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  1. Who was the father of modern sky-scrappers and Wainwright Building in St. Louis?
  2. What was the 'breakthrough' invention?
  3. Where did workers typically work and what were the conditions of workers?
  4. What rose in urban areas (besides population)?
  5. What were the attributes of Romanticism?
  1. a Artistic, literary, intellectual. Allowed ppl to escape from modern realities.
  2. b Factories (where there were supervisors present). Low wages, 14 hours/day, 6 days/week, abuse, child labour.
  3. c Sky-scrappers
  4. d Improved Steam Engine (1769). Invented by James Watt. Water for steam, heated by coal to power it.
  5. e Louis Sullivan

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  1. Cyric McCormick and his slave (1840s)
  2. The cotton gin
  3. (1825) things were shipped throughout the US and Europe at a much faster rate.
  4. Land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship
  5. Communism. Revolution. Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Socialism. PURE Communism.

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  1. What natural resources were vital to the Construction Revolution?Coal and iron and steel


  2. How did the use of machinery in industry impact workers?Reduced the number of workers from (for example) 5 to 1.


  3. What is Capitalism?Home Insurance Building (Chicago) AND/OR Equitable Life Building (NYC)


  4. Who invented the steamboat?Robert Fulton (1807)


  5. What was the other important invention for the Textile Industry?Sewing Machine


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