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  1. Red Tide
  2. Plankton
  3. Euglenoids
  4. Eye Spot
  5. Diotomaceous Earth
  1. a can be toxic
  2. b fossilized Diatoms make thick sediment layers
  3. c unicellular; photosynthetic
  4. d detects light sources from the eyespot; helps with photosynthesis
  5. e communities of mocroscopic organisms that float, drift or swim near teh surface of ponds, lakes, or oceans

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  1. bioluminescence
  2. does 1/2 of photosynthesis on earth; base of the food chain
  3. salt and fresh water
  4. red tide
  5. unicellular, photosynthetic protists

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  1. Algaeplant-like protists; autotrophs; chloroplast; multicellular, unicellular; asexual, sexual;


  2. Algae (classify)cell wall, photosythetic pigments and structure


  3. Autotrophdetects light sources from the eyespot; helps with photosynthesis


  4. Diatoms (cell wall)stores oil so it is able to float


  5. Dinoflagellates (cell wall)binary fission


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