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  1. Homestead Strike
  2. Terence V. Powderly
  3. Andrew Carnegie
  4. Henry Bessemer / William Kelly
  5. American Federation of Labor
  1. a Led the Knights of Labor in 1870s, moved them into the open away from secracy. Made them enter a period of spectacular expansion.
  2. b A Scottish immigrant who had worked his way up from modest beginings and in 1873 opened his own steelworks in Pittsburgh. Soon he dominated the industry.
  3. c In 1881, representatives of a number of craft unions formed the Federation of Organized Trade and Labor Unions of the United States and Canada. Five years later they took the name of this. Samuel Gompers was the leader of this organization. They concentrated on wages, hours, and working conditions.
  4. d Englishman and American who developed a process for converting iron into the much more durable and versatile steel. There was also the Bessemer process, this consisted of blowing out the impurities of iron and making it a much stonger metal.
  5. e when Carnegie and his chief lieutenant Frick repeatedly cut wages at the Homestead plant, the union Amalgamated, was given two days to accept another wage cut, or call for a strike. The union chose to strike. They turned violent by starting a fire on water and being on the docks with guns.

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  1. Invented the cash register in 1878.
  2. The combining of a number of firms engaged in the same enterprise into a single corperation.
  3. One of Bissell's employees who in 1859, established the first oil well near Titusville, Pa. It produced 500 barrels a month.
  4. Led by Eugene Debs, he refused to handle Pullman cars and equiptment. Within a few days thousands of railroad workers and territories were on strike. Transportation from chicago to the Pacific Coast was paralyzed.
  5. An italian inventor who took the first steps to develop the radio in the 1890s. His technology quickly found its way to the U.S.

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  1. Socialist Labor PartyThe application of Charles Darwin's law of evolution and natural selection among species to human society. In a human society only the fittest individuals survived nd flourished in the marketplace.


  2. George BissellOne of the pioneers of electric lighting, he devised the arc lamp for street illumination.


  3. Horatio AlgerPatented a sewing machine in 1851 and created I. M. Singer and Company. One of the first modern manufacturing corperations.


  4. Christopher Sholes1866, laid a transatlantic telegraph cable to Europe.


  5. Haymarket Bombingin Chicago, a strike was taking place at McCormick Harvester Company, when the city police began harassing the strikers and trying to make them disperse in Haymarket Square, when someone threw a bomb that killed seven policemen and injured 67 others, and the policemen, firing into the crowd, killed 4 more people. Conservative Americans demanded retribution, 8 anarchists were tried and sentenced to death. One committed suicide, four were executed and two others had their sentences commuted to life in prison. The bombing represented a new fear of social chaos and radicalism, especially of anarchism.


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