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  1. What are the factors of production?
  2. What was the Malthusian Theory (1798)?
  3. What were the characteristics of the Philosophical Revolution?
  4. What rose in urban areas (besides population)?
  5. Who invented the steamboat?
  1. a Land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship
  2. b Robert Fulton (1807)
  3. c Sky-scrappers
  4. d More people= fewer resources or food
  5. e 'Advent' of socialism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (Communist Manifesto), and Haves vs Have Nots.

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  1. An economic, social system. Individuals control means of production. Characterized by private business
  2. John Deere
  3. Cyric McCormick and his slave (1840s)
  4. Telegraph (1832), Telephone (1876)
  5. Louis Sullivan

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  1. What was the invention that was important to the Textile Industry? May be considered THE most important one.Sewing Machine


  2. What impact did the Stephenson Steam Locomotive have on shipping?Artistic, literary, intellectual. Allowed ppl to escape from modern realities.


  3. What was the other important invention for the Textile Industry?Telegraph (1832), Telephone (1876)


  4. Results of John Stuart Mill's, and like individuals', work?Limitations to child labour (8 and up). Children under 13, >8 hours per day.


  5. For the purpose of communication between the US and Europe, what was placed in the Atlantic?Louis Sullivan


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