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  1. oldest and youngest at constitutional convention
  2. constitutional convention
  3. SEPTEMBER 17, 1787
  4. judicial branch
  5. legislative branch
  1. a job us to interpret or define laws
  2. b is the date the constitution was approved by the constitutional convention
  3. c Benjamin Franklin 81 and Jonathon Dayton 26
  4. d This started in may 1787 and ended in september, in philadelphia
  5. e job is to make laws

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  1. is how many articles in the constitution
  2. intoduction
  3. the date the constitution was approved by the states, the ninth state was new jersey
  4. job is to carry out the laws
  5. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

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  1. state that didn"t send delegatesVirginia


  2. populationHouse of reps.


  3. 27amendments added to the constitution


  4. virginia planmade by small states, 1 house and an equal amount of congressmen


  5. seperation of checks and balancesjob is to carry out the laws


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