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  1. Fifteenth Amendment
  2. What occurs in end of the Election of 1856?
  3. What were the views on blacks and slavery?
  4. John Brown
  5. What is the South's views on the Emancipation Proclamation?
  1. a - ratified in 1870, prohibits the denial or abridgment of the right to vote by the federal of state governments on the basis of race, color, or prior condition as a slave.
    - intended to guarantee African Americans the right to vote in the South
  2. b The South hates it and doesn't want to free their slaves.
  3. c - James Buchanan wins the Election
    - the new Republican party does extremely well and terrifies the South
    - The South wants a federal law that will protect slavery in the territories
  4. d - Slavery only exists in the South but the North was just was racist
    - Very few Northerners were willing to give blacks social and economic equality
    - Working class whites resented the competition of free blacks
    - Some states prohibit blacks from moving to their states
    - Northerners were against expansion of slavery to new territories
  5. e - an antislavery leader with a few followers murdered five proslavery settlers in cold blood - in response to a raid caused by proslavery adherents
    - a hit-and-run guerilla war raged between free-state and slave-state groups

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  1. - still a lot people that oppose the war
    - still a bunch of Northern Democrats that believe in state's rights
    - pacifists and abolitionists are glad that the South is gone and don't want to fight
    - Lincoln has to deal with the Liberals and Conservatives
    - Lincoln has to be careful that slave states are antagonized
    - Lincoln has an unpopular war and is an unpopular President
  2. - South Carolina will vote unanimously to secede
    - six more southern states will secede
    - In Feb. 1861, delegates from the Deep South established the Confederate States of America declaring themselves a separate nation
  3. Lincoln uses a reconstruction process
  4. term the Southerners used to describe the Northerners that moved to the South during Reconstruction
  5. - it won complete control of Massachusetts,
    - took power in three more New England states
    - showed signs of becoming the next major political party

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  1. How does Clay pass the Compromise?Because he can't pass it as a whole and will try to pass each part separately


  2. Why does Lincoln change his mind about emancipation?He changes his mind because:
    - slave labor is helping the South
    - Northern public opinion has shifted in favor of emancipation
    - the morale in the North is going down and Lincoln wants to give a moral cause to fight the war
    - by making it a "war good", it prevents England and France to joining with the Confederacy
    - there was a military necessity


  3. Wade Davis Bill- Northern states had a quota that they each had to meet
    - if the quota was not met, there was a draft in the state
    - states will begin to pay bounties to pay people to volunteer (up to $1000)
    - this encourages people to desert and go elsewhere
    - people could purchase a year long exemption for $300 or hire a substitute


  4. Why does Clay break the Compromise into parts?- Clay will compromise and join with the North and then join with the South to pass the other parts
    - By Sept. 1850, all bills are passed but still no one is satisfied


  5. How did the North provide materials for the war?The North doesn't want to let the South go and doesn't allow it


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