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  1. Describe the climate in Central America and the Caribbean.
  2. bauxite
  3. On what legend did the Aztecs found the town Tenochtitlan?
  4. What is unusual about Mexico's rivers?
  5. Where do most Central American Indians live?
  1. a Guatemala
  2. b Tropical wet and dry climates are typical. Temperatures seldom vary more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit between summer and winter. During winter, high pressure generally brings dry weather. A summer rainy season results when low pressure cells begin to move north across the region.
  3. c There aren't many and there is no major river system.
  4. d mineral that is the ore from which aluminum is made
  5. e Their god advised them to build where they saw an eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus.

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  1. the Amazon River Basin
  2. *built paved roads and suspension bridges
    *terraced fields braced by stone walls
    *stone construction
  3. Mexico City has too few jobs so many people live in shacks without electricity and running water. Mexico City also suffers from terrible air pollution. Parts of southern Mexico have inadequate schools and poorly developed telephone communication and transportation.
  4. It is the second largest urban area in the world after Tokyo.
  5. The Greater Antilles include the large islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. They also include the some 700 islands that make up the Bahamas. The Lesser Antilles include more than 20 small island countries and territories. The Greater and Lesser Antilles are the major island groups of the West Indies.

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  1. Including French Guiana, how many countries are in South America?13


  2. Name the three great river systems in South America.*Amazon


  3. Describe in detail the environmental problems facing Mexico City.The motor vehicles and factories release chemicals into the air which result in smog that can burn eyes and throats. People have pumped the wells so heavily that the ground has begun to sink and take the buildings with it.


  4. What is the driest region in South America?more than 5,000 years ago


  5. When did people first enter South America?more than 5,000 years ago


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