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  1. indulgence
  2. Nine
  3. The church
  4. White smoke
  5. 95
  1. a How many problems did Martin Luther post?
  2. b Selling of sins-often times in advance.
  3. c By doing this, shom did it make mad for undermining their authority?
  4. d How does one know when a new pope has been elected?
  5. e How many ceilings of St. Peter's Basilica were painted?

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  1. Whom was the leader of this movement and posted the problems on The Church door?
  2. Whom founded the Presbyterian Faith?
  3. How did this tell common people The Church was not for everybody?
  4. What is wrong with the portrait of the "Last Supper"?
  5. How small is this country?

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  1. sacramentMeans, "to take back"


  2. AlbigensiansWhat religion believed man was created by Satan?


  3. oneHow many Catholic presidents have we had in the United States?


  4. ProtestantOne who protest the ways of The Church.


  5. John WycliffeWhom founded the Presbyterian Faith?


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