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  1. Horizontal integration
  2. Henry Ford
  3. Edward Bellamy
  4. Guglielmo Marconi
  5. Andrew Carnegie
  1. a The combining of a number of firms engaged in the same enterprise into a single corperation.
  2. b Introduced the movable assembly line with his automobile plants in 1914. This process stressed the complete interchangablity of parts.
  3. c A Scottish immigrant who had worked his way up from modest beginings and in 1873 opened his own steelworks in Pittsburgh. Soon he dominated the industry.
  4. d Wrote a utopian novel Looking Backward, published in 1888, sold more than 1 million copies. His book was a description of a utopian society in the year 2000, based on nationalism.
  5. e An italian inventor who took the first steps to develop the radio in the 1890s. His technology quickly found its way to the U.S.

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  1. A minister in a small Massachusetts town who was driven from his pulpit becuase of the scandal connected to his active homosexuality. He moved to New York where he wrote novels such as: Ragged Dick, Tom and the Bootblack, Sink or Swin, and many more. All had same basic story line of a young boy who was given an opportunity to improve himself.
  2. Also known as "Scientific Managment", named after its leading theoretician, Frederick Winslow Taylor. He argued that scientific managment was also a way to increase the employers control of the workplace. He urged employers to subdived tasks, to speed up production, and decrease being dependent on a specific worker.
  3. the name commonly applied to members of a secret militant labor organization that sometimes used violence. It originated in Ireland.
  4. Invented the cash register in 1878.
  5. Proposed by Henry George, for land it would replace all other texes, which would return the increment to the people. He thought this would distribute wealth more equally and eliminate poverty.

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  1. PinkertonsWell-known strikebreakers.


  2. Labor Contract LawA sociologist who wrote Dynamic Sociology in 1883. He argued that civilization was not governed by natural selection, but by human intellegence, which was capable of shaping society as it wished.


  3. Limited LiabilityInvented the cash register in 1878.


  4. George BissellPennsylvania business man who showed the petroleum could be burned in lamps and also yeild such products as parafin, naphtha, and lubricating oil. He began raising money for drilling.


  5. Socialist Labor PartyThe application of Charles Darwin's law of evolution and natural selection among species to human society. In a human society only the fittest individuals survived nd flourished in the marketplace.


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