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  1. Built one of greatest cities of ancient world and name it for himself
  2. king of Chaldean Empire
  3. ruler with total authority
  4. Chosen to be King by Israelites
  5. taught that the universe followed same rules as music and numbers
  1. a Pathagorus
  2. b Saul
  3. c Nebuchadnezzar
  4. d Alexander the Great
  5. e Tyrant

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  1. Hanfeizi
  2. Socrates
  3. Hammurabi
  4. Nebuchadnezzar
  5. David

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  1. Gave land to the farmers, provided jobs, and money to the PoorPharoah


  2. Defeated Persians to become new rulerAlexander the Great


  3. Dramatist who painted scenery and used three actors to tell storyEuclid


  4. Taught that men should be in government if they were good at itPathagorus


  5. United Persians into a powerful kingdomAlexander the Great


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