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  1. Ce que c'est bien!
  2. Juste là, à côté de l'escalier.
  3. bébé
  4. Au premier étage.
  5. fou (foulle)
  1. a crazy, funny
  2. b Isn't it great!
  3. c Right there, next to the stairs.
  4. d childish, stupid
  5. e On the second floor.

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  1. Pardon, where is the elevator?
  2. I'm crazy about that! (It plugs me in)
  3. deadly boring
  4. funny, hysterical
  5. It's boring.

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  1. Au fond.Towards the back.


  2. En bas.Downstairs.


  3. dinguechildish, stupid


  4. Au rez-de-chaussée.On the ground floor.


  5. Vous pourriez me dire où couloir.Over there, at the end of the hallway.


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