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  1. heinous
  2. imperiously
  3. mottled
  4. fiend
  5. sober
  1. a evil spirit or demon; wicked person
  2. b totally reprehensible; hateful; odious
  3. c arrogantly domineering; overbearing
  4. d quiet or sedate in manner; temperate
  5. e spotted or blotched

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  1. peculiarity; eccentricity
  2. messenger, agent
  3. desire to inflict harm with evil intent
  4. to perplex or confuse
  5. accustomed; custom, habit

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  1. enmitydeep rooted, often mutual hatred


  2. grotesqueoutlandish or bizarre as in character or behavior


  3. derogatorydisparaging; belittle


  4. rostrumbitter conflict; struggle or clash


  5. perusehearty enjoyment; zest


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