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  1. justification by faith
  2. foxe
  3. prayer, fasting, godly virtues
  4. former honor present humiliation
  5. Jesus' blood
  1. a what was tyndale's Parable of the Wicked Mammon about?
  2. b ridley's clothing represented their _____ _____, while latimer's represented their _______ ________
  3. c protestant who fled queen mary and england because of persecution
  4. d in A Dialogue Concerning Heresies and Matters, More said that reading tyndale's and luther's writings caused people to cast off what 3 things?
  5. e tyndale's "holy candle"

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  1. who translated the new testament into english from the original greek text?
  2. what act declared henry VIII the head of the anglican church?
  3. catholic, who previously recanted catholicism, who ironically delivered the sermon before ridley and latimer's burning
  4. the people latimer influenced
  5. what two things does cramner recite before his death?

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  1. humphrey monmouthtyndale's patron - wealthy merchant and financed tyndale's translation of the bible


  2. utopiaMore's serious fantasy about a traveler to a new world


  3. bishop of londonwhat book did foxe write?


  4. england's ruler cannot be a catholic or be married to onewhat two things does cramner recite before his death?


  5. packingtonwho did henry VIII appoint to become the archbishop of canterbury?


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