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  1. circumlocution
  2. arable
  3. crepuscular
  4. inundate
  5. cosmopolitan
  1. a pertaining to twilight
  2. b suitable for cultivation of land
  3. c to overwhelm; to fill beyond capacity
  4. d unnecessarily wordy or evasive language
  5. e worldly; sophisticated

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  1. a deliberately deceptive or misleading argument
  2. to respect or revere
  3. a counteraccusation
  4. of questionable authenticity, but widely believed
  5. to corrupt morally; to contaminate

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  1. vernacularpertaining to twilight


  2. lugubriousincompatible; unsuitable for the situation


  3. interlocutorsomeone who participates in a conversation


  4. indolentmelodious; pleasing to the ear


  5. untenableimpossible to defend or justify


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