AP US History 19-21 Test Questions

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Questions for the 19-21 test on Tuesday

For a majority of northerners, the most outrageous part of the Supreme Court's ruling in the Dred Scott case was

1. was that Congress had never had the power to prohibit slavery in any territory.

In his raid on Harpers Ferry, John Brown intended to

2. John Brown intended to foment a slave rebellion.

President James Buchanan declined to use force to keep the South in the Union because

3. Northern public opinion would not support it, the army was needed to control Indians in the West, and a slim chance of reconciliation remained.

European powers favored a civil war in the United States because

because war would weaken the United States' power in the Western Hemisphere.

Confederate batteries fired on Fort Sumter when it was learned that

Lincoln had ordered supplies sent to the fort

in return for support from the Plains Indians during the Civil War, the Union

The union waged war on them and herded them into reservations

Lincoln's plan for the besieged federal forces in Fort Sumter was

To provision the garrison but not to reinforce it.

The firing on Fort Sumter had the effect of

Arousing northern support for a war to put down the south's rebellion

Lincoln at first declared that the war was being fought

Only to save the union and not to free the slaves

The term "Butternut region" refers to

The areas of southern Ohio, Indiana and Illinois that opposed an antislavery war and tied many southern sympathizers.

Among the potential advantages the COnfederacy possessed at the beginning of the Civil War

Better trained officers and soldiers than the north's

Among the potential advantages the Union possessed at the beginning of the Civil War

A continuing influx of immigrant manpower from europe

The response to the Civil War in Europe was

Support for the south among the upper classes and for the north among the working classes

The South's weapon of "King Cotton" failed to draw Britain into the war on the side of the Confederacy because

The British found sufficient cotton from previous stockpiles and from other sources like Egypt and India

Lincoln argued that his assertion of executive power and suspension of certain civil liberties was justified because

It was necessary to set aside small provisions of the constitution in order to save the union

The new millionaires who emerged in the North during the Civil War

Made their fortunes by providing poorly made 'shoddy' goods to the union armies

Women made particular advances during the Civil War by

Entering industrial employment and providing medical aid for soldiers on both sides

Suspension of the writ of habeas corpus for all people living between Washington and Philadelphia provides evidence of

presidential power increased during the Civil War

Officially, the Emancipation Proclamation freed only

Slaves in those confederate states still in rebellion

The political effects of the Emancipation Proclamation were

To strengthen the North's moral cause but weaken the Lincoln administration in the border states and parts of the north

Lee's goals in invading the North in the summer of 1863 were

To strengthen the northern peace movement and encourage foreign intervention in the war

Grant's capture of Vicksburg was especially important because

It quelled Northern peace agitation and cut off the confederate trade route along the msisissippi

The "Copperheads" were

Northerner democrats who opposed the union War effort.

Lincoln's election victory in 1864 was sealed by Union military successes at

Mobile, Atlanta, and the Shenandoah valley

Sherman's march "from Atlanta to the sea" was especially notable for

Its brutal use of total war tactics of destruction and pillaging against southern civilian populations

The content of the COnstitution of the Confederate States of America indicated that a major difference between the South and the North concerned the understanding of

the federal relationship of the states and the national government

Sea power played an especially important role in the Civil War in the form of the

Union blockade of the Confederate coast

In foreign affairs, President Lincoln's most significant achievement was his success in

restraining foreign powers from recognizing the Confederacy

States that sold public lands granted to them under the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 were required to use the income to

promote public education in agriculture

What was Jefferson Davis' central problem?

in a society that prized states' rights, Davis had to centralize authority

The Battle of Gettysburg was significant because it

inflicted a major loss on General Lee's army

To find effective high-level commanders, the Union

the Union used trial and error.

The greatest weakness of the South during the Civil War was its


Confederate commerce-raiders such as the Alabama

Proved effective against union shipping

The Battle of Antietam was particularly crucial because it

It prevented British and French recognition of the Confederacy

African Americans who fought for the Union Army

Served bravely and suffered extremely high casualties

What were the border states?

The border states were the states that weren't Free or Slave states but allowed slavery and belonged to the Union. They were Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, and Delaware.

One effect of the first Battle of Bull Run was

To increase the south's already dangerous overconfidence

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