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  1. howard surrey
  2. book of martyrs
  3. packington
  4. england's ruler cannot be a catholic or be married to one
  5. king edward's prayer book
  1. a a lasting result of foxe's book of martyrs
  2. b another name for the book of common prayer
  3. c foxe tutored the children of henry _______, earl of ________; his children became powerful protestant leaders
  4. d the name of the textile merchant who convince tunstall to buy tyndale's new testaments
  5. e what book did foxe write?

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  1. queen mary's cousin, under whose rule england returned to protestantism
  2. how did tyndale die?
  3. the name of the story about tunstall buying all of tyndale's new testaments, giving him money to revise and reprint
  4. fanatical persecutor of protestants; defender of catholicism
  5. tyndale's "holy candle"

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  1. resigns as chancellordenying or hurting your body to make yourself more spiritual; More believed in this practice


  2. act of supremacywhat act declared henry VIII the head of the anglican church?


  3. dr. colecatholic, who previously recanted catholicism, who ironically delivered the sermon before ridley and latimer's burning


  4. lord chancellorMore was one of the most powerful men in england because he was the ______ ________ under henry VIII


  5. worchester, preacher, chaplainlatimer: former bishop of _____, influential ______, former _______ of edward VI


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