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  1. What were the effects of the K-N Act?
  2. Republicans
  3. How did the North view the Court's verdict?
  4. Popular Sovereignty
  5. Even though the Black Codes were declared unconstitutional, blacks were more likely to....?
  1. a - Lewis Cass; Senator of Michigan; Democrat; places the sovereignty doctrine
    - described as "squatter sovereignty" meant that the settlers could vote slavery up or down at the first meeting of a territorial legislature
    - Cass doesn't know if the federal government has the right to regulate slavery;
    - Cass says if the govt. has the right to abolish slavery; they shouldn't
    - Cass wants to keep slavery out of national politics because it will tear the country and the democratic party apart
  2. b as the last act of "slave-power conspiracy"
  3. c - It seemed to permit slavery and that the South were given something that North wasn't.
    - showed that popular sovereignty can't solve the slavery issue
    - shatters the The Whig party and it collapses
    - helps to establish the Know-Nothings
  4. d - most of northern nativists became Republicans
    - led by professional politicians who used to be Whigs or Democrats
    - argued that the "slave power conspiracy" was a greater threat to American liberty and equality
    - supported an anti-immigrant or anti-Catholic bias
  5. e - be charged with crimes than whites
    - more likely to be convicted and receive a longer jail sentence than whites

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  1. Once the North began winning, the Civil War and Lincoln both become popular and have full support.
  2. It's fought to preserve the Union not abolish slavery.
  3. - accused Lincoln of endangering the Union by his talk of putting slavery on the path to extinction
    - charged that Lincoln's moral opposition to slavery implied a belief in racial equality
  4. - still a lot people that oppose the war
    - still a bunch of Northern Democrats that believe in state's rights
    - pacifists and abolitionists are glad that the South is gone and don't want to fight
    - Lincoln has to deal with the Liberals and Conservatives
    - Lincoln has to be careful that slave states are antagonized
    - Lincoln has an unpopular war and is an unpopular President
  5. Because he can't pass it as a whole and will try to pass each part separately

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  1. Fourteenth Amendment- ratified in 1868, it provided citizenship to ex-slaves after the Civil War and constitutionally protected equal rights under the law for all citizens.
    - Radical Republicans used it to enact a congressional Reconstruction policy in the former Confederate states


  2. Why do people want to pardon?1. The Whig Party was falling apart
    2. the other political parties are divided on the slavery issue
    3. nativism was popular in the North but Southerners can live with any party that isn't about slavery
    4. offered simple solutions for complex problems
    5. started out as a secret club and people found it inviting


  3. After 1831, how was slavery viewed?a "necessary evil"


  4. How does the North feel about the secession?as the last act of "slave-power conspiracy"


  5. How were blacks still made to feel inferior?1. it was made illegal for blacks to own property in certain areas
    2. blacks still can't testify in court
    3. have curfews
    4. in order to avoid prison, blacks would sign longtime contracts to have a job like indentured servants


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