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  1. reconstruction act
  2. McClellan
  3. Elmer Ellsworth
  4. Sherman
  5. adrew johnson
  1. a first union soldier killed in the war and from ny
  2. b punished thopse who said no to 14th, new sate constitutions, sived south into military districts, blacks must vote
  3. c old commander of union army
  4. d known for his march to the sea
  5. e become pres after lincoln died

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  1. superintendend of nurses in union army
  2. radical rep of penn
  3. lincoln refuses cuz too harsh, no former cs could vote or hold office and majority of whites had to swear loyalty to union
  4. white southerners who liked rep
  5. naval b/w iron clad ships

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  1. Grantnew commander of union army


  2. abner doubledayshot the first union shot of the war


  3. charles sumnerwhere the war started


  4. 13th ammendmentgave blacks the right to vote


  5. johnson planold commander of union army


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