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  1. Which of the following is the function of the turbinate's?
  2. By what mechanism does gas exchange across the lung occur?
  3. What is the term that describes the presence of fluid in the pleural space caused by inflammation?
  4. During each cycle of normal resting ventilation, a volume of gas is moved into and out of the respiratory tract. This cyclical volume is called the:
  5. Which of the following are true physiological benefits of surfactant?
  1. a Increase the surface area of the nasal cavity
  2. b I II III: it reduces the work of breathing, It reduces the distending pressure required to keep small alveoli open, It provides a stabilizing influence to alveoli of different sizes
  3. c Pleural effusion
  4. d Simple diffusion
  5. e tidal volume VT

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  1. Pulmonary fibrosis
  2. 1, 3: hypoxemia, fever
  3. I II III IV: High airway resistance, Weak lung recoil force, High breathing rates, Short expiratory times
  4. 1 to 2 cm
  5. Soft tissue obstruction

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  1. What happens during normal inspiration?0.1 L/cm H2O


  2. What is the narrowest portion of the airway in the adult larynx?Continuous absorption of oxygen and excretion of carbon dioxide


  3. Which of the following conditions is characterized by a loss of elastic lung tissue?Pulmonary fibrosis


  4. Which of the following signs is not consistent with complete airway obstruction?Low-pitched snoring sound


  5. Which group of cells comprises most of the alveolar surface?Type I


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