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  1. tsars
  2. equality of result in Russia
  3. Yabloko
  4. proletariat
  5. nationality
  1. a The reformist party that best stands for pro-democracy. Led by Grigori Yavlinski, it does best with the intellectuals.
  2. b People receive the same, regardless of work or effort. Russians dislike inequality in wealth or income
  3. c The largest cleavage point in the Russian Federation, This is due to the fact that Russian territory covers so much and such diverse geography
  4. d workers
  5. e Historic autocratic rulers of Russia

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  1. The upper legislative house. It was originally filled by governors and regional heads, but now the governors pick the council members. This was done in conjunction with the President being able to appoint the governors. It is made up of two members from each of the 89 administrative districts.
  2. Rule by a few. In Russia these few control the majority of the economy.
  3. Lenin's communist group that seized power in 1917.
  4. Complete and invasive form of rule (control all aspects of life)
  5. The collecting of private industry under government ownership and control

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  1. Catherine the GreatRussian Tsar from 17th and 18th Centuries who was the first "Westernizer." Tried to modernize Russia on the western model


  2. Peter the Greatworkers


  3. proportional representation in RussiaRussian diversity increased as Russia expanded its borders. Very diverse


  4. Red ArmyArmy led by former Russian military leaders in the 1918 Civil War. They were supported by the Allied Powers.


  5. Boris YeltsinOwners of the factories and other means of production


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