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  1. recrimination
  2. patronizing
  3. carte blanche
  4. lionize
  5. dilatory
  1. a to assign great social importance to ; to treat as a celebrity
  2. b a counteraccusation
  3. c boundless authority; unlimited power to act
  4. d tending to delay or procrastinate
  5. e treating with condescension; acting superior

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  1. a transformation or dramatic change
  2. a tip or payment in addition to regular wages
  3. to exploit weaknesses of others; to cater to the vices of others
  4. someone who participates in a conversation
  5. tending to excite or stimulate

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  1. prognosticateto predict


  2. hubrisoverbearing pride; arrogance


  3. scapegoatconvincing; reasonable


  4. convolutedcomplicated; intricate


  5. equanimitycomposure; calmness


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