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  1. charles sumner
  2. Ulysses s grant
  3. Chancellorsville
  4. Fredricksburg
  5. Rutherford HAyes
  1. a worst u defeat, hill
  2. b becomes pres because he agrees to end reconstruction, removed troops from south
  3. c Confederates one, but lost Jackson
  4. d pres because hes a war war hero
  5. e radical rep of mass

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  1. become pres after lincoln died
  2. new commander of union army
  3. gave blacks the right to vote
  4. known for his march to the sea
  5. radical rep of penn

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  1. habeas corpuswar would be long and bloody, jackson gained nickname, both sided neeed train troops


  2. freedmens bureaugoverment agency to help ex slaves


  3. Shilohknown for his march to the sea


  4. william sewardlincolns secretary of state and from ny


  5. grandfather clausesvoters father/grandfather was elgible voter, no literacy test


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