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  1. Compared to a normal diaphragm, contraction of a diaphragm that is low and flat may result in which of the following?
  2. Which of the following parts of the sternum marks the level of the carina?
  3. What does the "pump handle" movement of rib pairs 2 through 7 achieve?
  4. Which of the following structures is an important landmark during the insertion of a tube in the trachea?
  5. What is the narrowest portion of the airway in the adult larynx?
  1. a Vallecula
  2. b Compression of the thoracic cavity
  3. c Angle of Louis
  4. d Glottis
  5. e Increase in the anteroposterior diameter of the chest

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  1. It receives blood from right and left ventricles
  2. I and II: Norepinephrine, Acetylcholine
  3. carina
  4. Pseudostratified, ciliated columnar with mucous-secreting glands
  5. Reduces frictions

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  1. What is the term for the impedance to ventilation caused by the movement of gas through the conducting system of the lungs?Airway resistance


  2. A rapid, shallow breathing index >100 on mechanically ventilated patients is associated with which of the following?carina


  3. Running vertically down each hemithorax anteriorly is an imaginary line that is used as an anatomical landmark. What is that line called?Glottis


  4. What is the leaf-shaped cartilage that extends from the base of the tongue and is attached by ligaments to the thyroid cartilage?Glottis


  5. Which of the following pressure gradients is responsible for the actual flow of gas into and out of the lungs during breathing?I and IV: alveolar pressure (P alv) pleural pressure (P pl)


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