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  1. Wrote history of Persian wars
  2. promoted a peaceful society
  3. Israelites feared Philistines because
  4. thinkers who ponder lifes questions
  5. Became Persian King after father Darius
  1. a Xerxes
  2. b They had strong cities, weapons, and tools
  3. c Herodtus
  4. d Philosophers
  5. e Daoism

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  1. Dali Lama
  2. Europe and North America were covered in Ice
  3. Solomon
  4. Hammurabi
  5. Direct Democracy

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  1. captured Jerusalem and sent Jews into Babylonian captivityNebuchadnezzar


  2. king of Chaldean EmpireProvided Egyptians ability to farm
    help survey the land
    left behind fertile mud


  3. taught that the universe followed same rules as music and numbersConfucianism


  4. fierce warriors who introduced new ideas and technology into IndiaAryans


  5. all powerful king of ancient EgyptPharoah


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