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  1. Built one of greatest cities of ancient world and name it for himself
  2. Headed Indian government and was considered a reincarnate of Buddha
  3. Chosen to be King by Israelites
  4. Why did 3 Chinese Philosophies emerge
  5. captured Jerusalem and sent Jews into Babylonian captivity
  1. a Nebuchadnezzar
  2. b Saul
  3. c Alexander the Great
  4. d Dali Lama
  5. e Chinese wanted order to be restored

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  1. Pharoah
  2. David
  3. Sophicles
  4. Oligarchy
  5. Herodtus

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  1. Built Temple in JerusalemSanskrit


  2. Defeated Persians to become new rulerAlexander the Great


  3. who was sentenced to death for his teachingsSaul


  4. taught that the universe followed same rules as music and numbersConfucianism


  5. United Persians into a powerful kingdomCyrus the Great


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