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  1. domain
  2. range
  3. shadow
  4. pivot
  5. array
  1. a in Quicksort, a "center" value used in partitioning the set to be sorted.
  2. b the set of values that are the source values of a mapping.
  3. c a set of values that are the targets of a mapping.
  4. d to hide similar items with the same name.
  5. e a contiguous block of memory containing elements of the same type, accessed by numeric index.

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  1. to apply a different hashing function to a key when a collision occurs.
  2. last-in, first out: describes the order of a stack.
  3. a description of the state of a process, such as a board game.
  4. a node of a tree that has children.
  5. 1. in Lisp, the function that constructs a pair of pointers, or basic element of list structure. 2. to make a cons data structure. 3. a cons data structure.

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  1. Cartesian producta node of a tree that has children.


  2. A*in MapReduce, a program that processes an element of the input and emits one or more (key, value) pairs.


  3. internal sorta sort using only the main memory of the computer.


  4. intersectiongiven two sets, the set of elements that are members of both sets.


  5. referencea pointer to data.


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