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  1. The Communist Manifesto
  2. proportional representation in Russia
  3. equality of result in Russia
  4. Duma
  5. kulaks
  1. a People receive the same, regardless of work or effort. Russians dislike inequality in wealth or income
  2. b Russia's lower house, the Duma, is elected only on party lists, and parties can only get seats if they receive 7% or more of the national votes.
  3. c Book written by Karl Marx stating his interpretation of history and vision for the future. He saw capitalism as an economic system that exploited workers and increased the gap between rich and poor. Believed eventually in a proletariat revolution
  4. d Peasants who resisted Stalinism
  5. e Popularly-elected lower house of the legislature

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  1. Army led by former Russian military leaders in the 1918 Civil War. They were supported by the Allied Powers.
  2. The ownership of private property and the market mechanism are replaced with the allocation of resources by the state bureaucracy.
  3. a group of revolutionary leaders who could provoke a revolution in non-capitalist Russia
  4. A term coined by economist Goldman Sachs in 2001 for the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. They held a summit in June, 2009.
  5. Led by Martov, they were communists who broke off from Lenin at the turn of the 20th century. They were generally for a larger group of revolutionaries than were the Bolsheviks.

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  1. general secretaryThird-largest party in Russia, and the most controversial... They are anti-semitic, and want to nuke Japan.


  2. Vladimir LeninOriginal leader of the Bolsheviks and first ruler of Communist Russia


  3. Gorbachev's three-pronged reform planHelped build Russia into a great empire. They took control of Poland.


  4. co-optationLenin's communist group that seized power in 1917.


  5. politburoThe group of around a dozen men who ran the country, They were the heart and soul of the Communist Party.


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