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  1. decrepit
  2. entreat
  3. masque
  4. supposition
  5. mirth
  1. a broken down; weakened by age
  2. b masked ball; aristocratic entertainment
  3. c to earnestly ask for; beg or implore
  4. d laughter; light-hearted amusement
  5. e something that is assumed

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  1. praise in writing of a deceases person
  2. resting; lying down; idle
  3. to lessen fear or doubt
  4. used to something unpleasant due to prolonged exposure
  5. in detail

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  1. loathlaughter; light-hearted amusement


  2. tediousnesslong and tiresome


  3. bellicosewarlike; pugnacious


  4. mottledto remain floating or lingering in a certain place


  5. presageact or decision serving as a rule or pattern


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