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  1. reduce
  2. extendible hashing
  3. temporal locality
  4. binary tree
  5. one-to-one
  1. a to apply a given function to the elements of a given list. Also, fold.
  2. b another term for hashing with buckets.
  3. c a tree in which each node has at most two children.
  4. d describes a mapping in which each element of the domain maps to a single element of the range. Also, injective.
  5. e being close together in time, i.e. memory accesses that occur within a short time of each other.

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  1. a link or arc between nodes in a graph.
  2. describes a mapping in which each element of the range is the target of some element of the domain. Also, surjective.
  3. an O(n*k) search algorithm where K = keylength. Stable. Sorts input into bins based on the lowest digit; then combines bins in order and sorts on the next highest digit & so forth.
  4. being close together in space, i.e. memory address.
  5. a set of pairs (x, y) of elements from two sets X and Y.

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  1. interior nodegiven two sets, the set of elements that are members of both sets.


  2. balanced treea tree in which the heights of subtrees are approximately equal.


  3. bindinganalysis of a sentence of a language to determine the elements of the sentence and their relationship and meaning.


  4. recursiona case where a program calls itself.


  5. A*an item (or description of items) being sought in a search.


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