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  1. prayer, fasting, godly virtues
  2. his ability to communicate to the common man
  3. he wanted to divorce catherine but the catholic church wouldn't allow divorce
  4. tyndale
  5. bishop of london
  1. a why did henry VIII want to break away from the catholic church?
  2. b who translated the new testament into english from the original greek text?
  3. c in A Dialogue Concerning Heresies and Matters, More said that reading tyndale's and luther's writings caused people to cast off what 3 things?
  4. d radley's title
  5. e tyndale's strength as a translator

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  1. the people radley influenced
  2. tyndale's nickname
  3. foxe's work/goal
  4. because he became a famous preacher, what nickname was given to foxe by queen elizabeth?
  5. latimer: former bishop of _____, influential ______, former _______ of edward VI

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  1. book of martyrstried to put an end to protestantism in england, burning 300 protestants at the stake, causing many to leave england


  2. to translate scripture for the common mantyndale's nickname


  3. moreprotestant who fled queen mary and england because of persecution


  4. former honor present humiliationridley's clothing represented their _____ _____, while latimer's represented their _______ ________


  5. Jesus' bloodwhat was written during queen mary's reign?


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