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  1. Classical Eclecticism also called
  2. the Parlor during arts and crafts movements
  3. Pueblo Revival
  4. new item of furniture to Colonial revival
  5. Area of the U.S. that spurred preservation movements
  1. a Beaux-Arts Style
  2. b end tables and coffeee table
  3. c Living room
  4. d Colonial Williamsburg Virginia
  5. e

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  1. William Morris
  2. Le style Pompadour
  3. batter walls, scarabs, heiroglyphs, deities, sphinxes, pharoahs

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  1. furniture finish whose color comes from ammonia fumesGolden Oak


  2. ottoman


  3. also called "Norman" or "Lombard" styleRomanesque revival


  4. John Henry Belter


  5. Richardsonian Romanesque


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