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  1. civil society in Russia
  2. Vladimir Zhirinovsky
  3. politburo
  4. CPRF
  5. near abroad
  1. a The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, it is the second-strongest party. The party emphasizes centralized planning and nationalism, and implies an intention to regain territories lost when the Soviet Union broke apart.
  2. b Those foreign countries that are close to Russia, particularly former Warsaw Pact and USSR members.
  3. c Russians did not generally have a lot of privacy free of state control, unlike the West. There are a limited number of private organizations.
  4. d The group of around a dozen men who ran the country, They were the heart and soul of the Communist Party.
  5. e Leader of the Liberal Democrats

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  1. The largely Muslim population of this region in the Caucasus has been fighting for its independence
  2. Historic autocratic rulers of Russia
  3. Communist forces led by Lenin in the 1918 Civil War
  4. Regional assemblies started by Tsar Alexander II
  5. The largest cleavage point in the Russian Federation, This is due to the fact that Russian territory covers so much and such diverse geography

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  1. StalinismThe ideas of communism created by Karl Marx. It predicted the demise of the capitalist West.


  2. perestroikaGorbachev's economic reform that transferred many economic powers from the central government to private hands and the market economy.


  3. Russian Orthodox ChurchThe state church in Russia that was controlled by the tsars.


  4. statism in RussiaOriginal leader of the Bolsheviks and first ruler of Communist Russia


  5. Confederation of Independent StatesCreated the publicly-elected office of President, held in check by the Duma. It created a three-branch government. It is a semipresidential system and has a Constitutional Court


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