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  1. also called "Norman" or "Lombard" style
  2. Colonial Revival also called
  3. new item of furniture to Colonial revival
  4. rooms not usually done in Colonial Revival
  5. Gambrel roof
  1. a Early American
  2. b
  3. c end tables and coffeee table
  4. d Romanesque revival
  5. e kitchens or baths

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  1. William Morris
  2. Lincrusta and Anaglypta
  3. Colonial Williamsburg Virginia

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  1. another name for Rococo Revival


  2. Painted Ladys


  3. wooden Second Empire buildings in the U.S. are calledEastlake furniture style


  4. John Henry Belterdeveloped method of laminating plywood and pressing it into curves with the illusion of hand carving


  5. ottoman


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