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  1. cramner
  2. minister lutheran
  3. worchester, preacher, chaplain
  4. ridley
  5. acts and monuments/book of martyrs
  1. a the bishop of london who ordained foxe as a deacon and eventually ended up in his book of martyrs
  2. b latimer: former bishop of _____, influential ______, former _______ of edward VI
  3. c foxe was trained as a _______ but had to leave the school because he was too _________
  4. d foxe's book he wrote while on the continent, aiming to "make england protestant forever" (both titles)
  5. e who did henry VIII appoint to become the archbishop of canterbury?

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  1. tyndale's patron - wealthy merchant and financed tyndale's translation of the bible
  2. another name for the book of common prayer
  3. who was a great humanist of the tudor period?
  4. the two spanish friars who tried to change cramner's mind
  5. when was the tudor period?

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  1. parable of the wicked mammonwhat act declared henry VIII the head of the anglican church?


  2. resigns as chancellorMore was one of the most powerful men in england because he was the ______ ________ under henry VIII


  3. prayer, fasting, godly virtuesthe people radley influenced


  4. justification by faithwhat was tyndale's Parable of the Wicked Mammon about?


  5. the book of common prayerwhat book did thomas cramner write?


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