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  1. Red Army
  2. Catherine the Great
  3. United Russia Party
  4. Gorbachev's three-pronged reform plan
  5. de-Stalinization
  1. a Started by Krushchev's secret speech, this was a process that led to reforms such as loosening government censorship of the press, decentralization of economic decision-making, and restructuring of the collective farms.
  2. b Gorbachev planned to save the country through his programs of glasnost, democratization, and perestroika
  3. c Founded as a merger of parties to support Putin after his election in 2000. (created in April, 2001). It is the major party in the Russian Federation.
  4. d Helped build Russia into a great empire. They took control of Poland.
  5. e Communist forces led by Lenin in the 1918 Civil War

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  1. Some regions are more powerful than others, so power is devolved unequally across the country.
  2. A powerful CPSU head
  3. First President of the Russian Federation and former Soviet Politburo member
  4. Russians would rather have a strong state to protect them over civil liberties
  5. Started by Lenin in 1920, it allowed for private ownership under centralized leadership.

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  1. equality of result in RussiaPeople receive the same, regardless of work or effort. Russians dislike inequality in wealth or income


  2. Slavophile"lover of Slavs," tradition leads to pride in Slavic customs etc.


  3. proportional representation in RussiaRussia's lower house, the Duma, is elected only on party lists, and parties can only get seats if they receive 7% or more of the national votes.


  4. collectivizationLarge farms owned and run by the state


  5. state corporatismGovernment control of organizations, the government is "channeling" the voice of the people. Interest groups are controlled by the government.


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