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  1. allostasis
  2. interconnected
  3. 3500
  4. resistant to insulin
  5. Frequency, Intensity, time type
  1. a what are the simultaneous changes that occur in the body to maintain homeostasis?
  2. b the 6 dimensions of wellness are ____________
  3. c a pound of fat has how many calories?
  4. d what are the components of the FITT formula
  5. e what does type2 diabetes do to your body?

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  1. the pressure exerted on the wall of the blood vessels is known as
  2. from a health standpoint ______ ___ _________ is more important than body weight
  3. overall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______
  4. ______________ is the minimal amount of fat needed for normal physiological function
  5. hypokinetic disease are disesas caused by _________

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  1. refined carbohydrateswhat reduces your cells sensitivity to insulin?


  2. ballistic stretchingstretching with a jerking bouncing movement is known as what?


  3. benignwhat is a non-cancerous tumor called?


  4. body fatwhat is the state of stress-induced physical and mental exhaustion called?


  5. BMIwhat incorporates height and weight to estimate weight classification


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