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  1. informed consent
  2. abscess
  3. hemostasis
  4. bandage
  5. suture
  1. a surgical stitches used to close a surgical incision or repair a laceration.
  2. b agreement to a medical test or procedure based on understanding of the procedure and its possible consequences and effects.
  3. c a non-sterile material that is applied over the dressing to hold it in place.
  4. d localized collection of pus
  5. e control of bleeding

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  1. a cut or tear of the skin.
  2. to tie off so that it does not bleed.
  3. keeping a large wound open until the wound is clean, and suturing it.
  4. suture material with needle attached.
  5. instrument used to scrape.

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  1. debridementprocess of removing dead tissue.


  2. forcepsa tool used for grasping, pulling, compressing, or holding tissue or other instruments and supplies during surgery.


  3. Mayo standa small table with a removable tray top that can be positioned at different heights.


  4. approximatedhaving an opening or whole.


  5. soundan instrument used to measure a wound the depth of the wound or body cavity.


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