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  1. pattern variable
  2. load factor
  3. memory locality
  4. constructive
  5. cycle
  1. a a part of a pattern that can match variable parts of an input.
  2. b the processing of data in such a way that data that are located near each other by memory address are accessed nearby in time.
  3. c describes a function that makes a new data structure but does not modify its arguments.
  4. d in a hash table, the fraction of the table's capacity that is filled.
  5. e a circular path in a graph.

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  1. a binary Boolean function whose output is 1 if its inputs are different. Abbreviated XOR.
  2. a simulation in terms of events, in which the highest-priority (least time) event is removed from an event queue and executed, which may have the effect of scheduling future events.
  3. a function whose value either does not involve a recursive call, or is exactly the value of a recursive call.
  4. storage that is no longer pointed to by any variable and therefore can no longer be accessed.
  5. an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed after its children.

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  1. reducedirected acyclic graph.


  2. balanced treea tree in which the heights of subtrees are approximately equal.


  3. bandwidthdescribes a sorting algorithm that can process items one at a time.


  4. circularly linked lista queue implemented within an array, where the first element of the array logically follows the last element.


  5. sparse arrayan order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed before its children.


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