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  1. trachea
  2. solute
  3. hydrogen bond
  4. villi
  5. reactant
  1. a A type of weak chemical bond formed when the slightly positive hydrogen atom of a polar covalent bond in one molecule is attracted to the slightly negative atom of a polar covalent bond in another molecule
  2. b A substance that is dissolved in a solution
  3. c A starting material in a chemical reaction
  4. d conveys air to and from the lungs
  5. e A fingerlike projection of the inner surface of the small intestin

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  1. not important; contains a mass of white blood cells that helps with immunity
  2. In nutrition, a chemical element other than hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen that an organism requires for proper body functioning
  3. One of several organic compounds with the same molecular formula but different structures and therefore different properties
  4. A homogeneous, liquid mixture of two or more substances
  5. Compounds resulting from the formation of ionic bonds, also called an ionic compound

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  1. chemical bondAn attraction between two atoms resulting from a sharing of outer-shell electrons or the presence of opposite charges on the atoms; the bonded atoms gain complete outer electron shells


  2. macromoleculeA molecule (such as water) with opposite charges on opposite sides


  3. double helixA long molecule consisting of many similar or identical monomers linked together


  4. electron shellThe specific portion of an enzyme that attaches to the substrate by means of weak chemical bonds


  5. tertiary structureThe localized, repetitive coiling or folding of the polypeptide backbone of a protein due to hydrogen bond formation between peptide linkages


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