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  1. oracle
  2. hypothesis
  3. ponder
  4. retributive
  5. evaluate
  1. a to determine the meaning of; to assess
  2. b to think over carefully
  3. c unproved explanation made as a basis for an argument
  4. d punishing for evil done or rewarding for good done
  5. e person believed to be in communication with a deity

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  1. shipment of goods sent to a dealer for sale, with payment to the owner to follow sale
  2. person guided or helped by another, more influential person
  3. dependent on
  4. seriously, earnestly
  5. clearly stated and leaving nothing implied

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  1. fluorescentglowing; vivid


  2. rampageperson believed to be in communication with a deity


  3. reluctantlyseriously, earnestly


  4. circulationfeeling of excited expectation


  5. psychicperson who is supposedly sensitive to forces beyond the physical world


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