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  1. Studied how points, line, angles and planes relate to one another
  2. who was sentenced to death for his teachings
  3. Ice Age given its name because
  4. United Persians into a powerful kingdom
  5. Wrote history of Persian wars
  1. a Herodtus
  2. b Europe and North America were covered in Ice
  3. c Euclid
  4. d Cyrus the Great
  5. e Socrates

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  1. Satraps
  2. Alexander the Great
  3. Solomon
  4. Chinese wanted order to be restored
  5. Hammurabi

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  1. Taught that men should be in government if they were good at itPathagorus


  2. Israelites feared Philistines becauseEurope and North America were covered in Ice


  3. written Indian languageSanskrit


  4. wise sayingsproverbs


  5. captured Jerusalem and sent Jews into Babylonian captivityNebuchadnezzar


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