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  1. Bicameral
  2. Louis XV
  3. Commune
  4. Charlotte Corday
  5. Louis XIV
  1. a Built many cultural aspects, very famous for Versailles. Part of the Bourbon family...ladies man
  2. b assassinated Jean-Paul Marat b/c she is convinced that the Jacobins are destroying France
  3. c Louis XIV's grandson, remembered for being a very lazy king. Got france involved in many religious wars, he ran the country dry from the lavish lifestyle he was living
  4. d composed of two legislative bodies
  5. e community of people living together, sharing everything

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  1. brought France back to rule
  2. 5 co directors
  3. The meeting of party delegates every four years to choose a presidential ticket and write the party's platform.
  4. willing to accept Louis as a constitutional monarch
  5. Napoleon's policy of preventing trade between Great Britain and continental Europe, intended to destroy Great Britain's economy.

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  1. Reign of TerrorJuly 1793-1794; neighbor turns on neighbor; anything said turns against oneself and usually ends up getting them guillotined. most people killed were from the 3rd estate


  2. "Old Regime"This was a political party within the National Convention named because the people that made up this party sat on the highest benches in the assembly hall. These people were the activists within the Convention. The Mountain worried that the Girondists would become conservative because of their already moderate beliefs. Although they were in competition with each other, the Mountain eventually won due to their alliance with the Sans-Culottes, resulting in a more radical group of people. The mountains believed in equal outcome.


  3. Dictatorship5 co directors


  4. Civil Code/Napoleonic Codeassassinated Jean-Paul Marat b/c she is convinced that the Jacobins are destroying France


  5. ReactionariesExtremists who oppose a change and want to turn the clock back to the time before certain changes occurred


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