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  1. plessy vs. ferguson
  2. Picketts Charge
  3. McClellan
  4. Shiloh
  5. belle boyd
  1. a segregation legal if facilities are equal
  2. b women spy in the war
  3. c attack by south in Gettysburg
  4. d attempt to seize the Mississippi
  5. e old commander of union army

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  1. first union soldier killed in the war and from ny
  2. most famous civil war photographers, from ny
  3. union controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half
  4. new commander of union army
  5. required voters to read and explain constituition

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  1. Gettysburgunion controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half


  2. adrew johnsonbecome pres after lincoln died


  3. ChancellorsvilleConfederates one, but lost Jackson


  4. Bull Runwar would be long and bloody, jackson gained nickname, both sided neeed train troops


  5. johnson planeach state must ratify 13th am


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