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  1. Scalawags
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. What did the Confederacy do to solve the problem of the draft?
  4. What are the advantages of the North?
  5. How are the southern states readmitted into the Union?
  1. a term used to describe white southerners who were in favor of Reconstruction and the Republican Party after the Civil War...
  2. b - from Illinois, self-made man who rose from frontier poverty to legal and political prominence
    - embodied the Republican idea of equal opportunity
  3. c 1. Much larger and has a huge economic advantage; 90% of America's industry
    2. Can afford to finance the war
    3. Has huge advantages in terms of transportation- railroads
    4. The South always runs out of food and can only produce cotton
    5. In terms of weaponry, the North is able to manufacture Springfield rifles; modern technology
  4. d adopted the Conscription Bills
  5. e Lincoln uses a reconstruction process

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  1. Their focus on their anti-Catholic and anti-immigration viewpoints
  2. term the Southerners used to describe the Northerners that moved to the South during Reconstruction
  3. - Suspected fugitives were denied a jury trial, the right to testify on their own behalf, and other basic constitutional rights
    - There were no effective safeguards against falsely identifying fugitives or kidnapping free black slaves
    - If a judge decides the accused is a runaway slave, the judge receives 10 dollars; if the judge decides the accused is not a runaway slave, the judge receives 5 dollars
  4. - James Buchanan wins the Election
    - the new Republican party does extremely well and terrifies the South
    - The South wants a federal law that will protect slavery in the territories
  5. - Republican delegates called for a high protective tariff, free homesteads, and federal aid for internal improvements, esp. the transcontinental railroad
    - The South hates it all because it encourages people to move and possibly the states would be free
    - The split of the Democratic party helps Lincoln
    - Lincoln wins 39% of the vote and has the majority of the Electoral vote

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  1. Johnson's Reconstruction Plan1. will refuse to let Southern Democrats sit in Congress
    2. want to make sure the Southern planter class is
    3. Congress demands that Southern blacks have the right to vote
    4. more harsh than what Lincoln/Johnson would want


  2. States Rights1. John Calhoun argued that the National government can't pass a law that denies a citizen with their property
    2. Only a state can abolish slavery within it's borders; the federal government can't
    3. Until a territory becomes a state, it has to be open to slavery
    4. Claims that all laws that prohibit slavery are unconstitutional


  3. What does the abolishment result in?- It seemed to permit slavery and that the South were given something that North wasn't.
    - showed that popular sovereignty can't solve the slavery issue
    - shatters the The Whig party and it collapses
    - helps to establish the Know-Nothings


  4. Why was slavery viewed as a "positive good"?1. Whites said that it was the only way that blacks and whites could live harmoniously
    2. Whites had a biblical argument
    3. Whites had a historical argument and referenced Greece
    4. Whites had a racial argument, saying blacks were inferior
    4. Whites had a humanitarian argument, saying that slaves are treated better than free workers in the North
    5. Whites had a social argument, saying that the South had more stability and more control


  5. How did the North view the Court's verdict?As a land of opportunities where the hardworking could improve their social and economic status
    - Free soil would serve as a guarantee of free competition or the "right to rise"
    - But if slavery was permitted to expand, the rights of "free labor" would be denied and slaveowners would use the best land, blocking commercial and industrial development


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