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  1. Compromise of 1877
  2. What are the advantages of the North?
  3. How many blacks will be colonized in Africa?
  4. How are Northern blacks treated?
  5. Ten Percent Plan
  1. a 1. Much larger and has a huge economic advantage; 90% of America's industry
    2. Can afford to finance the war
    3. Has huge advantages in terms of transportation- railroads
    4. The South always runs out of food and can only produce cotton
    5. In terms of weaponry, the North is able to manufacture Springfield rifles; modern technology
  2. b - Hayes would be President and southern blacks would be abandoned by their fate
    - removal of all federal troops from the former Confederate states
    the appointment of at least one Southern Democrat to Hayes's cabinet
    - construction of another transcontinental railroad
    - legislation to help industrialize the South and get them back on their feet
  3. c -once ten percent or more of the voting population of any occupied state had take an oath of allegiance to the Union and acknowledge the legality of emancipation, they were authorized to set up a loyal government
  4. d 12,000
  5. e - They are segregated in schools
    - Constantly ridiculed day to day
    - Denied memberships in Unions and artisan associations
    - They can't get licenses they need to operate independent businesses

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  1. - Suspected fugitives were denied a jury trial, the right to testify on their own behalf, and other basic constitutional rights
    - There were no effective safeguards against falsely identifying fugitives or kidnapping free black slaves
    - If a judge decides the accused is a runaway slave, the judge receives 10 dollars; if the judge decides the accused is not a runaway slave, the judge receives 5 dollars
  2. (wealthy) people who could actually receive pardons wanted them because they couldn't vote or hold office without it
  3. - be charged with crimes than whites
    - more likely to be convicted and receive a longer jail sentence than whites
  4. as the last act of "slave-power conspiracy"
  5. 1. will refuse to let Southern Democrats sit in Congress
    2. want to make sure the Southern planter class is
    3. Congress demands that Southern blacks have the right to vote
    4. more harsh than what Lincoln/Johnson would want

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  1. Secession- most of northern nativists became Republicans
    - led by professional politicians who used to be Whigs or Democrats
    - argued that the "slave power conspiracy" was a greater threat to American liberty and equality
    - supported an anti-immigrant or anti-Catholic bias


  2. Abraham Lincoln- from Illinois, self-made man who rose from frontier poverty to legal and political prominence
    - embodied the Republican idea of equal opportunity


  3. What occurs in end of the Election of 1856?- Republican delegates called for a high protective tariff, free homesteads, and federal aid for internal improvements, esp. the transcontinental railroad
    - The South hates it all because it encourages people to move and possibly the states would be free
    - The split of the Democratic party helps Lincoln
    - Lincoln wins 39% of the vote and has the majority of the Electoral vote


  4. Carpetbaggers- a preacher and prophet who believed God had given him a sign that the time was ripe to strike for freedom; a vision of black and white angels wrestling in the sky
    - led a slave rebellion to punish slave owners
    - killing over 60 whites
    - lasted only 48 hours before it dispersed
    - six months later, Turner was captures and flayed
    - 120 innocent African Americans were killed
    - After Nat Turner's Rebellion, slavery become much more oppressive


  5. Radical Republicansterm the Southerners used to describe the Northerners that moved to the South during Reconstruction


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