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  1. what is blue blood?
  2. What event led to the beginning of the English overtaking the Spanish as a world power?
  3. William Pitt on the French
  4. What was the Albany Plan? Who originally thought of it?
  5. How did Washington handle the Whiskey Rebellion
  1. a when queen elizabeth defeated the spanish aramada
  2. b A plan by Ben Franklin to "unite the colonies"
  3. c "I would have been content to bring France to her knees, now I will not rest until I have laid her on her back."
  4. d nobility or social prominence
  5. e He rode out himself to put it down

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  1. he kept the u.s nuetral and out of conflict
  2. England started colonies so that they could get taxes because they were in debt from the french and indian war but he people went for religious freedom
  3. Queen Elizabeth
  4. Roanoke island, Jamestown
  5. "More weight!"

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  1. How did Spain's new-found wealth come to hurt them in the long run?they had lots of money from the gold but no food or crops to live on


  2. How did the results of the French and Indian war hurt the relationship between England and its American colonists?Americans wanted to be independent but England needed money from taxes from the Americas so they would not let them become independent


  3. What was spectral evidence?it was the forceable capture of american soildiers and put into the british navy


  4. Why should we admire Giles Coreythe chief of Wampanoag. he was the war leader of the Wampanoag in King Phillip's war


  5. What were the problems of the Articles of Confederation? What success did it have?gurrila warfare- while they lined up to shoot americans hid behind bushes, trees, ect. also we could get troops easyer because our troops were in america wheras they had to ship Eurapean troops from England


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