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  1. Craniosynostosis
  2. Appendicitis
  3. Acne
  4. Osteopenia
  5. Sprain
  1. a Precursor condition to osteoporosis; it consists of a lower than normal bone density, but not quite low enough to be classified as osteoporosis
  2. b Disorder of the skeletal system in which the sutures of the skull fuse together too quickly in young children, causing difficulty for the brain to grow
  3. c Inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the sking
  4. d Injury that occurs with a forcible twisting motion of a joint, usually stretching or rupturing the ligaments that support it (classified as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree)
  5. e Digestive system disorder that includes acute pain in the RIGHT iliac region, as often accompanied by fever, naseau, and other infection-type symptoms

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  1. Bone disorder, usually associated with aging, that causes the body's bones to begin thinning and easily fracture
  2. Bacterial infection carried by deer ticks that causes a bull's-eye shaped rash, joint inflammation, and can lead to neurological conditions (Bell's Palsy)
  3. Skin condition in which the cells grow too quickly, causing patches of dry skin to accummulate and flake off.
  4. Connective tissue disorder that results in "super-stretchy" skin and hypermobile joints
  5. Genetic disorder that causes abnormal connective tissue development (weakness in the tissues of the bones, eyes, muscles). Patients will also have a longer wingspan than height, and abnormally long fingers

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  1. RingwormFungal infection in which the rash forms a circular shape on the skin


  2. CellulitisDeep tissue infection (below the epidermis) that occur anywhere on the skin, but is usually found in the legs, arms and face


  3. AnemiaDisorder that involves a low iron count in the bloodstream, which leads to difficulty in transporting oxygen


  4. DiabetesNutritional disorder that results in a deficiency of Vitamin D


  5. ScurvyNutritional disorder that results in a deficiency of Vitamin C


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