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  1. deteriorate
  2. grievance
  3. dearth
  4. abject
  5. egregious
  1. a v. To grow worse; to decline or erode
  2. b n. Scarcity, as of something customary, essential ,or desirable
  3. c adj. Sunk to a low condition; most unfortunate or miserable
  4. d adj. Extreme; conspicuously bad or offensive
  5. e n. A complaint about a (real or imaginary) wrong that causes resentment and is grounds for action

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  1. n. Sudden change of mind without any real cause; whim
  2. n. A disagreeable, harsh, or discordant sound or combination of sounds or tones
  3. v. To cease action; to stop doing something
  4. v. To assail with any missile or with abusive speech
  5. v. Release from entanglement of difficulty

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  1. ebullientadj. Showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling


  2. candidn. The quality of frankness or outspokenness


  3. abominationadj. Detestable; extremely unpleasant


  4. grievousadj. Creating affliction; causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm


  5. hysterian. a sudden outburst of uncontrolled emotion such as fear, excitement, etc.


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