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  1. Fifteenth Amendment
  2. What did the Confederacy do to solve the problem of the draft?
  3. Why were the Confederate soldiers becoming undernourished?
  4. Fugitive Slave Law
  5. How did the Civil War change women in society?
  1. a The devastation of the southern economy forced many women to play a more public and economic role, forming reform groups and organizations.
  2. b adopted the Conscription Bills
  3. c - ratified in 1870, prohibits the denial or abridgment of the right to vote by the federal of state governments on the basis of race, color, or prior condition as a slave.
    - intended to guarantee African Americans the right to vote in the South
  4. d -due to the Union blockade
    - the railroad wasn't transporting goods, it was transporting troops
    - when the North penetrated the South, it left gaps in the system
  5. e - Suspected fugitives were denied a jury trial, the right to testify on their own behalf, and other basic constitutional rights
    - There were no effective safeguards against falsely identifying fugitives or kidnapping free black slaves
    - If a judge decides the accused is a runaway slave, the judge receives 10 dollars; if the judge decides the accused is not a runaway slave, the judge receives 5 dollars

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  1. - accused Lincoln of endangering the Union by his talk of putting slavery on the path to extinction
    - charged that Lincoln's moral opposition to slavery implied a belief in racial equality
  2. Lincoln exercised a pocket veto by refusing to sign the bill before Congress adjourned claiming that he didn't want to be committed to any single Reconstruction plan.
  3. The South hates it and doesn't want to free their slaves.
  4. due to Army discipline and the conditions that the troops were under
  5. -once ten percent or more of the voting population of any occupied state had take an oath of allegiance to the Union and acknowledge the legality of emancipation, they were authorized to set up a loyal government

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  1. How does Clay pass the Compromise?- They are segregated in schools
    - Constantly ridiculed day to day
    - Denied memberships in Unions and artisan associations
    - They can't get licenses they need to operate independent businesses


  2. How did the decision of the Court in the Dred Scott case help the Republicans?-the North's economy was strong at the core
    - it's factories and farms could produce enough provisions without hurting the civilian population


  3. How do the Southern states prove that they are unrepentant?- there are a number of race riots in the South
    - they continue to deny blacks the right to vote
    - they elected former Confederate leaders back into office
    - southern states pass the Black Codes


  4. Why does Lincoln change his mind about emancipation?He changes his mind because:
    - slave labor is helping the South
    - Northern public opinion has shifted in favor of emancipation
    - the morale in the North is going down and Lincoln wants to give a moral cause to fight the war
    - by making it a "war good", it prevents England and France to joining with the Confederacy
    - there was a military necessity


  5. How were blacks still made to feel inferior?As a land of opportunities where the hardworking could improve their social and economic status
    - Free soil would serve as a guarantee of free competition or the "right to rise"
    - But if slavery was permitted to expand, the rights of "free labor" would be denied and slaveowners would use the best land, blocking commercial and industrial development


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