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  1. cardiovascular disease
  2. whole grains
  3. progressive muscle relaxation
  4. post traumatic stress disorder
  5. release glucose
  1. a what is the stress management technique that identifies muscular tension and releases it one muscle group at a time
  2. b what is the leading cause of death in the united states?
  3. c overall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______
  4. d what is an individual's response to stress in severe cases called?
  5. e what is one of the primary functions of cortisol?

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  1. to train at a level that is greater than what your body is accustomed to is called __________
  2. how is blood pressure represented?
  3. a pound of fat has how many calories?
  4. what measures the rate at which foods raise blood sugar levels?
  5. what describes how the body responds to stress when homeostasis is disrupted?

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  1. allostasiswhat is the biggest impediment to academic success?


  2. adding hydrogen atoms to unsaturated oilhow are trans fats produced?


  3. blood pressurethe pressure exerted on the wall of the blood vessels is known as


  4. 9how many amino acids are considered essential


  5. osteoporosiswhat are the simultaneous changes that occur in the body to maintain homeostasis?


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