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  1. redness of the skin often related to a fever
  2. the cuticle part of the nail
  3. skin pigment produced in the epidermis, screens out UV rays
  4. yellow pigment, source of vitamin A
  5. bluish discoloration of the skin caused by lack of oxygen in the blood
  6. present in the axilla, dark area around nipples, anal, and genital regions

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  1. nailspaleness of the skin caused by reduced blood flow or reduction in hemaglobin


  2. Eccrine glandresponds to increase body temp. cool the body by evaporation


  3. Functions of the Integumentary Systemprotection, body temp, excretion, synthesis of vitamin D, sensory reception


  4. Dermisouter layer of the skin has 5 layers


  5. Epidermisbottom layer of the skin has a framework of connective tissue


  6. Subcutaneous tissueloose connective and adipose tissue that holds the skin to the underlying organs


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