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  1. oldest and youngest at constitutional convention
  2. legislative branch
  3. judicial branch
  4. executive branch
  5. June 21, 1788
  1. a the date the constitution was approved by the states, the ninth state was new jersey
  2. b job is to carry out the laws
  3. c job is to make laws
  4. d job us to interpret or define laws
  5. e Benjamin Franklin 81 and Jonathon Dayton 26

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  1. means each branch has different responsibilities and looks out for and checks the other two branches
  2. is how many articles in the constitution
  3. Virginia
  4. intoduction
  5. George Washington

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  1. Great compromiseA combination of the virginia and new jersey plan


  2. constitutional conventionGeorge Washington


  3. Articles of the confederationThe United States first constitution, and also created a loose friendship between the states


  4. SEPTEMBER 17, 1787is the date the constitution was approved by the constitutional convention


  5. purpose of a preambleto introduce it's readers to the audience


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