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  1. Which group of cells engulfs microorganisms and foreign material in the alveolus?
  2. Running vertically down each hemithorax anteriorly is an imaginary line that is used as an anatomical landmark. What is that line called?
  3. When a COPD patient leans forward braced in a tripod position, this lends particular advantage to which accessory muscles of inspiration?
  4. Which group of cells contains the lamellar bodies?
  5. What is the normal CLT?
  1. a 0.1 L/cm H2O
  2. b Midclavicular line
  3. c Macrophages
  4. d Type II (surfactant)
  5. e pectoralis

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  1. 1/3
  2. Pseudostratified, ciliated columnar with mucous-secreting glands
  3. 2ml/kg ideal body weight
  4. Lung compliance
  5. Protect the vital organs

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  1. How far is the diaphragm pulled down during tidal breathing?1 to 2 cm


  2. Which of the following is the best description for the conducting airway mucosal epithelium?Low-pitched snoring sound


  3. Which of the following mechanisms explains why drowning victims often have little water in their lungs?II, III: the lung has a tendency to recoil inward and pull away from the chest wall, the thorax has the tendency to recoil outward, away from the lung


  4. During each cycle of normal resting ventilation, a volume of gas is moved into and out of the respiratory tract. This cyclical volume is called the:Palv is greater than at the airway opening


  5. What is the narrowest portion of the airway in the infant?Glottis


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