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  1. tyndale
  2. Edward VI
  3. latimer and ridley
  4. howard surrey
  5. plain energetic persuasive
  1. a foxe tutored the children of henry _______, earl of ________; his children became powerful protestant leaders
  2. b tyndale's writing style: ______, ________ language. he was a ______ writer, using scripture and logic
  3. c who was henry's strong protestant son? church of england became protestant under his rule
  4. d the two men imprisoned by mary I and burned at the stake together
  5. e who translated the new testament into english from the original greek text?

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  1. why did henry VIII want to break away from the catholic church?
  2. denying or hurting your body to make yourself more spiritual; More believed in this practice
  3. a lasting result of foxe's book of martyrs
  4. fanatical persecutor of protestants; defender of catholicism
  5. biblical example dr. smith used to prove that dying for a belief is not as important as the belief

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  1. queen marytried to put an end to protestantism in england, burning 300 protestants at the stake, causing many to leave england


  2. cramnerMore was commissioned by the catholic church to write against who?


  3. packingtonwho translated the new testament into english from the original greek text?


  4. rising sun of the reformationwhat does More do when henry VIII wants to divorce catherine?


  5. justification by faithbecause he became a famous preacher, what nickname was given to foxe by queen elizabeth?


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