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  1. When did people first enter South America?
  2. When did Spanish conquistadores come to Mexico?
  3. Why is the land so unstable around Mexico City?
  4. What is the major religion in Mexico?
  5. What is the Altiplano?
  1. a The city lies on a dry lake bed, so the soils underneath are soft and unstable.
  2. b Roman Catholic
  3. c an elevated plain between the two great ranges that the Andes divide into
  4. d more than 12,000 years ago
  5. e 1519

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  1. in the 1530s
  2. wide fertile grasslands in southern South America
  3. bananas, sugar, cotton, and cocoa beans
  4. Many island leaders see tourism as the great hope for the future economic growth. Tourism takes land that could be used for farming and the jobs are mostly seasonal and have low pay, though. Tourism does bring needed jobs and reduces unemployment.
  5. special factories in Mexico owned mainly by American companies

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  1. What is Colombia famous for?emeralds


  2. Including French Guiana, how many countries are in South America?13


  3. Name and describe the five elevation zones of the Andes are.One of the region's greatest natural resources is the warm and sunny climate, which attracts millions of tourists. Fertile soils and rich fishing grounds are also natural resources found in the region.


  4. What is NAFTA?North American Free Trade Agreement that lowered tariffs between Canada, Mexico, and the US.


  5. Describe the climate in Central America and the Caribbean.Tropical wet and dry climates are typical. Temperatures seldom vary more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit between summer and winter. During winter, high pressure generally brings dry weather. A summer rainy season results when low pressure cells begin to move north across the region.


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