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  1. Who led the Protestant Reformation in England?
  2. What were the problems of the Articles of Confederation? What success did it have?
  3. How was the French and Indian War part of a longer conflict?
  4. What was Salutary Neglect? Why did this end?
  5. Why was it important to assume all the debts?
  1. a Gave all powers to the states; No central authority; Messed up economy; No central government; Had to ask states for permission to tax and take money. It got us through the revolution
  2. b Britain basically ignored the colonies before the French and Indian war it ended because England needed tax money from the colonies
  3. c so we could get a national credit
  4. d the war put England in debt so they taxed the Americas
  5. e Henry VIII

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  1. The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, added after the Constitution was ratified, in order to protect individuals from a strong central goverment
  2. 4 years, 6 years, 2 years, life
  3. Colonists were attacking british troops so they fired in self defense, He said all should be treated equal
  4. Spain said it was conquering was for GOD,glory, and gold but they really wanted GOLD, GLORY, and god
  5. a victory that is exceptionally costly in terms of troops an example is Bunker Hill

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  1. Shays' Rebellionit was the forceable capture of american soildiers and put into the british navy


  2. John Adams, quoting the Marquess di Beccaria"If I can be but the instrument of preserving one life, his blessing or tears of transport shall be sufficient consolation to me, for the contempt of all mankind"


  3. Talk of the Triangular Traderaw materials (cotton, tobacco, rum) from America to Europe, manufactured goods from Europe to Africa, slaves from Africa to the Americas


  4. Who was at the Constitutional Convention? Who famously wasn't?Lief Ericsson and the Vikings


  5. How did Washington handle the Whiskey RebellionAlexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, something Randolf(idk if u know click edit the password is<3) and Thomas Jefferson.


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