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  1. amino
  2. adhesion
  3. energy of activation
  4. liver
  5. pharynx
  1. a makes sure food goes down digestive tract and air into the esophagus
  2. b A functional group that consists of a nitrogen atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms; can act as a base in solution, accepting a hydrogen ion and acquiring a charge of +1
  3. c The attraction between different kinds of molecules
  4. d processes the products of digestion into substances useful to the body, neutralizes harmful substances in the blood, secretes bile for digestion of fats, synthesizes plasma proteins, stores things.
  5. e The amount of energy that reactants must absorb before a chemical reaction will start

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  1. An organic molecule possessing both carboxyl and amino groups
  2. The process of breaking down food into molecules small enough for the body to absorb
  3. Pertaining to fats and fatty acids whose hydrocarbon chains lack the maximum number of hydrogen atoms and therefore have one or more double covalent bonds
  4. A chemical process that lyses, or splits, molecules by the addition of water; an essential process in digestion
  5. A starting material in a chemical reaction

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  1. quaternary structureThe particular shape of a complex, aggregate protein, defined by the characteristic three-dimensional arrangement of its constituent subunits, each a polypeptide


  2. anusA substance that increases the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution


  3. chemical reactionA process leading to chemical changes in matter; involves the making and/or breaking of chemical bonds


  4. saltCompounds resulting from the formation of ionic bonds, also called an ionic compound


  5. radioactive isotopeA double sugar, consisting of two monosaccharides joined by dehydration synthesis


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