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  1. What happened after Fort Sumter?
  2. How many blacks will be colonized in Africa?
  3. Why did Reconstruction fail?
  4. What are the results of the Civil War?
  5. How does the South feel about the reconstruction governments?
  1. a 12,000
  2. b They hate it and can't bear up with the constant opposition.
  3. c - named the bloodiest American war
    - 620,000 die during the war
    - 400,000 of the casualties died from something other than being shot in battle, i.e. medical care, starvation
    - left a high percentage of drug addicts
  4. d 1. The South as a whole was unrepentant and hasn't changed; determined to make reconstruction fail
    2. Both the North and South are tired of military rule
    3. The Conservatives openly appeal to white supremacy
    4. People of the North and South believe the propoganda about the bad the governments were and any change wouldn't be good
    5. The Compromise of 1877 pulls soldiers out of the South
  5. e - it unites the Northern opposition to the South
    - also forces everyone to take sides
    - The middle states will now secede and join the Confederacy.

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  1. President Pierce
  2. - The Know-Nothings will receive 900,000 votes but don't succeed in the Electoral College
    - People begin to flee after the Election
    - The Republican party forms
  3. term used to describe white southerners who were in favor of Reconstruction and the Republican Party after the Civil War...
  4. - accused Lincoln of endangering the Union by his talk of putting slavery on the path to extinction
    - charged that Lincoln's moral opposition to slavery implied a belief in racial equality
  5. - nativists, people who were native-born, believed in an anti-immigration attitude
    - expressed their hatred in bloody anti-Catholic riots, burning churches and convents

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  1. Denmark Veseypeople who didn't want slavery to expand to new territories but were not an abolitionist party


  2. Laws passed in the South for Free BlacksIt's fought to preserve the Union not abolish slavery.


  3. Why were the Confederate soldiers becoming undernourished?-due to the Union blockade
    - the railroad wasn't transporting goods, it was transporting troops
    - when the North penetrated the South, it left gaps in the system


  4. Why is the Civil War fought?It's fought to preserve the Union not abolish slavery.


  5. Why doesn't the Ten Percent Plan go into affect?Because Lincoln is assassinated


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