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  1. ratio
  2. contrapositive
  3. HL theorem
  4. transversal
  5. trapezoid
  1. a a comparison of two numbers using division
  2. b quad that has one pair of parallel sides
  3. c a line that crosses at least two lines at different points
  4. d hypotenuse-leg, used to prove two right triangles congruent
  5. e switching and then negating the hypothesis and the conclusion

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. mid point on a line
  2. a quad w/ all 4 sides congruent
  3. a quad with four right angles
  4. line that cuts an angle in half
  5. a trapezoid in which the legs are congruent

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  1. similar polygonsa correspondence between their vertices such that corresponding angles are congruent and the measures of corresponding sides are proportional


  2. inversenegating both the hypothesis and the conclusion


  3. bisectorline that cuts an angle in half


  4. medianmid point on a line


  5. Linear Paira pair of adjacent angles whose uncommon sides are opposite rays


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