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  1. Who Conquistadors dominated...
  2. Jesus
  3. Central figure in Christianity
  4. Disease spread by rats and fleas
  5. Order of middle east religions
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
    Central Figure in Christianity
  4. d Judaism, Christianity, Islam
  5. e Incas

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  1. Fasting, Prayer, Go to Mecca, One God, Give to the Poor

  2. Relative and Absolute

  3. Bible

  4. Spain

  5. East and West

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  1. Strengths of Romans?Military/Roads/Government


  2. Judaism
    Central Figure in Christianity


  3. Country where invisible children were fromAfghanistan


  4. Birthplace of modern civilization
    Relative and Absolute


  5. Order of European time periods...Greece,Rome,Middle Ages, Renaissance, Enlightenment


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