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  1. Because of rigid cell walls, change in cell water potential generally accompanied by change in hydrostatic pressure with little change in what?
  2. What are the two components water potential is broken into?
  3. Explain how elasticity can be different in plants with different functional needs
  4. What kind of pressure is between the xylem and cells?
  5. What are nucleating sites and how are the reduced?
  1. a there is a negative hydrostatic pressure
  2. b in protoplast volume
  3. c osmotic potential and hydrostatic pressure
  4. d in plants with very elastic cell walls there can be a change in water potential resulting in a large change in water volume, they can swell with increased water availability.
  5. e they are sites that could provide the action energy required for water to undergo change for liquid to gas. This can occur due to gas bubbles and is avoided in the xylem via piths in water transfer which are to small for most bubbles to pass.

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  1. the ease at which the water moves through the soil (remember spaces between soil particles)
  2. pressure is created by water via curvatures, water is going to want to move to areas of larger spaces with smaller curvatures
  3. transpirational water loss, xylem transport, water movement in soil and transport through layers of living cells
  4. the absolute concentration difference (moles/cubic meters) this is effected by temperatures
  5. apoplast, symplast and transmembrane

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  1. What main things effect water potential?type of median, the begging state of the cell (flaccid or turgid), and the pressure


  2. What is an exodermis?the formation of gas bubbles


  3. Bulk mass flow:concerted movement of groups of molecules on mass. Responsible for long distance transport in the xylem and for much of the water though the soil and cell walls of plants.


  4. What drives xylem water transport?the measurement of free energy of water per unit of volume. (J/m^3)


  5. What is field capacity?the formation of gas bubbles


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