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  1. ketones
  2. glycosuria
  3. oliguria
  4. melanin
  5. turbid
  1. a a dark substance of skin, hair and certain tumors
  2. b having a cloudy appearance
  3. c prescence of glucose in the urine
  4. d a group of chemical substances produced during increased metabolism of fat.
  5. e decreased urine production

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  1. prescence of bacteria in the urine
  2. the prescence of the serum protein albumin in the urine
  3. absence of urine production; complete failure of kidney function
  4. a float with a calibrated stem for measuring specific gravity
  5. the prescence of pus in the urine

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  1. dysuriathe prescence of pus in the urine


  2. specific gravityhaving a milky irridescence


  3. hematuriathe presence of RBC's in urine


  4. opalescanthaving a milky irridescence


  5. creatinuriaan increase concentration of creatine in the urine


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