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  1. Edward VI
  2. dr. cole
  3. upper class and educated
  4. queen mary
  5. religious asceticism
  1. a gave the sermon before cramner's death
  2. b denying or hurting your body to make yourself more spiritual; More believed in this practice
  3. c the people radley influenced
  4. d who was henry's strong protestant son? church of england became protestant under his rule
  5. e tried to put an end to protestantism in england, burning 300 protestants at the stake, causing many to leave england

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  1. what two things does cramner recite before his death?
  2. latimer: former bishop of _____, influential ______, former _______ of edward VI
  3. what did a humanist study?
  4. fanatical persecutor of protestants; defender of catholicism
  5. who translated the new testament into english from the original greek text?

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  1. henry VIIIcatholic, who previously recanted catholicism, who ironically delivered the sermon before ridley and latimer's burning


  2. luther's writingsMore was commissioned by the catholic church to write against who?


  3. making a living and advancing english protestantismtyndale's nickname


  4. plain energetic persuasivetyndale's writing style: ______, ________ language. he was a ______ writer, using scripture and logic


  5. priestly robeswhat did foxe refuse to wear?


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