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  1. Name 3 factors that explain Mexico's climate.
  2. What is the future of tourism in the region?
  3. What was a major motive for Spain to colonize the Americas?
  4. What are the problems associated with air pollution?
  5. What was one result of the Mexican revolution
  1. a Many island leaders see tourism as the great hope for the future economic growth. Tourism takes land that could be used for farming and the jobs are mostly seasonal and have low pay, though. Tourism does bring needed jobs and reduces unemployment.
  2. b desire for gold and silver
  3. c 1. Pacific subtropical high pressure cell
    2. northeast tradewinds
    3. elevation
  4. d Factories and cars that release chemicals and toxins into the air cause air pollution.
  5. e Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

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  1. in the 1530s
  2. The Spaniards destroyed it and built Mexico City on the ruins.
  3. *Amazon
  4. wide fertile grasslands in southern South America
  5. This region has volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and mud slides.

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  1. What is the population of the Caribbean?about 36 million people as of 2000


  2. Where are the largest reserves of oil in South America?surrounding Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela


  3. isthmuslarge slums that surround major cities (in Brazil)


  4. How did the Caribbean come to be called the West Indies?Christopher Columbus thought he had reached islands off the coast of Asia that Europeans called the Indies, and the name stuck.


  5. What are the major challenges facing Mexico?Mexico City has too few jobs so many people live in shacks without electricity and running water. Mexico City also suffers from terrible air pollution. Parts of southern Mexico have inadequate schools and poorly developed telephone communication and transportation.


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