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  1. Johnson's Reconstruction Plan
  2. How did Republicans view the unsettled West?
  3. Why do people want to pardon?
  4. What are the results of the Civil War?
  5. Compromise of 1850
  1. a As a land of opportunities where the hardworking could improve their social and economic status
    - Free soil would serve as a guarantee of free competition or the "right to rise"
    - But if slavery was permitted to expand, the rights of "free labor" would be denied and slaveowners would use the best land, blocking commercial and industrial development
  2. b - almost as lenient as Lincoln's
    - Southerners, those who made 20,000 annually or less, could take an oath of allegience and recieve a pardon
    - Wealthy men have to appeal directly to Johnson
    - he sets up a governor for each state that meets his standards
    - he also declares secession illegal, and repudiates the Condfederate debt
    - states had to ratify the 13th Amendment and then they could hold elections and be readmitted to the Union
  3. c (wealthy) people who could actually receive pardons wanted them because they couldn't vote or hold office without it
  4. d - named the bloodiest American war
    - 620,000 die during the war
    - 400,000 of the casualties died from something other than being shot in battle, i.e. medical care, starvation
    - left a high percentage of drug addicts
  5. e - proposed by Henry Clay who wants to admit California as a free state
    - organize the rest of the Mexican cession to two territories on the basis of popular sovereignty (Mexican law had already abolished slavery there)
    - Resolve boundary dispute between New Mexico and Texas by granting the disputing region to New Mexico and paying Texas' debt of 10 million
    - proposes to abolish the slave trade in Washington, D.C.
    - called for a more effective Fugitive Slave Law

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. due to Army discipline and the conditions that the troops were under
  2. 1. More restrict the movement of blacks
    2. Southerners blame that Northern abolitionists were the cause; mail is now censored; abolitionist literature is not mailed in the South
    3. More laws restricted slaves to read or write
    4. Curfews are set up to prohibit blacks from congregating in groups larger than two
    5. More difficult to free your slaves; had to take slaves out of state in order to be free
  3. - split on sectional lines and very dividd about the Compromise
    - They cannot come up with a party platform in 1852 b/c their beliefs weren't unified
    - tried to receive interest in the nationalist economic policies
    - upset about the influx of Catholics
  4. more than enough volunteers and had to reject 200,000
  5. Stephen A. Douglas

5 True/False Questions

  1. Before 1831, how was slavery viewed?a "necessary evil"


  2. How is the Nation different after the Civil War?- at least two percent of the population died
    - 100,000 people are addicted to drugs or disabled
    - the country spent around 15 billion in the war
    - South is even in more debt than before
    - the physical destruction of the South is enormous


  3. Republicans- a minority of congressional Republicans who are strongly antislavery favored protection of black rights, especially black male suffrage, as a precondition for the readmission of southern states


  4. How did the decision of the Court in the Dred Scott case help the Republicans?it helped the Republicans build support on claiming that slave power was dominating all branches of the federal government and attempting to use the Constitution to achieve it's own goals


  5. What are the advantages of the South?- It seemed to permit slavery and that the South were given something that North wasn't.
    - showed that popular sovereignty can't solve the slavery issue
    - shatters the The Whig party and it collapses
    - helps to establish the Know-Nothings


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