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  1. independent variable
  2. List four things found in a bacterial cell
  3. control
  4. chloroplast
  5. What are the 3 Part of the nucleotide
  1. a The variable that is deliberately changed in a controlled experiment.
  2. b The part of an experiment that is "unchanged".
  3. c 60. Organelle that captures the energy from sunlight and converts in into food.
  4. d cytoplasm, cell wall, cell membrane, DNA, ribosomes
  5. e sugar, phosphate, base

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  1. Type of fat that contains double bonds
  2. Protein filaments that give the cell shape and organization
  3. Protein that acts as a catalyst
  4. Proton = 8, Neutrons = 7, Electrons = 8. What is the atomic mass?
  5. Type of bond between water molecules

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  1. vacuoleOrganelle that stores materials like water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates.


  2. glycogenThe polysaccharide that humans store in the muscles


  3. hypertonicsolution When water moves into the cell (from high to low)


  4. two things that affect the activity of enzymessugar, phosphate, base


  5. endocytosisProcess of taking material into the cell by means of infoldings


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