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  1. fluorescent
  2. contingent
  3. ponder
  4. ambling
  5. rampage
  1. a glowing; vivid
  2. b dependent on
  3. c to think over carefully
  4. d walking at a relaxed, leisurely pace
  5. e fit of violent behavior

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  1. shipment of goods sent to a dealer for sale, with payment to the owner to follow sale
  2. seriously, earnestly
  3. feeling of excited expectation
  4. to determine the meaning of; to assess
  5. State or Federal prison

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  1. hypothesisto think over carefully


  2. psychicperson believed to be in communication with a deity


  3. circulationmovement of blood out of and back to the heart through the arteries and veins


  4. flea marketbazaar, usually outdoors, dealing mainly in cheap, secondhand goods


  5. explicitto determine the meaning of; to assess


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