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  1. En face du guichet.
  2. Ça m'embête!
  3. En bas.
  4. Ça me casse les pieds!
  5. Au premier étage.
  1. a On the second floor.
  2. b That bores me!
  3. c That's so boring/annoying!
  4. d Downstairs.
  5. e Across from..

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  1. Right there, next to the stairs.
  2. On the ground floor.
  3. Isn't it great!
  4. You know where the bathroom is?
  5. It's boring.

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  1. A l'entrée de...At the entrance of....


  2. Au fond.Upstairs.


  3. Ça m'ennuie à mourir!That bores me to death!


  4. fou (foulle)Towards the back.


  5. rigolo (rigolote)crazy, funny


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