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  1. scientist who study the physical characteristics and cultures of humans
  2. all powerful king of ancient Egypt
  3. Dramatist who painted scenery and used three actors to tell story
  4. Studied how points, line, angles and planes relate to one another
  5. defenders of the kingdom
  1. a Anthropologists
  2. b Pharoah
  3. c Satraps
  4. d Sophicles
  5. e Euclid

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  1. Xerxes
  2. Oligarchy
  3. Aryans
  4. Hanfeizi
  5. Solomon

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  1. promoted a peaceful societyRuth


  2. ruler with total authoritymonotheism


  3. thinkers who ponder lifes questionsProvided Egyptians ability to farm
    help survey the land
    left behind fertile mud


  4. who was sentenced to death for his teachingsSocrates


  5. Chosen to be King by IsraelitesSaul


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