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Government and Politics in Russia Packet Vocab Test

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  1. Red Army
  2. Boris Berezovsky
  3. federal government structure
  4. democratic centralism
  5. Dmitri Medvedev
  1. a rule by a few for the good of the many
  2. b Russian who became a rich Oligarch by buying up Russian industries after the fall of Communism and the beginning of "shock therapy." He was exiled by the Russian government.
  3. c Government with regional and centralized components.
  4. d Communist forces led by Lenin in the 1918 Civil War
  5. e Current president of the Russian Federation

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  1. Stalin's ambitious goals for production in heavy industry
  2. Peasants who resisted Stalinism
  3. Russians did not generally have a lot of privacy free of state control, unlike the West. There are a limited number of private organizations.
  4. President, this is a strong position in the Russian Government.
  5. Original leader of the Bolsheviks and first ruler of Communist Russia

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  1. MensheviksLenin's communist group that seized power in 1917.


  2. Liberal DemocratsThird-largest party in Russia, and the most controversial... They are anti-semitic, and want to nuke Japan.


  3. Federation CouncilThe largest cleavage point in the Russian Federation, This is due to the fact that Russian territory covers so much and such diverse geography


  4. politburoThe group of around a dozen men who ran the country, They were the heart and soul of the Communist Party.


  5. Crimean WarRussia was defeated in this war in the mid-1800s. It convinced many that the tsars were moving Russia backward and needed reform.


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