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  1. tab
  2. vial
  3. needle biopsy
  4. SL
  5. postoperative
  1. a using a needle and syringe to aspirate fluid or tissue cells
  2. b follow up after surgical procedure
  3. c sublingual
  4. d small bottle with rubber diaphragn that can be punctured with a needle
  5. e tablet

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  1. saline in water
  2. past or after
  3. suppository
  4. new tissue forms, edges of wound begin to close together
  5. a unsterile assistant free to move about the room and attend to unsterile needs

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  1. formalinapplied directly to the skin


  2. ozounce


  3. ungnormal saline


  4. t.i.d.three times a day


  5. sterile scrub assistanteliminate all microorganisms


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