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  1. maturation phase
  2. antiseptic
  3. O.D.
  4. t.i.d.
  5. debridement
  1. a removal of debris or dead tissue from wound
  2. b right eye
  3. c three times a day
  4. d formation of scar tissue
  5. e cleaning products used on human tissues as anti-infection agents

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  1. normal saline
  2. procedures take place during surgery
  3. a diluted solution of formaldehyde
  4. once a day
  5. a unsterile assistant free to move about the room and attend to unsterile needs

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  1. q2hevery two hours


  2. bandagea clean strip of gauze or elastic material


  3. suppsublingual


  4. qhevery two hours


  5. needle biopsyleft eye


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