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  1. Sum up the importance of water potential:
  2. Within the plant cells what affects tugor?
  3. In most plants as turgor pressure approaches zero what happens to the relative cell volume?
  4. Diffusional resistance of transpirational pathway consists of what two components?
  5. What is soil hydraulic conductivity?
  1. a the ease at which the water moves through the soil (remember spaces between soil particles)
  2. b the positive hydrostatic pressure
  3. c to maintain positive tugor pressure to increase the mechanical rigidity of the cells and tissues allowing for cell growth via the stretching of cell walls
  4. d it is decreased by about 5-10% (elasticity of the cell)
  5. e boundary layer resistance and leaf stomatal resistance

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  1. the mutual attraction of water molecules to themselves
  2. the measurement of free energy of water per unit of volume. (J/m^3)
  3. it is the relative expression of the free energy associated with water, it is the difference between the potential as a given state and the potential of substance at a standard state
  4. in plants with very elastic cell walls there can be a change in water potential resulting in a large change in water volume, they can swell with increased water availability.
  5. solute concentration, pressure and gravity

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  1. Specialized arrangements of what in guard cells plays a role in the opening and closing of the stomates?there is a negative hydrostatic pressure


  2. If bulk flow is driven by pressure gradient how is it responsible for movement of water through soil?pressure is created by water via curvatures, water is going to want to move to areas of larger spaces with smaller curvatures


  3. Water under tension such as in transport in the xylem, transmit an inward force on the cells of the xylem how is this accounted for in plant cells?they have secondary cell walls that are very strong and lignified, they can withstand the tension


  4. What main things effect water potential?the measurement of free energy of water per unit of volume. (J/m^3)


  5. What is transpiration?the loss of water. ~97% absorbed by plant, transported and evaporated through the leaf.


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