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  1. bandage
  2. remodeling
  3. excision
  4. tertiary intention
  5. granulation
  1. a keeping a large wound open until the wound is clean, and suturing it.
  2. b cutting out.
  3. c filling in will granulated tissue instead of the original type of tissue.
  4. d third phase of wound healing.
  5. e a non-sterile material that is applied over the dressing to hold it in place.

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  1. skin edges of a wound or surgical incision that have been brought together
  2. feel around inside an incision or measure the depth of a cavity before proceeding.
  3. a cut in the skin made by a scalpel, knife, or other straight sharp edge.
  4. a tool used for grasping, pulling, compressing, or holding tissue or other instruments and supplies during surgery.
  5. having an opening or whole.

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  1. dressingan irregularity on the skin such as a mole or a skin tag.


  2. retractorto tie off so that it does not bleed.


  3. suturesurgical stitches used to close a surgical incision or repair a laceration.


  4. proliferationa cut or tear of the skin.


  5. hemostasishaving an opening or whole.


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