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  1. proletariat
  2. totalitarianism
  3. Dmitri Medvedev
  4. head of government
  5. de-Stalinization
  1. a Current president of the Russian Federation
  2. b Complete and invasive form of rule (control all aspects of life)
  3. c workers
  4. d Started by Krushchev's secret speech, this was a process that led to reforms such as loosening government censorship of the press, decentralization of economic decision-making, and restructuring of the collective farms.
  5. e Prime Minister

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  1. Those foreign countries that are close to Russia, particularly former Warsaw Pact and USSR members.
  2. allocation of power throughout various political, social, and economic institutions
  3. Original leader of the Bolsheviks and first ruler of Communist Russia
  4. China's version of communism; it shares Marx's vision of equality and cooperation, but believes strongly in preserving China's peasant-based economy.
  5. A powerful CPSU head

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  1. Gennady ZyuganovLeader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation


  2. Boris BerezovskyFirst President of the Russian Federation and former Soviet Politburo member


  3. YablokoThe reformist party that best stands for pro-democracy. Led by Grigori Yavlinski, it does best with the intellectuals.


  4. politburoMembers of the Russian aristocracy


  5. Decembrist RevoltRevolt by workers in 1825 resulting from frustration in the working class. It was crushed by Tsar Nicholas I


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