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  1. pivot
  2. directed
  3. binding
  4. Dijkstra's algorithm
  5. binary search
  1. a an optimal greedy algorithm to find the minimum distance and shortest path in a weighted graph from a give start node.
  2. b in Quicksort, a "center" value used in partitioning the set to be sorted.
  3. c search of a binary tree or other structure, in which the size of the set to be searched is cut in half at each step.
  4. d describes an arc that can only be traversed in one direction, or a graph with such arcs.
  5. e an association of a name with a value.

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  1. given two sets, the set of elements of the first set that are not members of the second set.
  2. a process that removes unwanted elements from a collection.
  3. the set of values that are the source values of a mapping.
  4. a number that denotes the cost of following an arc in a graph.
  5. a section of the runtime stack holding the values of all variables for one invocation of a procedure.

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  1. immutabledescribes a data structure that cannot be changed once it has been created, such as Integer or String in Java.


  2. taxonomya classification of objects into a tree structure that groups related objects.


  3. dense grapha graph such that a large fraction of possible connections among nodes are present, i.e. the number of edges is of the order of the number of vertices squared. cf. sparse graph.


  4. bijectivedescribes a relation that is both injective and surjective (one-to-one and onto).


  5. Big Olast-in, first out: describes the order of a stack.


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