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  1. haughty
  2. lurid
  3. truncate
  4. exegesis
  5. unimpeachable
  1. a to shorten
  2. b an explanation of a text; a critical interpretation
  3. c unquestionable; beyond doubt
  4. d condescendingly proud; arrogant
  5. e shocking; explicit

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  1. to remove vulgar or objectionable material
  2. short account of an incident
  3. a suspension of activity; an authorized delay
  4. wildly excited
  5. a release of emotional tension

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  1. recalcitrantstubbornly resistant; showing opposition


  2. prognosticateto predict


  3. untenableimpossible to defend or justify


  4. otioseto pass off as genuine or valuable


  5. inveighan evil or wicked act


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