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  1. more
  2. judas
  3. cramner
  4. priestly robes
  5. lord chancellor
  1. a fanatical persecutor of protestants; defender of catholicism
  2. b biblical example dr. smith used to prove that dying for a belief is not as important as the belief
  3. c pressured to recant for 3 years and gave in
  4. d More was one of the most powerful men in england because he was the ______ ________ under henry VIII
  5. e what did foxe refuse to wear?

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  1. what did a humanist study?
  2. latimer: former bishop of _____, influential ______, former _______ of edward VI
  3. because he became a famous preacher, what nickname was given to foxe by queen elizabeth?
  4. foxe's work/goal
  5. what book did foxe write?

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  1. tyndale's greatest customeranother name for the book of common prayer


  2. bishop of londonwhat book did foxe write?


  3. former honor present humiliationridley's clothing represented their _____ _____, while latimer's represented their _______ ________


  4. making a living and advancing english protestantismtyndale's nickname


  5. foxeprotestant who fled queen mary and england because of persecution


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