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  1. Dmitri Medvedev
  2. collectivization
  3. Decembrist Revolt
  4. totalitarianism
  5. social mobility
  1. a Revolt by workers in 1825 resulting from frustration in the working class. It was crushed by Tsar Nicholas I
  2. b the ability for individuals to change their social status over the course of their lifetimes
  3. c The collecting of private industry under government ownership and control
  4. d Complete and invasive form of rule (control all aspects of life)
  5. e Current president of the Russian Federation

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  1. The largely Muslim population of this region in the Caucasus has been fighting for its independence
  2. Russians did not generally have a lot of privacy free of state control, unlike the West. There are a limited number of private organizations.
  3. Started by Krushchev's secret speech, this was a process that led to reforms such as loosening government censorship of the press, decentralization of economic decision-making, and restructuring of the collective farms.
  4. Created the publicly-elected office of President, held in check by the Duma. It created a three-branch government. It is a semipresidential system and has a Constitutional Court
  5. Regional assemblies started by Tsar Alexander II

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  1. general secretaryA powerful CPSU head


  2. MensheviksLed by Martov, they were communists who broke off from Lenin at the turn of the 20th century. They were generally for a larger group of revolutionaries than were the Bolsheviks.


  3. oligarchyRule by a few. In Russia these few control the majority of the economy.


  4. head of governmentPresident, this is a strong position in the Russian Government.


  5. Marxism-LeninismThe communist political ideology that gave legitimacy to the rule of the Communist Party. It combined Marxism with Lenin's democratic centralism


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