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  1. de-Stalinization
  2. bolsheviks
  3. Dmitri Medvedev
  4. Vladimir Lenin
  5. Vladimir Putin
  1. a Second president of the Russian Federation, although he stepped down after his second term, he remains an influence through his position as PM
  2. b Current president of the Russian Federation
  3. c Started by Krushchev's secret speech, this was a process that led to reforms such as loosening government censorship of the press, decentralization of economic decision-making, and restructuring of the collective farms.
  4. d Lenin's communist group that seized power in 1917.
  5. e Original leader of the Bolsheviks and first ruler of Communist Russia

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  1. An organization that weakly unites the fifteen former republics of the Soviet Union.
  2. Speech given by Krushchev in which he unveils a letter written by Lenin critical of Stalin's policies, particularly the purges
  3. The judicial branch of the Russian Federation created by the Constitution of 1993. It is made up of nineteen members appointed by the President and confirmed by the Federation Council. It is in charge of making sure laws are constitutional.
  4. Russian Tsar from 17th and 18th Centuries who was the first "Westernizer." Tried to modernize Russia on the western model
  5. Gorbachev planned to save the country through his programs of glasnost, democratization, and perestroika

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  1. WesternerRussians who want to follow the Western Model. Ex: Peter the Great


  2. cultural heterogeneity in RussiaPeople receive the same, regardless of work or effort. Russians dislike inequality in wealth or income


  3. zemstvasRegional assemblies started by Tsar Alexander II


  4. collectivizationThe collecting of private industry under government ownership and control


  5. SlavophileThe two-pronged program of collectivization and industrialization. Executed with force and brutality by central planning


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