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  1. What are some of the cultural and historical features of Mexico City?
  2. What are the problems associated with air pollution?
  3. What was a major motive for Spain to colonize the Americas?
  4. What happened to Tenochtitlan when the Spaniards arrived?
  5. bauxite
  1. a Modern skyscrapers tower over Aztec ruins and Spanish colonial buildings. Mexico City's square is where the center of Tenochtitlan one stood. They have old cathedrals and a palace. Chapultepec Park was once used by Aztec emperors.
  2. b The Spaniards destroyed it and built Mexico City on the ruins.
  3. c mineral that is the ore from which aluminum is made
  4. d Factories and cars that release chemicals and toxins into the air cause air pollution.
  5. e desire for gold and silver

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  1. Small gold fields have been discovered throughout Central America. Jamaica has major deposits of bauxite. Cuba and the Dominican Republic produce nickel. Trinidad has oil.
  2. surrounding Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela
  3. petroleum
  4. beans, corn, peppers, squash
  5. Guatemala

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  1. isthmuswide fertile grasslands in southern South America


  2. Why is the land so unstable around Mexico City?It is the second largest urban area in the world after Tokyo.


  3. What kind of climate does the Patagonia have?a semiarid and arid climate


  4. Including French Guiana, how many countries are in South America?13


  5. Name the three great river systems in South America.surrounding Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela


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