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  1. Maoism
  2. Federation Council
  3. Yabloko
  4. Westerner
  5. decrees
  1. a Orders from the President or leader.
  2. b The reformist party that best stands for pro-democracy. Led by Grigori Yavlinski, it does best with the intellectuals.
  3. c China's version of communism; it shares Marx's vision of equality and cooperation, but believes strongly in preserving China's peasant-based economy.
  4. d Russians who want to follow the Western Model. Ex: Peter the Great
  5. e The upper legislative house. It was originally filled by governors and regional heads, but now the governors pick the council members. This was done in conjunction with the President being able to appoint the governors. It is made up of two members from each of the 89 administrative districts.

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  1. Peasants who resisted Stalinism
  2. Russians did not generally have a lot of privacy free of state control, unlike the West. There are a limited number of private organizations.
  3. Historic autocratic rulers of Russia
  4. Founded as a merger of parties to support Putin after his election in 2000. (created in April, 2001). It is the major party in the Russian Federation.
  5. Army led by former Russian military leaders in the 1918 Civil War. They were supported by the Allied Powers.

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  1. head of governmentPrime Minister


  2. StalinismThe two-pronged program of collectivization and industrialization. Executed with force and brutality by central planning


  3. zemstvasRegional assemblies started by Tsar Alexander II


  4. Gorbachev's three-pronged reform planGorbachev planned to save the country through his programs of glasnost, democratization, and perestroika


  5. Russian Orthodox ChurchThe state church in Russia that was controlled by the tsars.


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