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  1. myoglobin
  2. pyuria
  3. hematuria
  4. dysuria
  5. opalescant
  1. a the presence of RBC's in urine
  2. b having a milky irridescence
  3. c painful or diffucult urination
  4. d a pigmented protein found in muscle tissue
  5. e the prescence of pus in the urine

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  1. prescence of bacteria in the urine
  2. decreased urine production
  3. excessive urination at night
  4. presence of ketones in the urine
  5. an increase concentration of creatine in the urine

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  1. urinary frequencyvoiding more than 10 times in 24 hours


  2. polyuriaexcessive production of urine


  3. calciuriaprescence of calcium in the urine


  4. turbidhaving a cloudy appearance


  5. refractometeran instrument measuring light refraction as it passes through a liquid-specific gravity.


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