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  1. Quatour <L.
  2. quadrant
  3. monolith
  4. Bi <L.
  5. Duplex <L.
  1. a twofold
  2. b a quarter of a circle; a tool for measuring altitude; any one of the four parts made by two intersecting perpendicular lines
  3. c four
  4. d two
  5. e a large slab of stone; a large organization the acts as a single unit

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  1. a house with two living units
  2. to divide into two equal parts
  3. a ruler of a kingdom or empire; a black and yellow N. American butterfly
  4. a long speech made by one person
  5. being in complete agreement

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  1. trisectto divide into three parts


  2. monograma design made of letters


  3. Monos <G.two


  4. unilateralhaving two sides; made between two people or groups


  5. bicentenniala two-hundredth anniversary


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