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  1. What was Salutary Neglect? Why did this end?
  2. In terms of who was in charge, what were the 3 types of colonies started by the English?
  3. A French official at the end of the war
  4. Why use an Irishman in place of a slave?
  5. What are the major compromises of the Constitution?
  1. a The 3/5 compromise (all slaves are counted as 3/5 of a person) the Great compromise (a compromise creating the house and senate) and the electoral college
  2. b Britain basically ignored the colonies before the French and Indian war it ended because England needed tax money from the colonies
  3. c Royal-ruled by a direct official of the king
    Proprietary-ruled by a company
    Charter-ruled by a family
  4. d they were more desperate for work, they took less pay, and if they died you didn't have to pay them
  5. e "They stand no longer in need of her protection. She will call on them to contribute towards supporting the burdens they have helped bring on to her, and they will answer by striking off all dependence."

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  1. Queen Elizabeth
  2. Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, something Randolf(idk if u know click edit the password is<3) and Thomas Jefferson.
  3. "We have always governed ourselves."
  4. they planned to meet again in a year and they created the Olive branch petion
  5. so we could get a national credit

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  1. Who was the first person to discover AmericaThey were passed as a punishment from the Boston Tea Party. The port of Boston was shutdown, colonists couldn't hold town meetings, officers had to be tried in England or Canada, there was a new Quartering Act passed


  2. Tell of the Bill of RightsThe first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, added after the Constitution was ratified, in order to protect individuals from a strong central goverment


  3. What were the three regions of the English Colonies?middle,south, and north


  4. Phyrric victory"More weight!"


  5. What was Queen Elizabeth's famous quote?Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, something Randolf(idk if u know click edit the password is<3) and Thomas Jefferson.


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