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  1. What is the space that separates the true vocal cords?
  2. Running vertically down each hemithorax anteriorly is an imaginary line that is used as an anatomical landmark. What is that line called?
  3. Which of the following are considered accessory muscles of respiration?
  4. Which of the following is the function of the surfactant?
  5. Which of the following areas is the most ineffective for lung clearance?
  1. a Acinus
  2. b I, II, IV: Sternomastoids, Pectoralis major, Abdominals [NOT trapezius]
  3. c Lower surface tension
  4. d Glottis
  5. e Midclavicular line

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  1. Laryngospasm
  2. The more elastic the lung, the less its compliance
  3. Transpulmonary pressure gradient (Palv-P pl)
  4. Soft tissue obstruction
  5. I and III: delivers oxygenated blood back the heart, empties into the left atrium

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  1. When a COPD patient leans forward braced in a tripod position, this lends particular advantage to which accessory muscles of inspiration?I II III IV: They originate from spinal nerves C3 to C5, They enter the chest in front of the scalenus muscle, They are sandwiched between subclavian arteries and veins, Nerve injury is associated paralysis of the diaphragm.


  2. Which of the following terms defines the amount of gas the lung contains after a maximal inspiratory effort?TLC Total Lung Capacity


  3. If an endotracheal tube is inserted too far in the process of intubation, its tip is more likely to enter the left bronchus?Autonomic nervous system


  4. What does the "pump handle" movement of rib pairs 2 through 7 achieve?Increase in the anteroposterior diameter of the chest


  5. What is the normal CLT?0.1 L/cm H2O


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