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  1. Pepin the short
  2. 95
  3. theses
  4. Florence, Venice
  5. indulgence
  1. a List (2) of the (4) northern Italy cities that stemmed the Renaissance.
  2. b Whom gave the pope the "papal states" as a sign of gratitude?
  3. c Selling of sins-often times in advance.
  4. d Means, "problem".
  5. e How many problems did Martin Luther post?

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  1. How did this tell common people The Church was not for everybody?
  2. By doing this, shom did it make mad for undermining their authority?
  3. Where does the pope live today?
  4. How does one know when a new pope has been elected?
  5. Done/prayer to forgive sins

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  1. R.C.C.Means, "The Church"


  2. travailMeans, "to take back"


  3. sitting on chairsWhere does the pope live today?


  4. recantMeans, "The Church"


  5. schismSplitting of The Church


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