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  1. Apologetic
  2. Anonymous Righteousness
  3. satan
  4. now jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written so that you may believe that jesus is the christ, the son of God and that by believing this you may have life in his name
  5. water to wine 2
    heals officials son 4
    heals invalid 5
    feeds 5000 6
    walks on water 6
    heals man born blind 9
    raises Lazarus 11
  1. a know the 7 signs of John
  2. b John 20:30-31
  3. c in the sermon on the mount, what is the common feature of Jesus' teaching regarding prayer, almsgiving and fasting
  4. d what do we call material that is that is intended to provide grounds for believing the claims of Christianity
  5. e what name means "accuser" or "adversary" in Hebrew

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  1. which gospel contains the high priestly prayer?
  2. Which Israelite covenant most directly contributed to 1st century messianic expectation? where is it located?
  3. According to Mark 8, following Jesus means sacrificing one's _____
  4. which gospel is most strongly directed towards jewish readers and focuses on Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament?
  5. which of the synoptic Gospels does not contain a genealogy

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  1. All 4Which gospels narrate the triumphal entry


  2. biographieswhat genre are the gospels?


  3. Matthew and Lukewhich Gospels narrate the transfiguration


  4. Womenwho were the first people to see the risen Christ?


  5. Matthew and Markwhich Gospels narrate the transfiguration


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