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  1. Ice Age given its name because
  2. Built Temple in Jerusalem
  3. Defeated Persians to become new ruler
  4. ruler with total authority
  5. Wrote history of Persian wars
  1. a Solomon
  2. b Herodtus
  3. c Alexander the Great
  4. d Tyrant
  5. e Europe and North America were covered in Ice

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  1. Daoism
  2. Nebuchadnezzar
  3. proverbs
  4. Sanskrit
  5. Hammurabi

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  1. Israelites feared Philistines becauseThey had strong cities, weapons, and tools


  2. United Persians into a powerful kingdomCyrus the Great


  3. Chosen to be King by IsraelitesSaul


  4. all powerful king of ancient EgyptPharoah


  5. Dramatist who painted scenery and used three actors to tell storyEuclid


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