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  1. cancer
  2. blood pressure
  3. glycemic index
  4. body fat percentage
  5. interconnected
  1. a from a health standpoint ______ ___ _________ is more important than body weight
  2. b what is the second leading cause of death in the US?
  3. c what measures the rate at which foods raise blood sugar levels?
  4. d the pressure exerted on the wall of the blood vessels is known as
  5. e the 6 dimensions of wellness are ____________

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  1. what does type2 diabetes do to your body?
  2. (T or F) Distress is negative stress
  3. what does a malignant tumor need to grow?
  4. what are the components of the FITT formula
  5. what does arthritis affect?

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  1. post-menopausalwhat disease is associated with low calcium intake?


  2. 12the majority of americans with diabetes have which type?


  3. 9the majority of americans with diabetes have which type?


  4. energywhat is a non-cancerous tumor called?


  5. progressive muscle relaxation__________defined as the relative amounts of lean and fat tissue in the body


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