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  1. edifice
  2. aphorisms
  3. digress
  4. incognito
  5. rail (v.)
  1. a to stray away from the main topic
  2. b large building or organization
  3. c short statements of truth
  4. d to utter bitter complaint
  5. e with concealed identity

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  1. twisted out of shape
  2. advantage or superiority
  3. incapable of being affected
  4. to perplex or confuse
  5. in a hostile or stubborn manner

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  1. extortionoppressive or illegal means of


  2. mordantlysharply caustic; sarcastic


  3. aloofunconcerned


  4. hoverto remain floating or lingering in a certain place


  5. balesmoothly polite


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