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  1. water to wine 2
    heals officials son 4
    heals invalid 5
    feeds 5000 6
    walks on water 6
    heals man born blind 9
    raises Lazarus 11
  2. Apocalyptic
  3. Peter, James, John
  4. Incarnation
  5. Bread of life 6
    Light of the world 8-9
    the door and gate 10
    the good shepherd 10
    the resurrection and Life 11
    the way truth and life 14
    the vine 15
  1. a know the 7 signs of John
  2. b name the 7 I AM statements and their locations
  3. c what is the name of the doctrine that God became a human being and "assumed flesh" in Jesus of Nazareth
  4. d who made up Jesus' inner circle?
  5. e Near the end of the synoptic gospel's, Jesus talks about things to come using elaborate, cataclysmic imagery such as the moon turning to blood.. what is this kind of speech called?

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  1. where is the verse "the son of Ma came not to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many" found?
  2. the word paraclete means helper is and is primarily used to refer to whom?
  3. John 20:30-31
  4. According to Mark 8, following Jesus means sacrificing one's _____
  5. The authorship of which synoptic gospel is traditionally ascribed to an apostle?

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  1. Alexander the GreatWhat individual is associated with the spread of Greek culture and ideas throughout the Mediterranean world?


  2. Caiaphus, Herod, Pilatewhich gospels narrate the temptation of Jesus


  3. markAccording to Mark 8, following Jesus means sacrificing one's _____


  4. WomenIn the 1st century, Israel was a province of which ancient Empire?


  5. Esseneswho were the first people to see the risen Christ?


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