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Unit 4 Fashion Design


A short lived fashion that becomes suddenly extremely popular, remains for a short period of time, and fades quickly.


Preferences shared by a large number of people for a particular style that lasts a relatively short time, and then replaced by another style.

Fashion Babies

Dolls made of wood, wax or fabric that as early as the 14th century, served as a means for sending examples of current fashions to places.


apparel made in a style likely to remain in style for a long time


A direction of movement in which styles, colors, fabrics and designs are moving.


wild or daring fashion that is unconventional or ahead of its time.


a fashion reminiscent of the past (20-25 years ago)


French term used to describe a rough sketch.


French term for the business in which original apparel designs are created by designers and the items are manufactured in the couture house using exceptionally fine sewing.

Haute Couture

The name for the high fashion designer industry of France; high fashion, individually designed, original garments.

Flat sketch

drawings of clothing without a human figure.

Mood Board

formal statement of your concept and intentions through pictures and scraps.

Presentation Board

Professional method used to visually display a design concept.




clothes and accessories from the past retouched and sold in stores

Ready to wear

clothing produced in factories to standardized measurements


clothing and accessories offered to customers during a particular season


french term meaning ready to wear

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