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  1. desiccate
  2. hubris
  3. peregrination
  4. replete
  5. truncate
  1. a travel by walking
  2. b to shorten
  3. c overbearing pride; arrogance
  4. d full; abundant
  5. e to dry out; to remove moisture

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  1. an accessory item of dress or equipment
  2. boorish or vulgar
  3. rapport and goodwill
  4. a chief butler or assistant
  5. a deviation from the norm; an odd or peculiar occurrence

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  1. entreatto earnestly request or petition


  2. plethoraan overabundance; excess


  3. luminoustimid


  4. coevala person who flatters for personal gain


  5. interminabletiresome and long; seemingly endless


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