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  1. ponder
  2. consignment
  3. solemnly
  4. perspective
  5. anticipation
  1. a shipment of goods sent to a dealer for sale, with payment to the owner to follow sale
  2. b to think over carefully
  3. c seriously, earnestly
  4. d art of representing objects or a scene in such a way as to show them as they appear to the eye with reference to relative distance or depth
  5. e feeling of excited expectation

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  1. unproved explanation made as a basis for an argument
  2. unwillingly
  3. clearly stated and leaving nothing implied
  4. dependent on
  5. bazaar, usually outdoors, dealing mainly in cheap, secondhand goods

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  1. psychicto think over carefully


  2. amblingfit of violent behavior


  3. oracleperson believed to be in communication with a deity


  4. evaluateto determine the meaning of; to assess


  5. protegeeperson guided or helped by another, more influential person


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