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  1. Central figure in Christianity
  2. Place where first civilizations began...
  3. Country Obama is sending 30,000 more troops
  4. Where is the Fertile Crescent?
  5. Five Pillars are...
  1. a
  2. b Afghanistan
  3. c Fasting, Prayer, Go to Mecca, One God, Give to the Poor
  4. d Iraq
  5. e
    fertile crescent

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  1. Janjaweed

  2. Spain
  3. Everything you have, think and do

  4. Greece

  5. Kaaba

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  1. What were the 5 themes of geography?Military/Roads/Government


  2. Name of European time period called the rebirthRenaissance


  3. number of people that died from the plagueJudaism, Christianity, Islam


  4. Strengths of Romans?Military/Roads/Government


  5. Enemy of IsraelEverything you have, think and do


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