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  1. United Persians into a powerful kingdom
  2. Israelites feared Philistines because
  3. Taught that men should be in government if they were good at it
  4. who was sentenced to death for his teachings
  5. Headed Indian government and was considered a reincarnate of Buddha
  1. a Dali Lama
  2. b They had strong cities, weapons, and tools
  3. c Socrates
  4. d Confucianism
  5. e Cyrus the Great

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  1. Ruth
  2. Saul
  3. Daoism
  4. Alexander the Great
  5. Herodtus

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  1. Became Persian King after father DariusAlexander the Great


  2. Created to protect Greeks from PersiansHerodtus


  3. Ice Age given its name becauseEurope and North America were covered in Ice


  4. government used by SpartansOligarchy


  5. Drove Philistines out of IsraelHerodtus


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