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  1. cahoots
  2. supercilious
  3. desolate
  4. turgid
  5. contiguous
  1. a devoid of inhabitants
  2. b Feeling or showing haughty disdain.
  3. c Sharing an edge or boundary; touching
  4. d Questionable collaboration; secret partnership
  5. e Excessively ornate or complex in style or language; grandiloquent

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  1. Bitter, long-lasting resentment; deep-seated ill will.
  2. A short, witty poem expressing a single thought or observation.2. A concise, clever, often paradoxical statement.
  3. Lacking definite form; shapeless
  4. Intended to delay. 2. Tending to postpone or delay
  5. Of or relating to shepherds or herders

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  1. portentousOf the nature of or constituting an omen; foreboding


  2. vacuousDevoid of matter; empty.


  3. libertineA deceptive stratagem or device


  4. infinitesimalImmeasurably or incalculably minute.


  5. protégéOne whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by an influential person


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