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  1. perestroika
  2. Boris Yeltsin
  3. Nikita Krushchev
  4. The Communist Manifesto
  5. head of government
  1. a Party secretary following Stalin's demise. He started the process of de-Stalinization.
  2. b Gorbachev's economic reform that transferred many economic powers from the central government to private hands and the market economy.
  3. c Book written by Karl Marx stating his interpretation of history and vision for the future. He saw capitalism as an economic system that exploited workers and increased the gap between rich and poor. Believed eventually in a proletariat revolution
  4. d First President of the Russian Federation and former Soviet Politburo member
  5. e Prime Minister

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  1. Regional assemblies started by Tsar Alexander II
  2. Rule by a few. In Russia these few control the majority of the economy.
  3. An emphasis on freedom of speech and press started by Gorbachev
  4. "lover of Slavs," tradition leads to pride in Slavic customs etc.
  5. Stalin's ambitious goals for production in heavy industry

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  1. Federation CouncilThe upper legislative house. It was originally filled by governors and regional heads, but now the governors pick the council members. This was done in conjunction with the President being able to appoint the governors. It is made up of two members from each of the 89 administrative districts.


  2. Catherine the GreatRussian Tsar from 17th and 18th Centuries who was the first "Westernizer." Tried to modernize Russia on the western model


  3. nomenklaturaThe group of around a dozen men who ran the country, They were the heart and soul of the Communist Party.


  4. market-based socialismAllowing a significant infusion of capitalism into the socialist system.


  5. totalitarianismComplete and invasive form of rule (control all aspects of life)


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