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  1. joints
  2. training effect
  3. plants
  4. lean tissue is a better conductor than fat
  5. 20
  1. a what does arthritis affect?
  2. b a change in the body that occurs as a result of exercise training is known as the training effect
  3. c where are complementary proteins found?
  4. d how many amino acids are there
  5. e bioelectrical impedance is based on the principle _____________________________________________

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  1. overall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______
  2. what are the 6 stages of change?
  3. leukemias cause an increase in what?
  4. What is the optimal soundness of body and mind
  5. skeletal muscles are under what control?

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  1. hodgkins and non-hodgkinswhat does a malignant tumor need to grow?


  2. refined carbohydrateswhat reduces your cells sensitivity to insulin?


  3. HDL cholesterolwhat is the fastest growing chronic disease


  4. false(T or F) Distress is negative stress


  5. Burnout(T or F) Distress is negative stress


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