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  1. acyclic
  2. undirected
  3. exclusive or
  4. random access
  5. AVL tree
  1. a a binary Boolean function whose output is 1 if its inputs are different. Abbreviated XOR.
  2. b a self-balancing sorted binary tree, in which the heights of subtrees differ by at most 1.
  3. c describes a data structure or device in which all accesses have the same cost, O(1).
  4. d describes a graph with no cycles (circular paths).
  5. e describes a graph in which the arcs may be followed in either direction.

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  1. describes a relation that is both injective and surjective (one-to-one and onto).
  2. the act of comparing two values to determine which is greater according to some ordering.
  3. a sequence of steps along arcs in a graph.
  4. in a tree, a node pointed to by a parent node.
  5. a directed graph with no cycles.

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  1. minimum spanning treea tree in which each node has at most two children.


  2. Splay treea self-balancing binary tree that places recently accessed elements near the top of the tree for fast access.


  3. tree rotationa case where a program calls itself.


  4. sentinelan extra record at the start or end of a data structure such as a linked list, to simplify the processing.


  5. topological sortO(n*log(n)) search algorithm; in-place, not stable. Picks a pivot, reorders so lesser objects are in front of pivot, recursively sorting sub-lists of lesser and sub-lists of greater values.


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