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  1. mary walker
  2. Picketts Charge
  3. Fredricksburg
  4. literacy tests
  5. reconstruction act
  1. a attack by south in Gettysburg
  2. b worst u defeat, hill
  3. c required voters to read and explain constituition
  4. d one of the only woman ever top receive the medal of honor
  5. e punished thopse who said no to 14th, new sate constitutions, sived south into military districts, blacks must vote

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  1. become pres after lincoln died
  2. shot the first union shot of the war
  3. turning point of the war
  4. segregation legal if facilities are equal
  5. where the war started

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  1. belle boydwomen spy in the war


  2. Vicksburgturning point of the war


  3. Shermannew commander of union army


  4. scalawagswhite southerners who liked rep


  5. 13th ammendmentfreed blacks


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