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  1. John Wycliffe
  2. R.C.C.
  3. Pepin the short
  4. 95
  5. sitting on chairs
  1. a Whom translated the Bible to English?
  2. b What is wrong with the portrait of the "Last Supper"?
  3. c Whom gave the pope the "papal states" as a sign of gratitude?
  4. d How many problems did Martin Luther post?
  5. e Means, "The Church"

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  1. How did we get the word, "travel"?
  2. Smallest country in the world.
  3. By doing this, shom did it make mad for undermining their authority?
  4. One who protest the ways of The Church.
  5. Means, "to take back"

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  1. RitesHow many ceilings of St. Peter's Basilica were painted?


  2. Martin LutherWhom was the leader of this movement and posted the problems on The Church door?


  3. sacramentMeans, "to take back"


  4. schismSplitting of The Church


  5. one of threeHow many Europeans were killed due to the Bubonic Plague?


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