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  1. What three major factors contribute to cell water potential?
  2. What are aquaporins and why are they important in plants?
  3. There has to be tugur pressure to up hold the cell walls unless you are very ___.
  4. Cohesion gives water a high what? Which is what?
  5. What are the two main water transport processes?
  1. a lignified
  2. b tensile strength. this is the maximum force per area that a continuous column of water can stand before breaking
  3. c solute concentration, pressure and gravity
  4. d molecular diffusion and bulk flow
  5. e they are integral membrane proteins that form water selective channels. They are faster then travel through the lipid bilayer and can alter the rate of flow but not the direction (still passive). They can also be gated to allow for active regulation of water

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  1. difference in water vapor concentration in the air spaces in the leaf and the external air
  2. gas bubbles
  3. the cohesion and adhesion properties of water make the liquid to vapor activation high in water, within the xylem the energy is not available to under go the change
  4. diffusion rate is directly proportional to the concentration gradient
  5. into the cell walls of the mesophyll where water vapor diffuses through leaf air spaces through the stomatal pore and across the boundary layer

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  1. What main things effect water potential?the measurement of free energy of water per unit of volume. (J/m^3)


  2. What are the 4 mechanisms and driving forces acting on water transport within the plant and between plant and the environment?the absolute concentration difference (moles/cubic meters) this is effected by temperatures


  3. What kind of pressure is between the xylem and cells?there is a negative hydrostatic pressure


  4. Cohesion:water molecule attraction to a solid such as a cell wall or a glass tube


  5. Bulk mass flow is sensitive to changes in what? But as long as there is little change in __ the driving force behind it is mostly affected by what?in protoplast volume


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