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  1. parsing
  2. side-effect
  3. cache
  4. one-to-one
  5. preorder
  1. a analysis of a sentence of a language to determine the elements of the sentence and their relationship and meaning.
  2. b to save a value locally to save re-computing or transferring it in the future.
  3. c an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed before its children.
  4. d describes a mapping in which each element of the domain maps to a single element of the range. Also, injective.
  5. e any effect of a procedure other than returning a value, e.g. printing or modifying a data structure.

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  1. a collection, such as a linked list, of values that hash to the same value.
  2. the next element in a linked list.
  3. a situation in which many elements hash to the same hash value.
  4. in MapReduce, a program that processes an element of the input and emits one or more (key, value) pairs.
  5. in a tree, a node pointed to by a parent node.

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  1. bijectivedescribes a relation that is both injective and surjective (one-to-one and onto).


  2. linka pointer to the next element in a linked list.


  3. constructivedescribes a function that makes a new data structure but does not modify its arguments.


  4. directeda process that removes unwanted elements from a collection.


  5. arcto modify the order of a set of elements so that a desired ordering holds between them, e.g. alphabetic order.


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