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  1. Electors
  2. George Jacques Danton
  3. Sans-culottes
  4. Commune
  5. Conscription (Draft)
  1. a members of a party chosen in each state to formally elect the president and vice president
  2. b community of people living together, sharing everything
  3. c leader of the Jacobins and charges
  4. d in the French Revolution, a radical group made up of Parisian wage-earners, and small shopkeepers who wanted a greater voice in government, lower prices, and an end of food shortages
  5. e required enrollment into the military

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  1. assassinated Jean-Paul Marat b/c she is convinced that the Jacobins are destroying France
  2. inherits the country on the verge of it collapsing; VERY POOR KING-did not do his job; had no interest in anything political, would have rather been a locksmith. married Marie Antionette at a very young age
  3. liberty, equality, fraternity
  4. a vast panic that spread quickly through France in 1789; peasant rebellions bacame part of the Great Fear; citizens, fearing invasion by foreign troops that would support the French monarchy, formed militias
  5. sided with Napoleon against the British

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  1. Estates-Generalcomposed of two legislative bodies


  2. Olympe de GougeExpression of the people's will by direct ballot


  3. Reign of TerrorExtremists who oppose a change and want to turn the clock back to the time before certain changes occurred


  4. Napoleon Bonaparteruler of france from 1799-1815; made many promises to France that he would fix all their problems, almost like a dictatorship. he takes advantage of the open slot for a leader that France has


  5. National AssemblyThe meeting of party delegates every four years to choose a presidential ticket and write the party's platform.


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