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  1. map
  2. ancestors
  3. abstract data type
  4. constructive
  5. directed
  1. a describes a function that makes a new data structure but does not modify its arguments.
  2. b in MapReduce, a program that processes an element of the input and emits one or more (key, value) pairs.
  3. c describes an arc that can only be traversed in one direction, or a graph with such arcs.
  4. d a description of operations on a data type that could have multiple possible implementations.
  5. e in a tree, the union of a node's parent and the parent's ancestors.

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  1. describes a relation that is both injective and surjective (one-to-one and onto).
  2. the amount of space on the runtime stack required for execution of a program.
  3. a representation of a graph in which a boolean matrix contains a 1 at position (i,j) iff there is an arc from node i to node j.
  4. a tree in which the heights of subtrees are approximately equal.
  5. a directed graph with no cycles.

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  1. tree rotationa representation of a class of objects, containing some constant elements in relation to variable elements.


  2. heuristic searchA* search.


  3. Cartesian producta node of a tree that has children.


  4. circular queuea queue implemented within an array, where the first element of the array logically follows the last element.


  5. side-effectto look through a data structure until a goal object is found.


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