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  1. What truly happened at the Boston Massacre? Why did John Adams defend the soldiers?
  2. Why should we admire Giles Corey
  3. Phyrric victory
  4. Who led the Protestant Reformation in England?
  5. Who was at the Constitutional Convention? Who famously wasn't?
  1. a all states attended except GA and RI
  2. b a victory that is exceptionally costly in terms of troops an example is Bunker Hill
  3. c Henry VIII
  4. d Colonists were attacking british troops so they fired in self defense, He said all should be treated equal
  5. e An elderly but feisty farmer in Salem, famous for his tendency to file lawsuits. His wife, Martha, is accused of witchcraft, and he himself is eventually held in con-tempt of court and pressed to death with large stones and his last words are "more weight"

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  1. Americans wanted to be independent but England needed money from taxes from the Americas so they would not let them become independent
  2. The Sons of Liberty
  3. Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, something Randolf(idk if u know click edit the password is<3) and Thomas Jefferson.
  4. economic theory where a country's wealth is measured by gold and silver (exporting greater than imports), A crop that is grown to be sold for money instead of being used for personal needs, someone who learns trade from a master crafts person
  5. He rode out himself to put it down

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  1. What were the main advantages in favor of the Americans in the war?the British agreed to give the US the Mississippi River as a western boundary IF the US would sign the treaty ignoring its French allies The US also promised to pay Loyalists for the property they lost or had had destroyed. The British also had to remove all british troops from america


  2. What was Salutary Neglect? Why did this end?when somebody says that your spector (spirit) assaulted them


  3. How was the French and Indian War part of a longer conflict?A plan by Ben Franklin to "unite the colonies"


  4. What was the Albany Plan? Who originally thought of it?Britain basically ignored the colonies before the French and Indian war it ended because England needed tax money from the colonies


  5. What event led to the beginning of the English overtaking the Spanish as a world power?when queen elizabeth defeated the spanish aramada


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