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  1. Ten Percent Plan
  2. When is slavery abolished in the North?
  3. How did civilians react to the Draft Bill?
  4. What occurs in end of the Election of 1856?
  5. How did the North provide materials for the war?
  1. a -the North's economy was strong at the core
    - it's factories and farms could produce enough provisions without hurting the civilian population
  2. b -once ten percent or more of the voting population of any occupied state had take an oath of allegiance to the Union and acknowledge the legality of emancipation, they were authorized to set up a loyal government
  3. c -in July 1963, a NYC mob of 50,000 protest the draft
    - mainly made up of Irish immigrants b/c they are angry about the draft and afford to pay a substitute
    - The mob blames the war on blacks, will lynch a number of blacks, attack homes, and a black orphanage
    - 120 people will die and 2 million dollars of property destroyed
  4. d - James Buchanan wins the Election
    - the new Republican party does extremely well and terrifies the South
    - The South wants a federal law that will protect slavery in the territories
  5. e By 1831

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  1. - Missouri slave that moved to Illinois in 1834 and then moved to Wisconsin in 1836
    - sued for his freedom on the grounds that he had lived for many years in an area where slavery had been outlawed by the Missouri Compromise
    - the case went to the Supreme Court
    - the Court states that a slave is not a citizen and had no right to sue in federal courts
    - The Court ruled that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional
  2. Henry Clay, James Monroe, Abraham Lincoln
  3. 1. Much larger and has a huge economic advantage; 90% of America's industry
    2. Can afford to finance the war
    3. Has huge advantages in terms of transportation- railroads
    4. The South always runs out of food and can only produce cotton
    5. In terms of weaponry, the North is able to manufacture Springfield rifles; modern technology
  4. 1. Whites said that it was the only way that blacks and whites could live harmoniously
    2. Whites had a biblical argument
    3. Whites had a historical argument and referenced Greece
    4. Whites had a racial argument, saying blacks were inferior
    4. Whites had a humanitarian argument, saying that slaves are treated better than free workers in the North
    5. Whites had a social argument, saying that the South had more stability and more control
  5. Because they believe there will be competition for social and economic status

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  1. What is the result of the Election of 1860?- The Know-Nothings will receive 900,000 votes but don't succeed in the Electoral College
    - People begin to flee after the Election
    - The Republican party forms


  2. Fort Sumter- Northern states had a quota that they each had to meet
    - if the quota was not met, there was a draft in the state
    - states will begin to pay bounties to pay people to volunteer (up to $1000)
    - this encourages people to desert and go elsewhere
    - people could purchase a year long exemption for $300 or hire a substitute


  3. What is the rise of the Know-Nothings?- the northern and southern delegates were split on the issue of slavery in the territories
    - declines after people realize that nativism isn't the answer
    - their secrecy comes back to haunt them
    - inspired a certain amount of mob violence
    - nominated Millard Fillmore as their representative


  4. Abraham Lincoln- from Illinois, self-made man who rose from frontier poverty to legal and political prominence
    - embodied the Republican idea of equal opportunity


  5. How were blacks still made to feel inferior?1. it was made illegal for blacks to own property in certain areas
    2. blacks still can't testify in court
    3. have curfews
    4. in order to avoid prison, blacks would sign longtime contracts to have a job like indentured servants


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