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  1. What 3 properties of water create __ which is important for plants?
  2. Why doesn't water boil under the tension created during transport in the xylem?
  3. What main things effect water potential?
  4. Cohesion gives water a high what? Which is what?
  5. Explain how elasticity can be different in plants with different functional needs
  1. a the cohesion and adhesion properties of water make the liquid to vapor activation high in water, within the xylem the energy is not available to under go the change
  2. b in plants with very elastic cell walls there can be a change in water potential resulting in a large change in water volume, they can swell with increased water availability.
  3. c tensile strength. this is the maximum force per area that a continuous column of water can stand before breaking
  4. d type of median, the begging state of the cell (flaccid or turgid), and the pressure
  5. e surface tension, adhesion and cohesion. the capillarity of a liquid

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  1. cellulose and microfibril
  2. pressure is created by water via curvatures, water is going to want to move to areas of larger spaces with smaller curvatures
  3. it is pulled up from the roots via a negative hydrostatic pressure
  4. the moisture holding capacity of a soil
  5. this is a porous layer between the 2 pit pairs, made of 2 primary walls and a middle lamella. This membrane helps to prevent the spreading of gas bubbles within the xylem

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  1. What are aquaporins and why are they important in plants?surface tension, adhesion and cohesion. the capillarity of a liquid


  2. Water is pulled from the xylem into what?into the cell walls of the mesophyll where water vapor diffuses through leaf air spaces through the stomatal pore and across the boundary layer


  3. Sum up the importance of water potential:the measurement of free energy of water per unit of volume. (J/m^3)


  4. There has to be tugur pressure to up hold the cell walls unless you are very ___.there is a negative hydrostatic pressure


  5. What is cavitation?It is the formation of vapor/ gas bubble in flowing water which can rapidly collapse and produce shock waves provding energy to nucleating sites within the xylem.


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