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  1. What does the "pump handle" movement of rib pairs 2 through 7 achieve?
  2. Which of the following mechanisms is responsible for the creation of the sub atmospheric pressure between the lung and chest wall?
  3. Which of the following areas is the most ineffective for lung clearance?
  4. What is the normal CLT?
  5. Which of the following statements is true of stiff lungs of patients with restrictive disorders?
  1. a The more elastic the lung, the less its compliance
  2. b 0.1 L/cm H2O
  3. c II, III: the lung has a tendency to recoil inward and pull away from the chest wall, the thorax has the tendency to recoil outward, away from the lung
  4. d Acinus
  5. e Increase in the anteroposterior diameter of the chest

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  1. Diaphragm
  2. Abdominal paradox
  3. Pulmonary fibrosis
  4. Lung compliance
  5. Soft tissue obstruction

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  1. You are assisting a PGY-1 surgery resident with the insertion of a chest tube. The resident turns to you asking which border of the rib he should avoid when placing the tube. Your answer should be:It receives blood from right and left ventricles


  2. What is meant by "internal respiration"?Exchange of gases between the blood and the tissue [external=in your lungs alveoli to blood]


  3. Which group of cells comprises most of the alveolar surface?That systemic arterial blood can never have the same partial pressure of oxygen as the alveolar gas


  4. Which group of cells engulfs microorganisms and foreign material in the alveolus?Type I


  5. Which of the following conditions is characterized by a loss of elastic lung tissue?Emphysema


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