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  1. nomenclature
  2. corroborate
  3. usurp
  4. accoutrement
  5. wrenching
  1. a to strengthen by adding evidence
  2. b to take over; to seize power
  3. c an accessory item of dress or equipment
  4. d causing mental or physical pain
  5. e technical names or naming system in an art or science

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  1. to respect or revere
  2. shocking; explicit
  3. an explanation of a text; a critical interpretation
  4. any long, repetitive, or dull recital
  5. keen; mentally sharp

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  1. arablerelating to laughter; laughable


  2. incumbentto frustrate; confuse


  3. patronizingtreating with condescension; acting superior


  4. ubiquitousindirect; roundabout


  5. unimpeachableunquestionable; beyond doubt


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