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  1. What are the 4 mechanisms and driving forces acting on water transport within the plant and between plant and the environment?
  2. What two reasons cause hydrostatic pressure become negative with a reduction of water in the soil?
  3. What is transpiration?
  4. Symplast:
  5. What constitutes your stomatal complex?
  1. a guard cells and subsidary cells found in the dumbell shaped guard cells of monocots
  2. b pathway of water moving through a network of cells connected via the plasmodesmata going to the cortex driven by hydrostatic pressure
  3. c transpirational water loss, xylem transport, water movement in soil and transport through layers of living cells
  4. d the loss of water. ~97% absorbed by plant, transported and evaporated through the leaf.
  5. e adhesion and surface tension of water (more negative with increase curvature)

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  1. It is the formation of vapor/ gas bubble in flowing water which can rapidly collapse and produce shock waves provding energy to nucleating sites within the xylem.
  2. it is the energy used to increase the surface area, the amount of surface area occupied by the interface of air and water. this is important because remember that water is more attracted to itself then to air molecules. (This is what can create contact angels) water generally wants to minimize the surface area at the air water interface
  3. water molecule attraction to a solid such as a cell wall or a glass tube
  4. the ease at which the water moves through the soil (remember spaces between soil particles)
  5. the cohesion and adhesion properties of water make the liquid to vapor activation high in water, within the xylem the energy is not available to under go the change

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  1. There has to be tugur pressure to up hold the cell walls unless you are very ___.lignified


  2. What is emboli?a layer on the outside of the epidermis that is not water permeable


  3. Bulk mass flow is sensitive to changes in what? But as long as there is little change in __ the driving force behind it is mostly affected by what?changes in radius, viscosity, concentration gradient


  4. Explain how water in soil depends on soil type and structurethis includes things such as the particle diameter and the surface area per gram of soil, this affects the adhesion properties of water


  5. What is water potential?the measurement of free energy of water per unit of volume. (J/m^3)


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