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  1. What is the Know-Nothings source of unity and strength?
  2. How did Northerners view the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
  3. How do the Southern states prove that they are unrepentant?
  4. Why does the South feel like they have to secede?
  5. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  1. a Their focus on their anti-Catholic and anti-immigration viewpoints
  2. b - Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois proposed a bill to organize the territory west of Missouri and Iowa
    - sought up to set up a territorial government in Kansas and Nebraska on the basis of popular sovereignty
    - wants to reunite the Democratic Party about Manifest Destiny and the transcontinental railroad
    - tried to present it as a "railroad bill" but the South doesn't see it that way
    - the South sees it as an anti-slavery bill b/c the South sees Kansas & Nebraska as two free territories
  3. c - there are a number of race riots in the South
    - they continue to deny blacks the right to vote
    - they elected former Confederate leaders back into office
    - southern states pass the Black Codes
  4. d They viewed it as an abomination because it permitted the possibility of slavery in an area where it had previously been prohibited
    - a violation of the Missouri Compromise
  5. e - The South feels like they have to protect themselves, they don't feel safe, and says the secession is not about slavery

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  1. Because they believe there will be competition for social and economic status
  2. 1. Abolish slavery/abolitionism
    2. Free soil argument
  3. Lincoln exercised a pocket veto by refusing to sign the bill before Congress adjourned claiming that he didn't want to be committed to any single Reconstruction plan.
  4. 1. Much larger and has a huge economic advantage; 90% of America's industry
    2. Can afford to finance the war
    3. Has huge advantages in terms of transportation- railroads
    4. The South always runs out of food and can only produce cotton
    5. In terms of weaponry, the North is able to manufacture Springfield rifles; modern technology
  5. - almost as lenient as Lincoln's
    - Southerners, those who made 20,000 annually or less, could take an oath of allegience and recieve a pardon
    - Wealthy men have to appeal directly to Johnson
    - he sets up a governor for each state that meets his standards
    - he also declares secession illegal, and repudiates the Condfederate debt
    - states had to ratify the 13th Amendment and then they could hold elections and be readmitted to the Union

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  1. How did the North provide materials for the war?-the North's economy was strong at the core
    - it's factories and farms could produce enough provisions without hurting the civilian population


  2. Why does another war start developing between the North and the South?- The South feels like they have to protect themselves, they don't feel safe, and says the secession is not about slavery


  3. Why is the Civil War fought?It's fought to preserve the Union not abolish slavery.


  4. What are the results of the Civil War?- still a lot people that oppose the war
    - still a bunch of Northern Democrats that believe in state's rights
    - pacifists and abolitionists are glad that the South is gone and don't want to fight
    - Lincoln has to deal with the Liberals and Conservatives
    - Lincoln has to be careful that slave states are antagonized
    - Lincoln has an unpopular war and is an unpopular President


  5. Why were the Confederate soldiers becoming undernourished?-due to the Union blockade
    - the railroad wasn't transporting goods, it was transporting troops
    - when the North penetrated the South, it left gaps in the system


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