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  1. William Lloyd Garrison
  2. How are Northern blacks treated?
  3. What were the basic arguments in the 1849s?
  4. How is the Nation different after the Civil War?
  5. What were the effects of the K-N Act?
  1. a 1. Abolish slavery/abolitionism
    2. Free soil argument
  2. b - They are segregated in schools
    - Constantly ridiculed day to day
    - Denied memberships in Unions and artisan associations
    - They can't get licenses they need to operate independent businesses
  3. c 1. Publishes abolitionist newspaper - The Liberator
    2. Calls for immediate emancipation of all slaves without compensation to the owner
    3. Involved in different reform movements
  4. d - It seemed to permit slavery and that the South were given something that North wasn't.
    - showed that popular sovereignty can't solve the slavery issue
    - shatters the The Whig party and it collapses
    - helps to establish the Know-Nothings
  5. e - at least two percent of the population died
    - 100,000 people are addicted to drugs or disabled
    - the country spent around 15 billion in the war
    - South is even in more debt than before
    - the physical destruction of the South is enormous

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  1. -ratified in 1865, prohibiting slavery and involuntary servitude
  2. - Lewis Cass; Senator of Michigan; Democrat; places the sovereignty doctrine
    - described as "squatter sovereignty" meant that the settlers could vote slavery up or down at the first meeting of a territorial legislature
    - Cass doesn't know if the federal government has the right to regulate slavery;
    - Cass says if the govt. has the right to abolish slavery; they shouldn't
    - Cass wants to keep slavery out of national politics because it will tear the country and the democratic party apart
  3. - Zachary Taylor wins the Election.
    - Taylor proposes to admit California and New Mexico as free states
    - California applied for admission to the Union as a free state
    - The South hates Taylor's initial proposal because they are afraid New Mexico will be a free state as well
    - The South is afraid to become a political minority
    - Southerners accused Taylor of trying to impose the Wilmot Proviso
  4. Because they believe there will be competition for social and economic status
  5. -intended to restrict the power of the President to remove certain office-holders without the approval of the Senate.
    - enacted on March 3, 1867, over the veto of President Andrew Johnson
    - deny the president the power to remove any executive officer who had been appointed by the president, without the advice and consent of the Senate, unless the Senate approved the removal during the next full session of Congress.

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  1. Cotton Kingdom1. The number of slaves more than tripled between 1810 to 1860 to more nearly four million
    2. Cotton-growing areas of the South were becoming more and more dependent on slavery
    3. Short-staple cotton was the South's major crop
    4. The invention of the cotton gin in 1793 contributed to the rise of cotton cultivation
    5. 3/4 of the world's supply came from the American South


  2. Republicans- most of northern nativists became Republicans
    - led by professional politicians who used to be Whigs or Democrats
    - argued that the "slave power conspiracy" was a greater threat to American liberty and equality
    - supported an anti-immigrant or anti-Catholic bias


  3. What were the views on blacks and slavery?- Slavery only exists in the South but the North was just was racist
    - Very few Northerners were willing to give blacks social and economic equality
    - Working class whites resented the competition of free blacks
    - Some states prohibit blacks from moving to their states
    - Northerners were against expansion of slavery to new territories


  4. The Whigs- split on sectional lines and very dividd about the Compromise
    - They cannot come up with a party platform in 1852 b/c their beliefs weren't unified
    - tried to receive interest in the nationalist economic policies
    - upset about the influx of Catholics


  5. Why were the Confederate soldiers becoming undernourished?1. Much larger and has a huge economic advantage; 90% of America's industry
    2. Can afford to finance the war
    3. Has huge advantages in terms of transportation- railroads
    4. The South always runs out of food and can only produce cotton
    5. In terms of weaponry, the North is able to manufacture Springfield rifles; modern technology


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