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  1. dereference
  2. base case
  3. greedy algorithm
  4. fold
  5. DAG
  1. a directed acyclic graph.
  2. b a simple case that can be solved easily, without recursion.
  3. c to convert from a pointer (address) to the data that is pointed to.
  4. d an algorithm that always tries the solution path that appears to be the best.
  5. e to process a set of items using a specified function; another term for reduce.

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  1. a function that is deterministic but randomizing, i.e. whose output is a relatively small integer that appears to be a random function of the key value.
  2. association of one or more elements of a Range set with each element of a Domain set.
  3. storage that is no longer pointed to by any variable and therefore can no longer be accessed.
  4. a link or arc between nodes in a graph.
  5. a tree formed from the nodes of a graph and a subset of its edges, such that all nodes are connected and the total cost of the edges is minimal.

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  1. intersectiondescribes a mapping in which each element of the domain maps to a single element of the range. Also, one-to-one.


  2. backtrackin a tree search, to move back from the node currently being examined to its parent.


  3. arraya contiguous block of memory containing elements of the same type, accessed by numeric index.


  4. quadraticdescribes a graph with no cycles (circular paths).


  5. pointera program that controls a set of other programs or devices.


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