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  1. wellness
  2. release glucose
  3. body composition
  4. weakening the immune system
  5. biofeedback
  1. a what involves monitoring physical stress response
  2. b how does stress causes cancer
  3. c What is the optimal soundness of body and mind
  4. d what is one of the primary functions of cortisol?
  5. e __________defined as the relative amounts of lean and fat tissue in the body

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  1. leukemias cause an increase in what?
  2. how many amino acids are considered essential
  3. what is the state of stress-induced physical and mental exhaustion called?
  4. what is the stress management technique that identifies muscular tension and releases it one muscle group at a time
  5. what describes how the body responds to stress when homeostasis is disrupted?

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  1. essential fatskeletal muscles are under what control?


  2. stress(T or F) Distress is negative stress


  3. body fat percentagefrom a health standpoint ______ ___ _________ is more important than body weight


  4. overload principlethe pressure exerted on the wall of the blood vessels is known as


  5. BMIhow many amino acids are considered essential


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