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  1. Who were the major conquistadors of the Spanish explorers, and what people and rulers did they conquer?
  2. How did England make up for it naval inferiority with its private fleet?
  3. What was impressment?
  4. Phyrric victory
  5. Why was it important to assume all the debts?
  1. a queen Elizabeth hired private muskateers called the sea doggs to defeat the spanish "invincible" armada
  2. b a victory that is exceptionally costly in terms of troops an example is Bunker Hill
  3. c Hernan Cortez conqured the Atzecs, and Francisco Pizarro conqured the incas
  4. d so we could get a national credit
  5. e it was the forceable capture of american soildiers and put into the british navy

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  1. An elderly but feisty farmer in Salem, famous for his tendency to file lawsuits. His wife, Martha, is accused of witchcraft, and he himself is eventually held in con-tempt of court and pressed to death with large stones and his last words are "more weight"
  2. Britain basically ignored the colonies before the French and Indian war it ended because England needed tax money from the colonies
  3. Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, something Randolf(idk if u know click edit the password is<3) and Thomas Jefferson.
  4. the french were good to the indians so that they could develop a fur trade, but the spanish made the indians their slaves and were very mean to them
  5. They were passed as a punishment from the Boston Tea Party. The port of Boston was shutdown, colonists couldn't hold town meetings, officers had to be tried in England or Canada, there was a new Quartering Act passed

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  1. What was Queen Elizabeth's famous quote?Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, something Randolf(idk if u know click edit the password is<3) and Thomas Jefferson.


  2. What were the problems of the Articles of Confederation? What success did it have?they planned to meet again in a year and they created the Olive branch petion


  3. Who was Metacomet?the chief of Wampanoag. he was the war leader of the Wampanoag in King Phillip's war


  4. How did Adams' handle the XYZ affair?He rode out himself to put it down


  5. What were the three regions of the English Colonies?middle,south, and north


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