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  1. habeas corpus
  2. thaddeus stevens
  3. Bull Run
  4. scalawags
  5. plessy vs. ferguson
  1. a the right to be charge or have a hearing before being jailed
  2. b white southerners who liked rep
  3. c war would be long and bloody, jackson gained nickname, both sided neeed train troops
  4. d segregation legal if facilities are equal
  5. e radical rep of penn

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  1. pres because hes a war war hero
  2. required voters to pay
  3. lincoln refuses cuz too harsh, no former cs could vote or hold office and majority of whites had to swear loyalty to union
  4. first union soldier killed in the war and from ny
  5. where the war started

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  1. abner doubledayshot the first union shot of the war


  2. Grantnew commander of union army


  3. Picketts Chargeunion controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half


  4. johnson planknown for his march to the sea


  5. Vicksburgunion controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half


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