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  1. william seward
  2. johnson plan
  3. plessy vs. ferguson
  4. mary walker
  5. wade davis plan
  1. a segregation legal if facilities are equal
  2. b one of the only woman ever top receive the medal of honor
  3. c lincoln refuses cuz too harsh, no former cs could vote or hold office and majority of whites had to swear loyalty to union
  4. d lincolns secretary of state and from ny
  5. e each state must ratify 13th am

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  1. white southerners who liked rep
  2. attack by south in Gettysburg
  3. worst u defeat, hill
  4. goverment agency to help ex slaves
  5. freed blacks

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  1. Ulysses s grantpres because hes a war war hero


  2. Gettysburgunion controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half


  3. abner doubledaywomen spy in the war


  4. Rutherford HAyesrequired voters to read and explain constituition


  5. Shermanknown for his march to the sea


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