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  1. latency
  2. side-effect
  3. successor
  4. hash function
  5. preorder
  1. a the delay between asking for data from an I/O device and the beginning of data transfer.
  2. b a function that is deterministic but randomizing, i.e. whose output is a relatively small integer that appears to be a random function of the key value.
  3. c an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed before its children.
  4. d any effect of a procedure other than returning a value, e.g. printing or modifying a data structure.
  5. e the next element in a linked list.

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  1. a situation in which many elements hash to the same hash value.
  2. a node of a tree that has children.
  3. the process of collecting garbage for recycling.
  4. a variable containing the address of other data.
  5. a condition of the input data where the data will be handled by call(s) to the same program.

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  1. tail recursivea function whose value either does not involve a recursive call, or is exactly the value of a recursive call.


  2. sortto modify the order of a set of elements so that a desired ordering holds between them, e.g. alphabetic order.


  3. iteratoran object containing data and methods to iterate through a collection of data, allowing processing of one data item at a time.


  4. exclusive ora binary Boolean function whose output is 1 if its inputs are different. Abbreviated XOR.


  5. external sortO(n*log(n)) search algorithm; stable, not in-place; breaks data in half, sorts, merges, repeats.


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