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  1. Louis XV
  2. Liberal
  3. M. Robespierre
  4. Consulate
  5. Unicameral
  1. a Louis XIV's grandson, remembered for being a very lazy king. Got france involved in many religious wars, he ran the country dry from the lavish lifestyle he was living
  2. b Form of government which followed the directory -established by Napoleon-ended when Napoleon was crowned emperor.
  3. c having political or social views favoring reform and progress
  4. d "man that can do no wrong" "incorruptible", incredible speaking skills, most virtuous man alive, drove the revolution off the cliff. after passed was questioned to be mentally ill
  5. e composed of one legislative body

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  1. Napoleon's policy of preventing trade between Great Britain and continental Europe, intended to destroy Great Britain's economy.
  2. This was a political party within the National Convention named because the people that made up this party sat on the highest benches in the assembly hall. These people were the activists within the Convention. The Mountain worried that the Girondists would become conservative because of their already moderate beliefs. Although they were in competition with each other, the Mountain eventually won due to their alliance with the Sans-Culottes, resulting in a more radical group of people. The mountains believed in equal outcome.
  3. 12 members, led by Robespierre; 2 primary duties: 1. defend France from those who would seek to stop the revolution.. 2. create a ''republic of virtue''
  4. July 1793-1794; neighbor turns on neighbor; anything said turns against oneself and usually ends up getting them guillotined. most people killed were from the 3rd estate
  5. inherits the country on the verge of it collapsing; VERY POOR KING-did not do his job; had no interest in anything political, would have rather been a locksmith. married Marie Antionette at a very young age

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  1. National ConventionThe meeting of party delegates every four years to choose a presidential ticket and write the party's platform.


  2. conservativea person who believes government power, particularly in the economy, should be limited in order to maximize individual freedom


  3. Guillotinea new type of killing system created by Dr.Guillotine, nothing has turned around for them so this is what they turned too


  4. Electors5 co directors


  5. Civil Code/Napoleonic Codecancels the ''birth'' factor of jobs(just b/c you weren't born in 1st class doesn't mean you can't run for office anymore)


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