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  1. spurious
  2. presumptuous
  3. impute
  4. aspersion
  5. penchant
  1. a a strong liking
  2. b attribute or credit to
  3. c a disparaging remark
  4. d false
  5. e too forward or bold; overstepping proper bounds

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  1. complaining in a whining manner
  2. subject to whims or passing fancies; given to sudden unaccountable changes of mood and behavior
  3. able to adjust readily to different conditions
  4. selecting from or made up from a variety of sources
  5. flushed, ornate

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  1. vindicateclear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting proof


  2. evanescentsoon passing out of sight, memory, or existence


  3. inconsequentialtrivial


  4. perquisitea privilege that goes along with a job; a "perk"


  5. empiricdraw out a discussion or process in order to gain time


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