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  1. Cycads
  2. pistil
  3. vascular plant
  4. nonvascular plant
  5. xylem
  1. a Grow in the tropics
  2. b the type of tissue in vascular plants that provides support & conducts water & nutrients from the roots.
  3. c a plant that has specialized tissues that conduct materials from one part of the plant to another.
  4. d the female reproductive part of a flower that produces seeds & consists of an ovary, style,& stigma.
  5. e the three groups of plants (liveworts, hornworts,&mosses) that lack specialized conducting tissues & true roots, stems,&leaves.

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  1. one of the ring or rings of the usually brightly colored, leaf- shaped parts of a flower.
  2. The largest group
  3. 2 groups of seedless plants
  4. in flowering plants, the lower part of a pistil that produces eggs in ovules.
  5. the tiny granules that contain the male gametophyte of seed plants.

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  1. pollinationthe transfer of pollen from the male reproductive structures to the female structures of seed plants.


  2. gymnosperma flowering plant that produces seeds within a fruit.


  3. spealin a flower, one of the outer most rings of modified leaves that protect the flower bud.


  4. stamenthe male reproductive structure of a flower that produces pollen & consists of an anther at the tip of a filament.


  5. phloemthe tissue that conducts food in vascular plants.


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