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  1. wellness
  2. osteoporosis
  3. hodgkins and non-hodgkins
  4. true
  5. body fat
  1. a what disease is associated with low calcium intake?
  2. b What is the optimal soundness of body and mind
  3. c what are the two main types of lymphomas called?
  4. d (T or F) it is realistic to anticipate that problems will occur when first starting an exercise program
  5. e increased levels of ______ ___ put and individual at risk for diabetes

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  1. how many amino acids are there
  2. which women are at greatest risk for osteoporosis?
  3. hypokinetic disease are disesas caused by _________
  4. how does stress causes cancer
  5. what does a malignant tumor need to grow?

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  1. cancer(T or F) In order to lose weight, an individual should strive to achieve a positive caloric balance


  2. ballistic stretchingstretching with a jerking bouncing movement is known as what?


  3. post traumatic stress disorderhow is blood pressure represented?


  4. jointswhere are complementary proteins found?


  5. release glucoseoverall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______


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