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  1. John Henry Belter
  2. Islamic revival motifs
  3. cozy corner or Turkish corner
  4. the Parlor during arts and crafts movements
  5. Stick style architecture
  1. a developed method of laminating plywood and pressing it into curves with the illusion of hand carving
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d Living room
  5. e horse-shoe arches, trellises, paisleys, calligraphy, onion domes, peacocks, minarets, carnations

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  1. American who lead cut glass and art glass trends
  2. Golden Oak
  3. William Morris

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  1. Colonial Revival also calledBeaux-Arts Style


  2. wooden Second Empire buildings in the U.S. are calledGeneral Grant style


  3. paisley


  4. Pueblo Revival


  5. Gambrel roof


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