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  1. Cotton Kingdom
  2. How did Republicans view the unsettled West?
  3. How do the Southern states prove that they are unrepentant?
  4. Bleeding Kansas
  5. How does the North feel about the secession?
  1. a As a land of opportunities where the hardworking could improve their social and economic status
    - Free soil would serve as a guarantee of free competition or the "right to rise"
    - But if slavery was permitted to expand, the rights of "free labor" would be denied and slaveowners would use the best land, blocking commercial and industrial development
  2. b - result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
    - the border war that erupted between proslavery and antislavery forces in "bleeding" Kansas
  3. c - there are a number of race riots in the South
    - they continue to deny blacks the right to vote
    - they elected former Confederate leaders back into office
    - southern states pass the Black Codes
  4. d 1. The number of slaves more than tripled between 1810 to 1860 to more nearly four million
    2. Cotton-growing areas of the South were becoming more and more dependent on slavery
    3. Short-staple cotton was the South's major crop
    4. The invention of the cotton gin in 1793 contributed to the rise of cotton cultivation
    5. 3/4 of the world's supply came from the American South
  5. e The North doesn't want to let the South go and doesn't allow it

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  1. 1. Publishes abolitionist newspaper - The Liberator
    2. Calls for immediate emancipation of all slaves without compensation to the owner
    3. Involved in different reform movements
  2. - ratified in 1870, prohibits the denial or abridgment of the right to vote by the federal of state governments on the basis of race, color, or prior condition as a slave.
    - intended to guarantee African Americans the right to vote in the South
  3. 1. The South as a whole was unrepentant and hasn't changed; determined to make reconstruction fail
    2. Both the North and South are tired of military rule
    3. The Conservatives openly appeal to white supremacy
    4. People of the North and South believe the propoganda about the bad the governments were and any change wouldn't be good
    5. The Compromise of 1877 pulls soldiers out of the South
  4. -due to the Union blockade
    - the railroad wasn't transporting goods, it was transporting troops
    - when the North penetrated the South, it left gaps in the system
  5. Because they believe there will be competition for social and economic status

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  1. What were the views on blacks and slavery?- called for defensive actions to stop the spread of slavery and tried to link Douglas to a proslavery conspiracy
    - denied being an abolitionist and made a distinction between tolerating slavery in the South where it was protected by the Constitution
    - committed to white supremacy saying he would grant blacks the right to the fruits of their labor while denying them "privileges" of full citizenship


  2. What is the Know-Nothings source of unity and strength?to invade and conquer the South into submission by blocking the Southern coasts, seizing control of the Mississippi, and cutting off supplies of food and other essential commodities


  3. Kansas-Nebraska Act- a preacher and prophet who believed God had given him a sign that the time was ripe to strike for freedom; a vision of black and white angels wrestling in the sky
    - led a slave rebellion to punish slave owners
    - killing over 60 whites
    - lasted only 48 hours before it dispersed
    - six months later, Turner was captures and flayed
    - 120 innocent African Americans were killed
    - After Nat Turner's Rebellion, slavery become much more oppressive


  4. Why was slavery viewed as a "positive good"?1. Whites said that it was the only way that blacks and whites could live harmoniously
    2. Whites had a biblical argument
    3. Whites had a historical argument and referenced Greece
    4. Whites had a racial argument, saying blacks were inferior
    4. Whites had a humanitarian argument, saying that slaves are treated better than free workers in the North
    5. Whites had a social argument, saying that the South had more stability and more control


  5. How are the southern states readmitted into the Union?- the Southern economy was less adaptable than the North
    - the Confederacy had to rely on a govt. cash program to produce war materials


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