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  1. Conifers
  2. stamen
  3. Gnetophytes
  4. xylem
  5. rhizoid
  1. a Shrubs that grow in dry areas
  2. b a rootlike structure in nonvascular plants that holds the plants in place & helps plants get water & nutrients.
  3. c The largest group
  4. d the type of tissue in vascular plants that provides support & conducts water & nutrients from the roots.
  5. e the male reproductive structure of a flower that produces pollen & consists of an anther at the tip of a filament.

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  1. the tissue that conducts food in vascular plants.
  2. a flowering plant that produces seeds within a fruit.
  3. a horizontal, underground stem that produces new leaves, shoots, & roots.
  4. in a flower, one of the outer most rings of modified leaves that protect the flower bud.
  5. Grow in the tropics

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  1. GingkoesOnly one living species


  2. pollinationthe tiny granules that contain the male gametophyte of seed plants.


  3. ovaryGrow in the tropics


  4. pistilone of the ring or rings of the usually brightly colored, leaf- shaped parts of a flower.


  5. nonvascular planta plant that has specialized tissues that conduct materials from one part of the plant to another.


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