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  1. vial
  2. PM, pm
  3. bandage
  4. S/W
  5. R
  1. a small bottle with rubber diaphragn that can be punctured with a needle
  2. b saline in water
  3. c respiration
  4. d a clean strip of gauze or elastic material
  5. e evening, night

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  1. sublingual
  2. prior to surgery
  3. syrup
  4. weight
  5. using a needle and syringe to aspirate fluid or tissue cells

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  1. ungointment


  2. floatera unsterile assistant free to move about the room and attend to unsterile needs


  3. proliferation phaseformation of scar tissue


  4. postoperativefollow up after surgical procedure


  5. PRNwhenever necessary


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