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the great gatsby Test

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  1. languid
  2. prig
  3. effeminate
  4. fractious
  5. epigram
  1. a A person who demonstrates an exaggerated conformity or propriety, especially in an irritatingly arrogant or smug manner.
  2. b inclined to make trouble; unruly.
  3. c A short, witty poem expressing a single thought or observation.2. A concise, clever, often paradoxical statement.
  4. d lacking energy or vitality
  5. e Having qualities or characteristics more often associated with women than men.

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  1. devoid of inhabitants
  2. Immeasurably or incalculably minute.
  3. To strengthen or support with other evidence; make more certain
  4. Haughtiness in bearing and attitude; arrogance.
  5. Extreme indulgence in sensual pleacorroboratesures; dissipation.

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  1. meretriciousHappening by accident or chance


  2. portentousHappening by accident or chance


  3. vehementHaving or emitting fragrance; aromatic


  4. rancorUnnaturally pale, as from physical or emotional distress.


  5. vicariousDevoid of matter; empty.


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