed of a piece of music is called..

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  1. This clef is used to resemble higher notes
  2. the number on the ___ tells you how many beats are in a bar in the time signature
  3. the symbols in sheet music indicating volume are called...
  4. F clef is also called the ______
  5. to play moderately softly is called..

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  1. Treble ClefF clef is also called the ______


  2. grand staffthe joined treble and bass clef is called..


  3. staffa set of five horizontal lines and for spaces is called..


  4. flatTo hold a tone or rest held beyond the written value at the discretion of the performer is called..


  5. pianofrequency is the same as this...


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