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  1. staccato
  2. tempo
  3. chromatic semitone
  4. bottom
  5. semitone
  1. a Two notes with the same letter name, but has different pitches is called..
  2. b the number on the ___ tells you which note value constitutes one beat.
  3. c the smallest pitch difference between notes is called..
  4. d the overall speed of a piece of music is called..
  5. e making each note brief and detached is called..

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  1. a note raised by a semitone is called..
  2. to play very softly or gently is called..
  3. What note gets .75 beats in common time?
  4. a way to label musical sound is called:
  5. to gradually play quieter

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  1. frequencyThis clef is used to resemble higher notes


  2. topa standard piano usually has this many keys (type a number. i.e: 5)


  3. fortississimoto play as loud as possible


  4. pianoto play softly or gently is called..


  5. cut time2/2 time is also called...


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