Hemic, Lymphatic, Mediatinum, and Diaphragm2

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step by step chapter 22 Class Quiz

Excision of a mediastinal tumor; diagnosed as a secondary site, primary unknown

Cpt Code: 39220
ICD-9-CM Code:197.11,199.1

Drainage of an extensive lymph node abscess. Pathology report indicated Staphylococcus.

Cpt Code: 38305
ICD-9-CM Code: 683, 041.10

Autologous bone marrow transplant for a patient who has acute myelogenous leukemia that has not shown any signs of remission

Cpt Code: 38232
ICD-9-CM Code: 205.0

Total removal of the spleen due to Gaucher's splenomegaly

Cpt Code: 38100
ICD-9-CM Code: 272.7

Repair of paraesophageal hiatus hernia, abdominal approach, with limited fundoplasty

Cpt Code: 39502
ICD-9-CM Code: 553.3

Excisional biopsy of superficial lymph nodes of the neck by means of an open procedure for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Cpt Code: 38500
ICD-9-CM Code: 202.8

Diaphragmatic resection of a secondary, malignant lesion that included extensive use of prosthetic material. The primary malignancy was of the uterus, which has been previously removed, followed by a course of radiation and chemotherapy.

Cpt Code: 39561
ICD-9-CM Code: 198.89, 179

Dissection of the deep jugular nodes, diagnosis of thyroid gland primary cancer

Cpt Code: 38542
ICD-9-CM Code: 193

Excision of congenital cervical cystic hygroma with dissection of deep neurovascularity

Cpt Code: 38555
ICD-9-CM Code: 228.11

Limited lymhadenectomy for staging of para-aortic lymph nodes in malignant primary prostate cancer.

Cpt Code: 38562
ICD-9-CM Code: 185

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