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  1. The Great Fear
  2. Reactionaries
  3. Conscription (Draft)
  4. Unicameral
  5. Marie Antoinette
  1. a King Louis' wife, austrian, loathed by the country. very oblivious. "Hamlet of Marie Antionette"
  2. b required enrollment into the military
  3. c a vast panic that spread quickly through France in 1789; peasant rebellions bacame part of the Great Fear; citizens, fearing invasion by foreign troops that would support the French monarchy, formed militias
  4. d Extremists who oppose a change and want to turn the clock back to the time before certain changes occurred
  5. e composed of one legislative body

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  1. states the general belief of how France should treat its people-similar to our declaration.
  2. didn't have a side, could be either Jacobin or Girondist
  3. spread word that EVERY possible thing that could go wrong was Louis fault. National assembly wants him to shut up, so he hid in the sewers and developed nasty skin condition
  4. talented, educated, skilled middle class men. some want to participate in government but cannot because they are not born into nobility
  5. 5 co directors

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  1. conservativeForm of government which followed the directory -established by Napoleon-ended when Napoleon was crowned emperor.


  2. Civil Code/Napoleonic Codecancels the ''birth'' factor of jobs(just b/c you weren't born in 1st class doesn't mean you can't run for office anymore)


  3. slogan of french rev.liberty, equality, fraternity


  4. National ConventionFrench Revolutionary assembly (1789-1791). Called first as the Estates General, the three estates came together and demanded radical change. It passed the Declaration of the Rights of Man in 1789. (p. 585)


  5. Louis XVIinherits the country on the verge of it collapsing; VERY POOR KING-did not do his job; had no interest in anything political, would have rather been a locksmith. married Marie Antionette at a very young age


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