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  1. quarter note
  2. measure
  3. legato
  4. dotted whole note
  5. staccato
  1. a to play smoothly in a connected manner is called..
  2. b represents one bar of music
  3. c making each note brief and detached is called..
  4. d What note gets 6 beats in common time?
  5. e What note gets 1 beat in common time?

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  1. What note gets .5 beats in common time?
  2. the number on the ___ tells you which note value constitutes one beat.
  3. represents the end of a song
  4. to play as loud as possible
  5. the symbols in sheet music indicating volume are called...

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  1. mezzo fortea symbol indicating to play loud is called..


  2. 88a standard piano usually has this many keys (type a number. i.e: 5)


  3. Bass ClefThis clef is used to resemble higher notes


  4. tempothe overall speed of a piece of music is called..


  5. fortissimoto play very loud


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